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Open Letter to the Buffalo Niagara Partnership

a RudnickFrom the “Snappy Answers to Stupid Claims” department…

On page A3 of today’s Buffalo News, you can read the full-color, full-page open letter to the community from The Buffalo Niagara Partnership Executive Committee, also known as “the usual suspects.”

Question: What kind of Chamber of Commerce is so jittery about its public image that it feels the need to buy such expensive ad space in an attempt to convince the community it allegedly serves that things are on the right track?

Here are the things the BNP is taking credit for:

UB 2020 established as the regional priority for Albany action

Unfortunately, it’s a plan rooted in the dream that public money should be spent with no oversight. This is a plan? Why not just propose robbing Fort Knox? Both plots are illegal. Only difference is when the UB plan fails, the perpetrators won’t go to jail, they’ll just blame “politics as usual” for foiling their dubious scheme.

Modernization of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and bringing low-cost carriers to our region

Just how much more modernization needs to be done at the airport? Transporter machines? This place has been modernized so many times you’d think we’d be zipping around it like the Jetsons wearing jet packs.

Construction of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and creation of nearly 5,000 jobs in the life sciences

Sure. How are things progressing with the dissolution of ECMC as a public benefit corporation? Don’t mind me, just a taxpayer, just asking.

Federal Courthouse going up on Delaware Avenue

Really? Taking credit for this? I had no idea a group of local businessmen exerted such influence on the Federal Government. Should be a busy place.

Development of more than 1,000 lofts, apartments and condos in downtown Buffalo—a place very few people lived in just a decade ago

Over the past 16 years, Andrew Rudnick has made like $6 million dollars in salary as head of BNP. Buffalo is the third poorest city in the nation, and lots of people live downtown. They just don’t have much food, and little shelter.

Demolition of the Aud and significant work on the outer and inner harbors

Excellent. Destroy a monument to American War Veterans in the hope of luring a fishing store. Better throw a few more buckets of tax breaks into the water. Drives ’em into a feeding frenzy.

Retention of the Niagara Air Reserve Station

“Retention” sounds so much better than “reduction.”

Creation of Charter Schools throughout the region

Why shouldn’t we be discovering more ways to siphon public education funding into private enterprises? Think about the kids.

Downsizing of the Buffalo Common Council
The benefits of this accomplishment are all around us, for everyone to see.

Introduction of an affordable Enhanced Drivers License as an alternative to passports at the border

I don’t know whether I should feel safer or more of a sucker. Maybe I should buy a Nexus card for good measure.

Business Backs the Bills effort, which kept the team here

Which, for nine days every fall, guarantees a surge in alcohol related arrests for local law enforcement.

“Some of our success, however, is largely invisible,” the ad crows. Yeah, we know all about it. Invisible like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • Nailed it


  • BINGO! We have a winner and it is NOT the Partnership.

  • John Q Blogger

    Awaiting for my sidewalks to be repaired, the leaf vacuum truck to arrive to pick up the leaves the slum lord’s lackey and the swells pushes into the streets, community police officers walking the beat, new tress planted on our back streets, a security camera on corners on the West and East Side where murders occur, Buffalo Police DWI check points in downtown Buffalo, a snow plow in the winter, garbage men that clean up the garbage they drop behind the truck (because we pay a user fee), and a Peace Bridge truck plaza in Canada. This I am absolutely sure will happen soon thanks to Andrew and TO. We are saved and well controlled and boarded.

  • WNY Business As Usual

    The BNP is fighting tooth and nail to save Rudnick’s salary and benefits that has been reported to exceed $400,000. Businesses in WNY have been hurting for a long time, but the past year has been especially brutal. Has Rudnick taken any sort of benefit or pay cut in these hard times? WNY has been hemorrhaging businesses, jobs, people, money, services and its quality of life and taxes and assessments have continued to rise for decades now. The good ole boy system in Albany wines us and dines us before every election and then dumps us on our behinds the day after. The BNP is supposed to be business’ voice in WNY, but they’re nothing more than a cog in the wheel of the horribly broken health insurance machine. They look more like a bunch of good ole boy system fat cats sitting on their butts helping to bleed businesses dry than any kind of effective advocacy group. If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem in WNY. BNP doesn’t look to me like a group that is solving anything.

  • avwrobel


  • Peter A Reese

    It time for our standard WNY approach. This whole situation can be solved with some positive spin. Now everyone think about something nice to say about Rudnick.

  • Uno

    Hey! Hows about some coverage of what the Buffalo Niagara “Partnership” (does that include ‘omerta’?) and the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo are “doing” for Niagara County.

    Boy, could I tell a few tales of their sway and “influence.” If there’s any more of that sort of thing, I’d like to nominate them for a RICO award.

  • DCdaedelus

    Without the ‘lighter, quicker, cheaper’ approach, there would be no incentive to develop the harbor. Changing the reputation and value – social and economic – of an entire part of a city takes community, tax dollars, private investment, and the buy-in of many stakeholders. It simply cannot happen overnight. In my opinion, it took the creative thinking and expertise of Mark Goldman and the group he brought to town in 2010 to make all this possible for Canalside.

    Today, instead of neglected parking lots or big box retail, the people of Western New York (and further afield like my wife and I living in DC) flock to Canalside to stroll, SUP, watch fireworks, learn yoga, ice-skating or attend concerts… and spend time and money. Because of this slow building approach with increasing popular temporary events and leisure activities, it is now a ‘place’ and an increasingly sound investment. It is more desirable and more valuable to developers and investors – and the public. This is just a step in the process – not the final phase.

    You are right the area is ripe for more infrastructure and more permanent development. You are also right that the concerts and events might be better managed or relocated to other, potentially new venues. I even like your idea for LaSalle Park. But you are mistaken if you think Adirondack chairs and porta-johns are all there is. They’re actually the gateway to the buildings to come – making them a real possibility. Updates to the MGPP from 2010, 2012, and 2013 are posted right on the EHDC website. In recent months they’ve issued and awarded RFPs for the Explore & More museum.

    Canalside is a huge win for Buffalo. It’s shortsighted and dismissive to call it otherwise.

    • Joan Williams

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