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Maria Whyte Reappointed

whyteHere’s an election contest that’s easy to call: Judge Patrick NeMoyer has ruled to strike Ralph Hernandez from the ballot in the Erie County Legislature District 6 race citing problems with his  signature petitions.

Maria Whyte will retain her seat, uncontested.

  • This makes me want to puke. This communist using gestapo tactics to keep herself untouchable. Is no one else infuriated with this type of tactic? Anyone

  • Camille Hopkins

    Maria Whyte is one of the better politicians WNY has seen in a long time. My hope is she runs for mayor in 2013.

  • Seems like I have raised a few eyebrows on wnymedia about my above post so I will clarify here.

    We supposedly live in a Representative Republic although the majority continue to say we live in a Democracy. Either way the only way we have a possibility of holding our elected officials accountable is to run another against them in an election. Well in NY and Erie County we have gerrymandered districts so we have no choice but to run in a Primary. Plain truth, a Republican cannot beat Maria Whyte in the general election, like Byron Brown in the City a Republican will not win.

    The tactic of challenging ones petitions is used all the time especially in a district where there will be a close race. This district is one and the threat of Hernandez beating Whyte was real. I think he would have beat her hands down.

    People do not realize the importance of “Perfect petitions”… We have to walk door to door and get signatures from registered voters and only people registered ion that particular party can collect signatures. Incumbents like Whyte have all that done for them, they are the “Party” chosen. They have the manpower from all the unions and the patronage jobs they help provide and the Party committees.

    Challengers on the other hand have a momentous task of trying to get people to volunteer and get out to get signatures. If one little thing is wrong like forgetting to put in your middle initial if that is the way you are registered to vote, your signature can get thrown off the petition. If a date is wrong, OFF, if your signature cannot be read, OFF, if your street address does no match your voter registration care perfectly, OFF. You see where I am going with this.

    The BOE is a little easier, if some of these things appear to be right, they will let them fly, I know, I have had my petitions challenged numerous times the last time by Sam Hoyt. We sat at the table and they went through the petitions one by one, line by line. When we reached to number it stopped and I was on the ballot.

    Had they gone by the strict letter of the Law I may not have made it but the Laws are there to benefit them, they know exactly what is required and have the Lawyers on their payroll to back them up. We on the other hand as challengers do not have to revenues to hire lawyers to challenge theirs the same way our are challenged.

    If an incumbent is honest and simply wants to run on their record they should be open to a good competitive race, if they have done their job then they will get reelected. On the other hand doing everything possible to eliminate a possible threat is the status quo for life time politicians, eliminate any challenge so they get reappointed by the fact any and all competition is done away with.

    Gestapo tactics? IF your papers are not exactly the way they are supposed to be, your gone, get it?

  • slothrop


    look at the court transcript before you post your politically filtered rantings. Look at the incredible testimony. One witness testified that she did not remember “the entire month of july”!

    Also, keep in mind it is a crime to pay someone to petition on a per signature basis. It is also a crime to falsely witness a petition.

    Seriously, get the transcript. It is a public record.

  • Bruce Kogan

    Ralph the Rat couldn’t beat Maria Whyte two years ago. No reason to suppose he
    would beat her now. The guy is a walking piece of egotistical flatulence who is
    completely out for number one. For four years all he did was rail on Superintendent Williams until it was advantageous to support him and become
    chairman of the Board of Education. Everyone has his number and he will be dealt
    with next year when his seat on the school board comes up.

  • Lancey Howard


    Did you look at the court transcript?
    How many pages was it?

    When it exists, let us know.

  • Twixt

    Nothing against Maria Whyte, but this was really bad for the voters. Over 1200 people signed a petition for Hernandez (500 are needed). No one claimed that any of the 1200 hadn’t signed for Hernandez.

    Therefore the Court had to decide whether there should be an election or a political appointment to determine the people’s representative.

    It was as simple as that.

  • slothrop


    I was in the courtroom every moment of the trial. The transcript can be ordered by calling the court.

  • Lancey Howard


    If you say you were in the courtroom every moment of the trial; I’ll believe you. But telling Thompson to “look at the transcript” is misleading, because you haven’t looked at the transcript. It doesn’t exist yet. It might at some future date, but it doesn’t now.

    On Friday I called to see when a transcript would be ready, they told me to call back on Tuesday to find out.

  • Mary Ayoungin

    Why not just have an election?

    I’ll admit I don’t usually pay attention to political events because they don’t affect me and I’m not in the district and couldn’t vote in the primary if I wanted to, but something terrible is happening when you stop the people from having a choice in an election.

    There were only two people who wanted to run; this is some really bad stuff…

  • slothrop


    the transcript exists – it is just not prepared yet. I was just telling Rus to not jump to conclusions until he is informed of the facts.

    You can get a rough transcript – though it will be filled with weird stenographer stuff that she will clean up.

  • Aiden the Cat

    Just so everyone has it straight(twixt), yes Ralph turned in 1200 signatures, and yes he only needed 500, but almost half were nullified due to the fact they were signed by people that didn’t live in the district or they were not registered voters. Therefore the 1200 was basically a lie. I don’t get why people are crying foul here. Every other election race is going ahead as planned because those canditates followed the rules of how to get on the ballot. If you try to place yourself on the ballot through illegal tactics then you don’t deserve to run in the race. I thought that was just common sense.

