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Brown Faring Poorly In Business First Poll

Business First has an online poll that asks its readers whether Mayor Byron Brown deserves re-election.

At 2:53, 84 percent of voters said he did not. There had been 270 votes.

Polls like this are nonsense, really, but I am interested to see how quickly the numbers tilt in Brown’s favor, once the second floor of City Hall gets wind of it and orders the legions to start voting.

  • The people are SPEAKING, they are no longer just sitting back and taking the BS….The city is still shrinking, the murder rate is up, just about everyone at City Hall is under investigation EXCEPT Mayor Brown and he says “I had no idea this was happening” to EVERYTHING BAD that is happening right in front of him. He is wimpy follower to his old croonies. He promised Change when running for Mayor, only to do what just about EVERY Mayor of Buffalo did after getting inside City Hall…..NOTHING!!!!!!

  • Dick Kern

    Geoff: You were wrong. Mayoral forces apparently did NOT mobilize to change the embarassing survey numbers.

    Here is the latest from Business First:


    Re-Election of Byron Brown

    Does Byron Brown deserve to be re-elected mayor of Buffalo?

    Yes, he does deserve re-election 21%

    No, he doesn’t deserve it 79%

    Votes Cast: 810

  • That’s great! More votes and more people saying, Brown should NOT be re-elected.

  • uncabobbo

    Two words – Mickey Kearns

  • Harry from the ‘Hood’

    Mickey Kearns is a class act. I have a lot of respect for him. Unfortunately, the South Buffalo politicos (who really run city hall) have aligned themselves behind Steve Casey. Oops, Sorry, I mean Byron Brown.