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Oishei on Buffalo ReUse

You’ve heard what Michael Gainer has to say about being fired from Buffalo ReUse, the organization he co-founded and led. You’ve read statements by the board and Harvey Garrett, the interim executive director who let him go. And you’ve learned that some members have called a special meeting at which they intend to oust the current board and reinstate Gainer.

Now the money guys are putting in their two cents.

This afternoon, Robert Gioia, who is, among other things, president of the Oishei Foundation, sent out this statement via email:

The Oishei Foundation made an initial operating grant to Buffalo ReUse of $200,000 about two years ago. For about the past 10 months, on learning of a number of issues, the Oishei Foundation has been actively working on and financing a reorganization of the structure and operations of Buffalo ReUse. All of these organizational issues arose subsequent to the grant being made.

In addition to many hours of staff time of the vice president and the senior program officer, the Foundation has underwritten the costs, which now exceed $15,000, of addressing serious legal and financial compliance issues with the services of CCS-NYS (now known as New York Council on Nonprofits). In addition to the organizational and board training work that NYCON did, the Foundation separately hired their executive director, Doug Sauer, to provide executive coaching and mentoring to Michael Gainer.

Because of the seriousness of the issues involved, and the toxic stalemate that had developed between staff leadership and the board at that time, the Foundation requested that the board of Buffalo ReUse bring in an outside administrator on an interim basis to oversee the implementation of the legal and financial corrections that were required, and to establish new controls and systems for the organization going forward. Harvey Garrett was brought in as that interim administrator, and Stephanie Simeon was elected president of the board.

Since Stephanie and Harvey have begun working on BRU’s issues, a great deal has been accomplished. While still not in complete financial compliance, the majority of the financial issues have been resolved. New controls have been put into place regarding expenditures and reporting. The remaining issues should be resolved shortly. The legal issues having to do with the incorporation and early activities of BRU have been resolved. Several new board members were recruited from an open call and formal interview process (in which the Foundation had no role at all), including three that had been recommended by BRU staff. Indications were that BRU was stabilizing, and that it would emerge from its crisis intact and in position to move forward rapidly.

It was because of this concrete improvement that the Foundation agreed to release a $50,000 payment of grant funds to BRU. It was also the basis on which BRU was recommended by the Foundation to the owner of a building as an ideal candidate to receive the potential donation of the building. After several conversations between the parties, it was decided to go forward in the due diligence process. The Oishei Foundation has offered to pay for legal counsel through the initial phases, which is currently estimated to be about $10 – 12,000 over the next few months.

We recently were informed by the chairperson of the board of new, previously unrevealed and serious developments dating back more than several months. Our understanding is that action on these developments is being undertaken by the board. We are now aware of the contemplated action by some of the members of BRU to remove the board, reinstate Michael Gainer as the executive director, and presumably have staff and members select a new board.

In our view, such action would seriously set back the possibilities for BRU to move forward, and negate all the work and effort that has taken place to rectify what was, by all public accounts, a very badly managed organization under the previous leadership. We have provided extraordinary support to Michael Gainer via BRU and in other ways, and we believe he may still have a role to play at BRU. However, should such action by a subset of members take place and successfully reinstate Mr. Gainer as the CEO, the Oishei Foundation would seriously reevaluate our current and any future relationship with BRU.

We firmly believe BRU is now poised to become a truly great non-profit serving a need and a population desperately needing to be served in Buffalo. We believe that the current chairperson and the nominated (and currently serving) board members — which, again, the Foundation had no role in recruiting or selecting — are well-chosen and capable. Finally, we believe that this leadership team, particularly Ms. Simeon and Mr. Garrett in his interim role, has clearly demonstrated extraordinary competence operating under tremendous pressure. They have our complete support.

  • The membership’s goal is not to “oust the current board and reinstate Gainer”.

    Our goal is to call a special meeting of the full membership at which we would like to review strategic objectives of the organization and ensure the board is working in the interests of membership. Mr. Gainer’s employment is not up for discussion at that meeting and is not on the stated agenda as submitted to the board of directors and membership and required by the organizational bylaws.

