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That Mickey Kearns Flyer

Filed under: Local Politics

This weekend, the Mickey Kearns campaign fielded a street team of about 100 volunteers who pamphleted the city with flyers that looked like this:

cover v8n32.indd

Inside was the interview with Kearns we published two weeks ago. I got one at my house on the Lower West Side, and so did many other people.

I’m pleased that the Kearns campaign wanted to use the story to promote their candidate, and they are free to do so. But the flyer looks so much like a miniature version of our newspaper that I am compelled to clarify that we did not produce that flyer. Artvoice does not endorse political candidates, and we’re endorsing neither Kearns nor his opponent Byron Brown, nor the young hopeful Matthew Ricchiazzi. We’re not even endorsing Nobody.

  • Geraldine

    Several City Employees have reported that they have received phone calls and a demand that they put Brown signs on their property, against their will. Nice.

  • K9

    Not endorsing Nobody would mean that you are endorsing somebody 😉

  • Bflo81


    Are you saying you didn’t give Kearns permission to use your brand and he did so anyways? Given the very little we know about Kearns, this tells us something about his judgment. To produce high quality color flyers with the image of ArtVoice without their permission is plain idiotic and represents a complete lack of knowledge of basic laws and regulations. Just my take.

  • wmdorsheimer

    Which Brown “aide” is Bflo81?

    It seems like there’s a squad of online comment-writers making lame assertions like this. My take is this: even if what you wrote was accurate, an honest mistake is better than the manipulation of law and disregard for the law that the Brown Administration has demonstrated.

    And what do we really know about Brown? Nothing but his record, which stinks.

  • O’Reilly


    Did Kearns’ ask permission from you guys first?

  • Cynical

    Geraldine, Talk is cheap. If you really know these City employees, please put them in touch with the Feds looking into illegal campaign practices at City Hall, otherwise this kind of assertion does nothing constructive.

  • Bflo81

    @ wmdorsheimer: So, I’m a Brown “aide” because I think Kearns is a pinhead for using the likeness of Artvoice in his campaign material without permission? Are you a Kearns “aide” for defending him? There are a lot of things I don’t like about Brown, but I do like that he has returned this city to fiscal strength which I think is very important. Kearns seems like a good guy, but despite all the free publicity he has gotten in the Buffalo News, Artvoice and Buffalo Rising, I still don’t know enough about him to make me think he has what it takes to run the city. That’s just my take.

  • O’Reilly: Yes, they had permission to use the material. Not that they needed it: Politicians always use published material about themselves in campaign literature.

    Bflo81: Politicians also use the trademarks of the publications they quote.

    Again, there are no hard feelings on this end. But it looked like something we might have printed, and I merely wanted to make it clear that we had not.

  • So what ever happend to that young kid that was on the news about 2 or 3 months ago trying to collect signatures to run for mayor??? I want to vote for him. I am done with Brown aka: Urkel, I have no idea what Kearns has in store, so this is a no win situation.