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Brian Davis! On Facebook!

Filed under: Common Council

brian davis dancing

Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis!

You know! He’s got problems! Big problems!

But he keeps in touch with his constituents via Facebook!

And he loves! exclamation! points!

Some excerpts from his page:

August 2:
Brian C. Davis Is wishing everyone a great week! Let this week be the week that we all be mindful of our Civic Responsibility!

July 28:
Brian C. Davis did not vote for a new ordinance allowing citizens to have up to 5 chickens as pets in the City of Buffalo! Feeling that this ordinance does not go far enough in addressing some basic concerns that residents in my district has. 6 others on the Common Council approved this ordinance today which only means an increase in rodents, not enough enforcement by the City, and possibly goats, turkeys, pigs, etc. PROBLEMS!

July 24:
Brian C. Davis is wishing you all a very safe, enjoyable weekend! Let today be the day that we stop destroying our own and find a way to encourage and support each other whether we agree or disagree. Most important though, let’s agree that we may disagree but still Love and Support one another!

June 21:
Brian C. Davis is wishing all the Fathers and all men that play a significant role in a child’s life a Super Day! Make the best of this day and if nothing else, say these words to your children no matter how old they may be, “I Love You!”

  • vc

    please, someone tell me this is a hoax! I can’t bear the thought that this man represents my interests on the Common Council!

  • jld

    The only joke here is that the voters and taxpayers have not demanded this idiot be removed from office. With all the info that has surfaced, regarding his unethical ,illegal activities,the FED investigation in process, he still continues to collect a city paycheck.
    How many people does he have to screw over/bounced checks, liens, and other assorted unethical behavior unacceptable from a public elected official will it take for someone to come to their senses. Does the Common Council have any honor?… and common sense, to allow someone of this calber to continue to be amongst them??
    This fiasco makes the entire legislative body look like fools!!

  • Joe

    anyone know if he ever went to college after all?