  • Carl K

    Apart from the funding that came from Oshei and local foundations, has Buffalo ReUse received any state or other public monies?

  • bflofirst

    The Oishei letter is very telling. Not only would Garret and Simeon not have fired Gainer without much cause (they knew full well the firestorm that would result), but for Oishei to step out like this with a statement that is so strong clearly sends the message that something, more than one something, was terribly, terribly wrong and needed to be addressed with Gainer’s firing. It is probably good for Gainer’s future that details on personnel actions cannot be shared.

    They even hired a coach for him? Wow – now that is an action that says that both the new board and the funders were trying every last thing to give Gainer a chance.

  • ShowMeTheMoney

    When is ReUse’s board going to open their books for public review? There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye. The tone of Gainer’s e-mail and the e-mails from Oshie and the Board suggest that everyone would rather part on good terms (publically) than air their dirty laundry. If ReUse is going to continue to attract volunteers, donations, and public support, they need to be transparent about this decision. Everything says there were strong reasons for firing Gainer. Make all the dirty laundry public and reassure the public that the Board and Oshie are cleaning up the organization’s act. It may not be comfortable for all parties, and airing dirty laundry may even cause an outside agency in the State or the County Attorney’s Office to take their own independent action, but it is the right thing to do.

  • Andrea

    I appreciate Oishei Foundation’s perspective. However, the information that they’re getting is incomplete. The word that’s spreading that I’ve gotten from just about everyone involved is that the intention of the membership are threefold: 1) to eliminate the distractions of personal vendettas and grudges (which are commonly known among most community activists)perpetrated toward the organization’s founder, 2) to recommend another technical assistance consultant to work with the funding sources to get the organization’s house in order, and 3) to develop a strong strategic plan to guide the organization’s growth. No one has talked about re-hiring Michael Gainer as CEO. Michael knows his shortcomings and has acknowledged for years that administrative and fiscal functions are not his strengths. Despite his pleas to the board of directors for the addition of a CEO or manager with strong technical/management skills have gone unheeded. He has enthusiastically embraced all calls, including his own, for improvements. Bringing Harvey Garrett into the mix speaks to the lack of understanding on what I believe are the dynamics of his role in the community and his perceived reputation as a spoiler. Whether that’s a fair perspective or not, that tends to be the opinion expressed by many. Oishei Foundation should have known that.

  • Joe

    What is wrong with firing a founder of an organization? Nothing is wrong with it. Such things occur all the time. It happened to Steve Jobs who is one of the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs in history.

    Gainer admitted not being good at “administration” so why would a funder want him handling their monies?

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    The founder of an organization, if he or she lingers for too long, can hold it back. It is one thing to have a good idea, it is another to be able to develop it and adjust it to changing environments. Buffalo suffers under the guidance of too many “founders” who are rigid and unwilling to change. I say, kick out all the founders of Buffalo organizations and bring in people with fresh ideas, experiences from other places, and the skills to make ideas work in the real world.

    Firing the founder of Buffalo ReUse is a good first step. Now, take a look at the rest of the marginal, underachieving, poorly managed organizations in the city. I believe a stack of pink slips needs to be delivered if Buffalo is to be anything more than a failed city in a failed state.

  • wage-slave

    As someone who donated time and materials I have to say that it would sure be nice if we knew what the problems are and what can be done to fix them before we judge Michael Gainer. To some this looks like a hostile take-over of a not for profit which Garrett is famous for. ReUse may not turn a huge profit but restructured it can still be a cash cow and then it can be run into the ground, cut-up and sold. Maybe Harvey will finally have the materials to finish his house.

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    Wage-slave, have you been sniffing glue? If there was a market for what Buffalo ReUse does (or claims to do), it wouldn’t be a non-for-profit, for-profits would be lining up around the block to get in on the action. But, nobody needs lead covered scrap material from condemned houses.

    Bufalo ReUse was just a little niche nonprofit set up to take advantage of the overwhelming abandonment problem in Buffalo. The City can’t get money fast enough to keep pace with abandonment and the need for wholesale demolition, so this little non-profit tried to scrape a few pennied together trying to sell unwanted “junk” litterally. It is hardly a proven model. More of a pipedream for dogooders who can’t get over the fact that Buffalo is a lost cause.

