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This Modern World: If Democrats behaved like Republicans?


  • If the democrtatis behaved like Republicans;It would be a better world to get progress in many areas of desperate need. Liberalism is a disease which has no cure at this time so as long as there’s liberals there will never be a common ground to resolve issues. the democratic party of the 50’s and 60’s were the true democratic party but once the disease of liberalism filitered into the party it got contaminted and now it’s going into the socialism realm then next to the marxist realm. I feel bad for the young generation and what their being set for. America needs a rude awaking now before its to late. A FORMER DEMOCRATIC NOW A CONVERSATIVE>

  • Of course, Democrats do act just like Republicans… they just use different rhetoric. Their statements aren’t any more reasoned, less panicked, or more truthful. Is Tom Hartman any less biased than Rush Limbaugh? Does Rachel Maddow report a story more fairly than Sean Hanity? Is Public TV less opinionated than FOX? Did healthcare suddenly become a crisis? Are for profit companies that have to compete on the market battlefield really more expensive than a intrenched, unionized, government run bureaucracy would be; one with no incentive to save money, to be more efficient, or to do more with less?

  • Urban Armed Rebel

    The disease of liberalism. Boy you make me laugh. I think the conservatives caught this horrible disease.

  • Scott

    theyre all politicians *bleep* them all! (add whatever word you want in the bleep it all makes sense)

  • Justin Quirici

    The Democratic party obviously has a higher moral grounding than the Republican party — the argument between them is basically the Republican cry of “My way or the highway” versus the Democratic retort of “Let’s hear everyone out and compromise”. It’s really no wonder the Dems are so ineffective.

    It’s extremely unfortunate that an ideology centered around the universal care for all people is poisoned by the logical fallacy that all people’s opinions are equally valid. I’m hopeful that sooner rather than later, the Democrats will learn that they can CARE for everyone without ENABLING everyone. Sometimes caring for people means taking power away from them because they can’t handle it. Republicans shouldn’t have political power in the same way that 8-year old children shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars — they’re not ready for the responsibility, so it should be prohibited to them.

    Think about it: if classrooms operated by consensus, education would consist of recess and eating candy. Kids would grow up without learning anything. If politics continues to operate by consensus, conservatives are going to keep having their stance of not sharing, not cooperating and attacking everything outside of their ethnocentric bubbles validated as if it were a legitimate political philosophy instead of the sociopathic, egoistic drivel that it is.

    It’s time for those who know better to lay the hammer down and stop asking permission to do what they know is right.

  • RT

    Right on Justin!!

  • Steve F

    I’m sorry joe but you give no solid reason for why liberalism should be considered a disease. It is clear that younger generations are becoming more liberal not because its a disease, but because they are thinking more rationally and tolerantly. You make it sound like its too late, something terrible will happen if people think and live with more respect for their common man or woman, they’d rather be selfless and be taxed more so that more human beings can receive vital health care. After all, we are all human beings, and we are all equal. We all deserve the benefits of modern medicine and technology, no matter what our income. Btw, there is no such thing as being a democratic.

  • Jay

    The cure for Liberalism is simple: a pre-fontal labotomy.

  • Jay

    That, of course, should read “prefrontal”.

  • johnn

    Joe G. laments that the Democrats have become too liberal since the good old days of his youth in the 50’s. But how have the Democrats changed? In the 30’s and 40’s, most Democrats called themselves liberals (Remember FDR). In the 40’s and 50’s, many Democrats called for National Health Insurance (Remember Harry Truman). In the 30’s, Democrats created that liberal/socialist program we have all come to love: Social Security. So what has changed? Let’s see, could it be that Democrats became more supportive of equality for everyone, including blacks, browns, gays, lesbians, Jews, Baptists, Holy Rollers, Atheists, and etc. Is this the liberalism that Joe G. hates? Or is it that Democrats are generally more suspicious of imperial wars than they were in the “good old days?” What is it exactly that bothers people like Joe G? But either way, this is one old f… who is glad things have changed a little and still stayed the same. We still have the old fashion liberalism of the 30’s and 40’s, and we have expanded those ideas to include support for equality for all and opposition to senseless wars! But I suspect that Joe G is simply a Republican operative who posts non-sense comments on Web sites. Exactly waht is a “conversative” Joe?

  • Griff

    Both parties, as well as all of you, are bat-sh*t crazy.

  • corky

    Um, maybe I’m missing the humor, but the things “they’d do” at the top of each panel are regularly done by both parties. In fact, historically speaking, all tyrants use those methods. (maybe not Genghis Khan)

    You can make a list of specific times that the Repub. party did them, but you can just as easily list when these actions were taken by the Democrats, Hitler, Mao Zdong, Idi Amin, Mussolini, etc. take your pick.

  • Andy

    “Is public TV less opinionated that Fox?” Sorry Jim, it’s impossible to take you or any of your “points” seriously after that completely insane statement. Fox news is an unquestionably partisan news outlet, and I use the word news very loosely and reluctantly . Public Televion is a network that shows such controversial shows as Sesame Street and Nova for crying out loud. Please keep any further piercing insights you may have to yourself.

  • I have to chuckle at how “corky” tries to position Hitler, Idi Amin and Mussolini alongside the Democrats… see, I at least have the education and the intellectual honesty to accept that Mao was “leftist” by most standard definitions… but to try to place Hitler, Idi Amin and Mussolini anywhere but the far-far-far-right of the political spectrum is just retarded. Doesn’t anyone take history classes anymore?

  • Bill

    I dont think you can list when the Democratic party has done the same things. That’s why no one does Corky. The older you get the more liberal everyone else is. Some people want to resurrect a zombie hoard to bring back the good ol days of slavery and family values; where women knew there places and could expect a good smacking and there was no such thing as child abuse. Corporations ran towns and owned their workers. Cities just piped their sh-t into the water. Ah, the good ol conservative days of yore.

  • Moji

    It’s pretty obvious that conservative = regression and liberal = progress…
    Since environmental policy is the future, of course the liberals are the ones championing it, and the conservatives are the ones opposing it. Science doesn’t matter.
    Race rights… Once again, it was the liberals who supported racial equality, not conservatives. Conservatives by definition oppose progress. Women’s euality, same thing.
    Health care reform, once again… same thing. Republicans don’t need science or reason. They have their gut feeling that “This is not America”. Never-mind you that public health care works well for 30-something other countries ranked higher by the WHO than we are. They won’t accept any of that “evidence”.

    My hope is that the reform makes it through, Obama and the dems DO fix lots of things, and the Republicans eventually will concede that the country hasn’t fallen apart.