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The Answer Lady: Chris Collins Is An Angry Man

Filed under: Local Politics

2005662339_2fa3ce3b1b1University Heights’ Answer Lady began a new feature last week: The Chris Collins Tantrum Watch. She says that Collins came into office promising to achieve change in government the same way he got rich in the private sector. “I think he kept his promise,” she writes. “There are more than a few managers in private industry who think that anger is a management tool”

Here she summarizes some of the splenetic exploits of the Erie County executive:

Accuses the Legislature of trying to pull a fast one and vetoes the downsizing bill that would reduce number of legislators from 15 to 13. Note to Chris Collins – each legislator represents over 60,00 people. You don’t save significant money by cutting representatives. You save significant money by getting rid of all the little town and village governments all over the county and state. Why don’t you go and try downsizing governments for towns under 60,000 people? Oh, right, you can’t propose that. All those little fiefdoms are the last gasp of republican power and patronage.
Erie County Holding Center/Alden Correctional Facility Chris Collins refuses to cooperate with the justice department investigation of the prison. County Attorney Cherly Green calls the Justice Department investigation a fishing expidition. Highlights from report:
  • Faciltites woefully inadequate, resulting in serious harm to inmates, including death.
  • Housing suicidal inmates in cells that facilitate suicide.
  • Woefully understaffed, resulting is excessive and often mandatory overtime. Some of the highest paid employees in Erie County work in the jails, often doubling their “normal” wages, and, of course, sometimes padding their pensions. The absurd levels of overtime are a recipe for disaster.
  • Inappropriate, excessive and degrading use of force.
  • “Elevator rides”, no cameras present in elevators. Deputies beat inmates, slam prisoners heads into walls.
  • Beat a pregnant inmate and kneed her in the stomach.
  • Prsioner died of stroke after having head slmmed into wall.
  • Inmates raped by other prisoners and staff
  • Lack of medical care.
  • Inadequate infection control. MRSA, Staph, hepatitis, teberculois are a danger to the publi when prisoners are realeased.
  • Cells prisoners housed in filthy and unafe.
Read entire 50 pages report from Justice deparmtnet here: PDF
Pays for advertising blitz and robo calls against legislators who support paying a prevailing wage for county supported construction. Targeted a handful of Legislature Democrats for defeat by labeling them as obstructionists for their support of this issue and promoted challengers. In these robocalls, no party responsible for this propaganda was ever listed…instead, 100% diatribe….
Note to Collins: This is our tax money you’re spending here, not private funds in private industry. A decent standard of living starts with a decent wage. Get over it.
Chris vetoes Taxpayer Protection Law Legislator Michele Iannello’s Taxpayer Protection law that would give the legislature more power in reviewing and canceling county contracts was vetoed, put to a successful override vote and will be appearing on this November’s ballot. Iannello said Collins is spending more time raising funds for Republican legislature candidates and pursuing a negative campaign against Democrats than delivering on his promises to taxpayers. “Mr. Collins promised the voters of Erie County big changes, but all that he’s done is give them more of the same; higher taxes, pay hikes for patronage pals and road blocks to reform,” she said. Collins said he vetoed the law “in the faint hopes that the legislature will do the right thing and present the voters with a real choice that separates the reform of reducing the size of the legislature from a self-serving incumbency protection plan.” Tonawanda News
No money for Cultural groups unless you let Chris call the shots and appoint board members to your organization.
No cooperation between the executive branch managers and the Legislature. Collin’s crew won’t show up for meetings, like the Green Energy Taskforce. Evidently, informing the citizenry via meeting with our elected representatives is verbotten.
The Answer Lady advises readers to check back often for more.

  • John Q Blogger

    Collins is the poster boy for economic strip mining of elderly, the working poor, and growing gambling addiction. The robbing of money from churches and business interests to feed gambling is what this man stands for.

  • Chet Morton

    Regardless of how often the Answer Lady posts to it, anyone who has dealt with or knows Christopher Carl will find the “Tantrum Watch” concept amusing and funny. And it will really get under Collins’ skin too.

  • any pal of dino’s is a pal of mine

    It’s funny to watch Collins’ falsetto tone rise up to the occasion

  • Nacilb Uper

    Chris Collins is the best Exec that Erie County has had in a long time. This liberal newspaper, like so many childish, college level, liberal publications, writes propaganda in the form of “intellectual” political columns. Seriously, stop reading this crap, ArtVoice will ever turn into an influential newspaper, and people are degrading themselves by reading it.

  • blightme

    Answer Lady just earned a new fan!

  • We have all seen people who let their anger get out of control.
    anger techniques