    If you look at the track record (or lack of one), Buffalo ReUse was a heavily subsidized non-profit start-up that didn’t put a dent in the city’s housing meltdown. In fact, it may have delayed hard decisions about the future of the city because of the blind following of a guru.

    Well, the experiment is over now. It failed for three reasons: bad management, an unfounded idea, and a community more wedded to nastalgia for the past than rational thinking about the future.

    The only thing left to be seen is if Oshie will document its concerns about ReUse and if any independent agencies pursue investigations.

  • Joe

    Buffalo has a great history, but no future!!

  • Joe

    Think about whom started this organization and the original board members. They are nothing more than talking heads/political fronts, whom pretend to be unbiased spectators.

    The idea of this failed experiment lacks no credible analysis indicating that it could be viable as a profit or non-profit entity.

    However with proper leadership and management it could possibly generate sustainable revenues in debasing cities like Buffalo, due to the abandonment, blight poverty, and corruption.

    No one in their right mind would utilize asbestos and lead base containing materials in new construction.

    Only in Buffalo would we use asbestos and lead base containing materials in new construction, and cry when self admitted incompetent managers are fired.

  • clueless

    Joe and ex-buffalo resident,

    You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. In fact their are people lined up to make this a for profit business once this incompetent board is dissolved. It will most likely stay a NP but seriously, stop talking out of your ass!

  • wage-slave

    Ex-Buffalo resident thanks for leaving. Turn out the light on the way out cause I am in bed with your wife. “No one needs lead covered scrap”. What a way to look at antique woodwork that can no longer be replaced. People who own houses and fix houses are constantly searching for this wood for repairs.

    “Buffalo ReUse was a heavily subsidized non-profit start-up that didn’t put a dent in the city’s housing meltdown. In fact, it may have delayed hard decisions about the future of the city because of the blind following of a guru.”

    Straight BS. You have a wonderful imagination.

    ReUse is becoming a successful not for profit business. And Buffalo is the Paris of the New World. Not everyone agrees with your flight-lust.

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    Please supply the names of all the people lined up to start for-profit businesses selling lead painted junk from Buffalo. And, no names from comic books like Jughead or Tarzan.

    Antique woodwork, is that another name for rotted wood and energy inefficient windows.

    By definition ReUse was a failure. That’s why it is a failed non-profit. There is nothing Buffalo ReUse claims to offer that HomeDepot can’t provide cheaper and of higher quality.

    Ask the Buffalo Fire Dept. about what needs to be done with the thousands of vacant, code violation ridden dumps in Buffalo. They will tell you, tear them down before fire fighters have to risk their lives holding back the arson epidemic in the city. As Buffalo Police what to do with the shooting galaries and crime havens these structures represent. Ditto, tear them down. Ask the city inspector or housing court what to do with these dumps.

    Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. ReUsing faulty materials from crumbling ruins in Buffalo only speeds up the decline of the city. It is time to clear the rubble and build new, green, smart houses.

    Buffalo ReUse was just an excuse to turn away from the truth. The typical house in Buffalo is old, in disrepair, unlivable, inefficient, and filled with code violations and fire hazards. That’s why you can buy the typical house in Buffalo with a credit card and never see any equity.

    What a relief that ReUse is done and buried. RIP ReUse, may we never see the likes of you again.

  • D.Trump

    My name is D. Trump, and I plan to invest $100,000,000,000 of my personal wealth in my new business, deconstructing old houses in Buffalo. I will use the salvaged materials to build giant, luxury hotels and condos decorated with antique woodwork.

    No, sorry, I am just kidding. That’s not a business plan, it’s a insane pipedream.

    So, all I can say is, Michael Gainer, YOU’RE FIRED!

  • Joe

    Buffalo has a great history no future. Buffalo is the place were the best and brightest leave to build successful careers and businesses, and the creeps and frauds come to become successful and or get elected to political office.

  • wage slave

    Now ex-resident and D. Trump (same person, probably Harvey Garrett) just show how little they know or care.