  • Twixt

    That’s just it! Nobody is claiming (Not even the opposing side) that the 1200 signatures were from anywhere but the 6th district! All 1200 plus were from the 6th District. Nobody was claiming that any one of the 1200 plus signatures didn’t sign to have Hernandez on the ballot. I thought Maria Whyte would win. The problem is that the “judge” decided that a representative would be appointed, rather than elected.

    That’s what makes it so filthy!

    It wasn’t Maria Whyte for using loopholes and technicalities to stop the voters from having a choice; “It was the judge!”

    Pigeon 1 Voters 0

  • slothrop

    nowhere close to 1200 were from the sixth district! Look at the petitions (which are available). That’s what happens when you leave petitions at festivals, stores, and parades.

  • Simon Magus

    Twixt is absolutely correct:

    No one claimed “(Not even the opposing side) that the 1200 signatures were from anywhere but the 6th district!”

    All 1200 plus were from the 6th District.

    No one claimed “that any one of the 1200 plus signatures didn’t sign to have Hernandez on the ballot.”

    It was loopholes and technicalities that stopped the voters from having a choice.

    Twixt is also correct when he (or she) stated: “the Court had to decide whether there should be an election or a political appointment to determine the people’s representative.”

    “It was as simple as that.”

    And it was.

  • slothrop


    Really? I didn’t see you in the courtroom. I think you will find that you are very, very wrong.

  • Joven Cieloandadore

    I wasn’t in the Court room either, but believe it or not, I have an opinion on whether people should be able to chose a representative in an election or have them appointed by party bosses. (Also, I’ve never walked on the sun, but I would tell you its pretty hot there. It’s a rare technique, it’s called Common Sense).

    At this point anyone reading this blog, “Maria Whyte Reappointed” believes “you were in the Court room,” we get the point. And I think it’s great that you were there and other people should do the same. But you have to keep in mind that judges are also appointed by party bosses, in this case Steve Pigeon.

    Ask yourself, “Why in the world would Steve Pigeon save Lenny Lenihan’s appointed representative for the Latino Community after Lenny’s “attorney” mumbled around the court room not making any sense to anyone?” There could be only one answer: The Hoyt-Casey Deal. Otherwise nothing makes sense.

    When it became apparent to Hoyt that the voters were going to have a choice for their representative he got on the phone with Casey, who then got on the phone with Pigeon.

    If Casey could stop the voters from having a choice it would quiet the West Side of Main Street for the Mayor’s race. The Kearns camp would lose big and then the Hoyt camp could pretend that they “were looking out for Mickey all the while!”

  • slothrop

    hoyt-casey deal? You must not be up on local politics. There is a better chance of the sun freezing over – but since you have common sense you know that could not happen.

    Pigeon and Casey ran the most vicious campaign in recent memory against Hoyt last year. Their discord is deep. What possible deal could there have been? That is laughable.

  • slothrop

    BTW, Jove, you state “nothing makes sense” but a Hoyt-Casey deal. Did you ever consider that Ralph and his family broke the law and flirted with criminal charges?

  • Joven Cieloandadore


    Thanks for responding (I’m new at this).
    Did you happen to read the 2 links in the message.

    Jov (no e)

  • Countless


    All I can say is wow, you’re grasping at straws. A Hoyt-Casey deal? And you use an article from the Buffalo Reuse, a local satirical news site. (FYI, Merriam-Webster defines satire as “trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly.” In other words, the site is a joke AKA untrue.)
    If you want to talk crackpot theories, yours that accused Sam of making a deal (which, the dots still don’t connect unless the good judge here is completely controlled by Mayor Casey), has holes in it. If Maria’s not on the ballot that equals a lower turnout, possibly, throughout the West Side. Low turnouts have historically proven fertile grounds for upsets. Hence, that could be good for Mickey.
    The Hernandez side, that handful of people, are still bitter about her beating him fair and square and democracy-style in the last election. All they do is hurl insults that are as outrageous as they are baseless. Maria is one of Buffalo’s best representatives, and I agree with Ms. Hopkins in that I hope she runs for mayor someday very soon.

  • Mr. Bumble

    Maria Whyte is a Screach-Owl

    This time when she gets drunk and trashes her “head-quarters” I hope she’ll pay the landlord…

  • jimmyrose

    Maria Whyte knocked on over 3,000 doors in 2005 to win the primary against 4 men. She was unknown at the time. You may call this an “appointment” but I would ask you to reexamine the actual political landscape of Buffalo. It has been a good ol’ boys club for decades. Maria Whyte came in, talked issues and walked the walk during her campaign. Please stop reiterating this good ol’ boys bullcrap because it will only keep Buffalo down. Maria Whyte isn’t a politician, she is an activist who worked with the Coalition for Economic Justice for years. Hernandez needs to take politics seriously instead of relying on Buffalo outdated political insanity to get elected. AND , Hernandez would not have beaten Whyte hands down – she would outrun him all the way to election day.