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This Modern World: Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Agency


  • avwrobel

    Well, Tom Tomorrow, isn’t that special! Of course, this assumes that what Obambi et al propose actually becomes reality. Do you REALLY think it will? or is it just a show for the little people (including the main stream media)?

  • parker livingston

    really? obama champion of reform? that dude is their number one beeyatch. get real mr. tomorrow, if that’s your real name. it’s the dupliticious nature of all satanists to say the exact opposite of what they really do, and really mean it ( sound convincing to saps and dupes). its called doublespeak, look it up on wikipedia. all the great ones do it. hitler did it, bush did it, and this dude is like the freaking tiger woods/gretzky/montana of deciept. you gotta really be smoking the kool-aid to be on that bandwagon cause it is careening off the cliff. good luck changing peoples opinions, tom. let me know how that works out for you. you’re no charles schultz that’s for sure.