    Number one the antique fixtures and woodwork are being shipped out to antique dealers all over the country. Antique dealers make special trips into Buffalo ReUse to drive home with a box truck full of these fixtures. Of course they do not build new houses around old woodwork but many people like to build new fireplaces around old mantels.

    Most of the antique wood is bought for repairs. If you do not believe it is in demand then tell me why people are in and out of that store all day buying it? People do things like rip out walls. Then other people buy the house and want the walls back. This is where they can find the wood to match it up.

    The windows are for people who are not ready to invest in new replacement windows. If you were a landlord able to buy a used window for $8 or put in a new window for $300 what would you choose especially when you know that double-paned windows cost roughly a hundred dollars each to repair when they are broken but a piece of glass is ten dollars? If someone is worried about energy efficiency on their old windows they can always add storm windows.

    I have antique wooden doors in my house. Do you really believe that should a door be destroyed I would replace it with a slab door from Home Depot? The people looking for a good deal on a slab door are usually not ReUses best customers. The best customers are people like Mrs. Reid (Carl Lee’s video) who owns her rentals and wants things repaired right.

    You talk about lead and asbestos well the solution to lead paint is fresh paint. The wood is not rotted as it was kept dry in a house for a hundred years. There is no asbestos in the store.

    What the police and fireman think of old abandoned houses and what they think of ReUse is two different things all together. Are you supposed to tear down your house and replace it with a new green house because the radiator sprung a leak?

    Why do you guy(s) not go shill for something you know something about.


  • Joe

    These are broad generalizations about reuse of building materials, and failed entity. Antique dealers purchasing and or being interested in such materials still does not constitute viable profit or non-profit business enterprises. The volume of sales and price is one factor, along with several other key indicators that are used by highly qualified mangers and entrepreneurs to determine a viability of an organizational concern, not emotional wants or needs of a small group with “passion” or a desire just to have a profit or non-profit enterprise.

    People have greater incentive to install new windows, because: (1) the cost savings in utility bills can be 4%-12%, which in a cold weather town like Buffalo will pay for itself in one winter season (2) New windows add value to rental properties, and basically you are saying to use cheap materials, and further devalue properties in a town with abandoned homes (3) The solution to lead paint is not a fresh coat of paint, this is the easiest, and laziest solution. Actually the best way to avoid lead is to replace materials that had lead on it. Placing paint on lead based paint can reduce exposure to lead, but does eliminate risk 100%. Studies have shown that to be 100% free from lead is to either build a new home, and or totally gut homes, with structures that had lead paint on its surface.

    Lastly how can one be certain, that the store had no asbestos filled products, since the principal funder whom has a vested interest in the entity, says the organization had poor controls, protocols and procedures?

    There most likely is not a control procedure to check for lead or asbestos, unless fired and incompetent mangers, has super vision, smell, and passion that could tell us such things without documented procedures to do so.

  • AICPplanner

    Some very good points on this discussion board. It sound like people who buy materials from ReUse are making repairs that are not up to code. No professional carpenter or member of the construction trades would use contaminated materials in the manner described above. It is a sure way to lose one’s license and get sued for personal injury. The same is true of a landlord. Any landlord who paints over lead is in violation of federal law, especially if he or she acepts federal rent subsidies. His or her property would not pass an ocupancy inspection. Hud should sit outide of ReUse’s door and just ticket landlords as they come out with illegal materials.

    Doing rehab with faulty materials is also illegal when federal funds are being used (which includes accepting rent subsidies). So, what I am reading here is that ReUse is just a supplier of repair materials to slumlords. Even if private residents decide to use faulty materials to repair their homes they are creating a public health problem for their children and neighbors. Fire codes, construction codes, lead abatement requirements are the law. Willfully violating them is a crime.

    The more I read, the more it seems that Buffalo ReUse needs to be investigated for posing a hazard to the community and pandering to the lowest common denominator. I would strongly recommend that Oshie pull all of it’s funds from organizations like ReUse and invest them in a public health and safety education campaign focusing on the dangers of illegal construction, rehab, and repair practices. Buffalo ReUse’s board should also take heed. They are liable for negligent practices and it is highly likely that a class action suit could hit them from a cluster of kids with lead poisoning or a neighborhood burned down due to a faulty replacement part purchased from ReUse.

  • Joe

    The talking heads for the membership, should tell the truth. Yes rehiring incompetent management may not be on the agenda, but the intent is to depose the current board to install a board full of cronies that will rehire Gainer.

    Hopefully the Health Department will look into hazards caused by reuse of lead and asbestos based products. This organization far from green or healthy.

  • Fuck this thread.

  • Joe

    Whatever happened to common decency and thoughtful open debate? I guess the truth hurts some talking heads

  • Joe

    Buffalo reuse cronies are considered the best and brightest of Western New York, exactly what is killing the region. These individuals create products and services purported to be “green and with a great a social mission”.

    Instead these products are far from green and may actually be more harmful. Buffalo ReUse is nothing more than an organizational membership filled with talking heads.

    The only agenda of the talking heads are to breed incompetence, and provide jobs for their cronies, and protect cronies when terminated for ineptitude.

  • Ex-Buffalo Resident

    If only Joe was correct and cronies were there for jobs. Look up ReUse’s last 990 form. The CEO was made $16K per year. That’s not a job, it’s a welfare benefit. It looks like you get what you pay for. The “cronies” at ReUse are more influenced by what they are smoking and injecting in their veins than anything else. There is not much rational thought or contact with reality going on in that group. Just a bunch of chemically altered thoughts and purple haze that has a spell on them. Oishie had some very bad judgement on this one. They need some adult supervision at the Foundation too. WTF!

  • joe’s a joke

    buff reuse does a service long needed in buffalo,Anyone who doesn’t see that is living deep in suburbia with their head up their ass.

  • ex buffalo resident was anally invaded

    stay wherever you are now.

  • Joe

    Geeks and Pundits probably wrote those two comments. They are the frauds and creeps that have invaded Buffalo,NY

  • alc planner works in city hall

    omg I bought a doorknob and piece of glass at their store,Im scared now!
    this could be said about antique dealers,used appliance stores,used furniture stores the list is endless.. get with it we are in a recession people need to save money and you know the items are used so stop saying stupid things.

  • joe had a lobotomy

    buff reuse has thousands of supporters joe

  • Joe

    However ex-Buffalo resident is right about one thing. The people whom started that group have no sense reality, and must chemical dependencies

  • Joe

    Nothing wrong with used building materials, expect it can be hazardous and is not “green or healthy”. It is a bunch of delusional nobodies trying to be someone

  • Dick Kern

    SHOCKER: Moving ReUse from Eastside to S Bflo?


    This proposed move would be a major shift in the mission of ReUse.

    Why has it not been mentioned before? I am a ReUse ‘member’ & have heard nothing about a major shift in the very essence of ReUse, to engage poverty on its own turf.

    From BfloRising:


    ReUse: 635 South Park and The Oishei Foundation

    Elena Cala Buscarino August 27, 2009 2:57 PM Comments: 0

    When we last spoke to Oishei Foundation Executive Director Robert Gioia, he had just issued a statement concerning the firing of Michael Gainer from Buffalo ReUse. Without specific charges, Gioia said that Gainer had put Buffalo ReUse in organizational, financial and legal danger.

    In his statement, Gioia said that the Oishei Foundation had made strides in stabilizing operations at ReUse, followed by this paragraph:

    It was because of this concrete improvement that the Foundation agreed to release a $50,000 payment of grant funds to [Buffalo ReUse]. It was also the basis on which BRU was recommended by the Foundation to the owner of a building as an ideal candidate to receive the potential donation of the building. After several conversations between the parties, it was decided to go forward in the due diligence process. The Oishei Foundation has offered to pay for legal counsel through the initial phases, which is currently estimated to be about $10 – 12,000 over the next few months.

    The building that is being referred to by Gioia is 635 South Park, a large, industrial building owned by Daniel Black of Blackstone Business Enterprises of Jamestown, NY, which is being brokered by R. J. Gullo & Co. Inc., an expert in real estate exchange. Please see the R. J. Gullo website here. The building was presented to the board and membership 2 1/2 months ago. The entire parcel is between South Park and Mackinaw, Fitzgerald and Katherine.

    Because of its size, Garrett felt it would be best shared with other entities such as AmeriCorps and Father Baker Victory Services. Gainer, along with founding members Kevin Hayes and Caesandra Seawell had a look at the building and liked it, according to ReUse member Bruce Beyer, but felt that even shared, it would be unaffordable. “At that point,” Beyer says, “Garrett cut Gainer out of all talk about the building.”

    Without a call back from Gioia or Gullo, the question is: why this building? Why is Oishei putting money into “due diligence” and legal fees, when ReUse has been offered several buildings on the East Side (one on East Delavan), where their services are most needed?

    Gioia also made the following statement in our previous interview:

    They’re now on the verge of having something as substantial as a building given to them,” he stated. “We could have easily thrown the towel in, but we clearly feel the organization is headed in the right direction. A revolt against the board now would be in the wrong interest.”

    Suddenly, Oishei is saying the decision on the 7-year vacant building needs to be made in 30 days, which would fit in with Beyer’s description of Garrett’s tenure as a “six-months-in-six-months-out deal,” noting that this type of brokering is “right up Harvey’s alley.”

    If Buffalo ReUse was successful as a social movement, albeit less so as a business, why would this sort of top-heavy acquisition further the original mission of the organization, and how big a role should Oishei be playing in the scenario? Beyer, making it clear that he was speaking as an individual and not as a spokesperson for the membership said, “It’s my personal feeling that there’s more going on here, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

    “The membership will be pressed soon, to come up with the decision that Gioia referred to as potentially disastrous in his last statement. Will the membership overthrow the board and go back to the grassroots organization that they began as – wiser for the experience – or will they become a top-heavy not-for-profit that needs benefactors to cover their high overhead (up to $50K/year including taxes), when they become realty owners? Having high overhead is counter to the original mission and self-sustaining goal Buffalo ReUse hoped for when the formed.

    The membership, as a group, is clear about one thing: they don’t care to have a skirmish in the public eye, and when they have a clearer picture of what the voting majority wants, they’ll be happy to make an announcement publicly. The membership will meet in a special session on September 3rd at ReUse headquarters.

    02:57 PM (END QUOTE)

  • wage slave

    You people know as much about ReUse as you know about lead paint. Over HUD Requirement is to scrape, primer, paint with latex and dispose of any paint chips in a plastic drop cloth and then shop vac. These houses were painted with lead paint. Are you supposed to tear your whole house down? Most of the asbestos in a house is boiler pipe or heat pump insulation. Now why would someone not know better than to recycle what is obviously asbestos? Occassionally an old electrical unit may have some but not the stuff ReUse is salvaging. Like I said go shill for or against something you know something about.

  • joe had a lobotomy

    Joe missed out on the line for brains obviously.

  • Betty Barcode

    It is not especially difficult to safely remill wood with lead-based paint (LBP):

    As of 2005, there were no federal regulations on the reuse of wood with LBP:

  • wage slave

    AICPplanner you people are what is wrong. Let me address your ill-informed issues with ReUse. I can tell you are a “professional” because you have no horse sense.

    Most of the material in ReUse has never been touched by any lead paint with windows being the biggest exception. I ask you who would want to know if a guy painted an old window frame and used it to repair a rotted one. You want to sue him because he is working in his budget and fixing his house. What kind of country do you want to live in? Do you realize that half the city is infested with lead? A landlord fixing his house is not the bad guy it is the landlord who doesnt.

    Maybe this is an attic or garage window that otherwise would have remained rotted or been boarded over. Some of these windows in ReUse are so clean that they have varnished woodwork on the inside with a single coat of lead paint on the outside and the lead paint still hasnt peeled after a century. You paint them the same color as your woodwork and cover the outside with two coats of latex and they are brand new windows and the lead is never a threat. I have antique windows with good storm windows and I have no problem with drafts and no one has lead poisonng.

    The idea with lead is that if it has not chipped off yet then it probably will not chip off. Painting and scraping and keeping the place clean is what stops lead paint poisoning. Asbestos is a problem if it is illegally removed. In place and untouched it can remain on boiler pipes forever by law. Little kids on the East Side will find asbestos in their own basements not in ReUse.

    “Fire codes, construction codes, lead abatement requirements are the law. Willfully violating them is a crime.” Pure BS no crimes are being commited. I have a unique and beautiful old wooden screen door that came with the house and is painted with lead in my attic. Sometimes I think about turning the hinges and painting and repairing it. What am I in violation of? Fire codes? Construction codes? Lead abatement? Pure BS.

    And as for the Great Fire of Buffalo that you predict I ask you should an electrical fire start who is responsible? The guy who sold you a used appliance or the guy who wired your breaker box and house?

    Your thinking is what is faulty.

  • ConspiracyBunk

    Dick Kern’s post is right out of the conspiracy hall of fame. My head is still spinning from the trying to place it in the real world.

    Kern should go back to the top. “Without specific charges, Gioia said that Gainer had put Buffalo ReUse in organizational, financial and legal danger.”

    Oishie should lay out the specific reasons for Gainer’s firing, or Gainer should come clean himself. It is very clear from all the comments made by first parties in this event that there were specific reasons for firing Gainer and there is a mutual agreement to keep them private in order to give Gainer some sort of a break. It sounds like a plea deal. Gainer leaves ReUse and Oishie will drop the public humiliation.

    So, Gainer should honor that deal or produce all the ugly details. Oishie and ReUse’s leadership are taking a lot of hits for apparently honoring a deal cut with Gainer to save his reputation. So, this seems like an ideal time for Gainer to put up or shut up. All he has to do is lay out the facts for the world to judge, or he can just tell his blind followers to go home and chill out. From his last statement on the blogs, I believe Gainer opted for the latter.

  • wage slave

    Conspiracybunk. Why should Gainer speak out against Gainer. If Oishei thinks something was done wrong then let the public and ReUse’s members know what he did exactly. You want Michael to say this is everything I think I did wrong now stop me when I hit on what you didnt like.

    I can tell there is some BS going on here because the second someone gets close to truth certain people start screaming conspiracy. Then when they force their agenda and it becomes clear that the conspiracy was fact they say well it was never a conspiracy it was business as usual. If Garrett can not force his will then it is a conspiracy but if he does then it was always the intention of the board for Garrett to force his will.

    I think that there may be a conspiracy at work here between Garrett, the board and some fund managers. If this new building is so great then why are they giving it away? Is ReUse to rid some investor of his toxic assets?

  • new board

    Little Harvey Garrett: I don’t deserve this… to die like this. I was building a house.
    Will Munny: Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.
    [aims gun]
    Little Harvey Garrett: I’ll see you in hell, William Munny.
    Will Munny: Yeah.

  • Joe

    The ex-Buffaloians are definitely right. All that is left in Buffalo are people with brain damage, due to all the lead, and asbestos exposure.

    The issue at hand has not nothing to do with an organization, dedicated to the common good.

    What this really is about simply is a bunch of mentally disturbed individuals, whom live in an altered reality, wanting an organization that has no useful purpose, is not healthy or green. The only purpose of this organization is to create a new brand of indirect welfare.

    The reality is we would be much better served in utilizing new materials, and building new structures, which creates real economic impact.

    However delusional types in Buffalo would rather remove regular retail outlets and replace it with Goodwill and Salvation Army shopping plazas. This will surely revitalize Buffalo and transform Buffalo from the snow capital of the world to the poverty capital of the world.

    Sure pre-owned shops have a place in society, when it is the last option, and when it is safe. Used building materials are not safe or green, and conflicts with redevelopment, and encourages those in poverty not to improve themselves, because they can always get a “fish” from the delusional types in Buffalo.

    Some of the logic demonstrated in this thread would indicate that we should reuse all things. Why not reuse the tradition of failed poverty programs in Buffalo. After all why replace the Buffalo poverty elimination model, since it can feed another generation of corrupt politicians, the programs are antiques after all!!!!

    This is just another brand of “poverty” and “green” program that never was.

  • Sorry, folks, but this thread has become hopelessly absurd. It’s closed. My apologies to the voices of reason.