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You can’t get ’em here dept.

2009 Chevrolet Caprice (Dubai)

2009 Chevrolet Caprice (Dubai)

Well, you can sort of get it here, but not exactly… and not for long. I’m talking about the 2009 Chevrolet Caprice. What? You didn’t know Chevy still made the Caprice? Apparently you haven’t been to Dubai lately (next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop in at Liberty Automobiles Company LLC.  Located in Sharjah on the King Abdul Aziz Road, they’re the local authorized General Motors dealer for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, and Opel). The Caprice is a re-badged Holden, much like the Pontiac G8 sold in North America.

Last week GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, who recently announced his un-retirement, told the press that GM wouldn’t be turning the Pontiac G8 into a Chevy Caprice for the 2010 model year after Pontiac goes out of business. Lutz said that with budgets being what they are, GM’s money could be better spent elsewhere. There were stories going around that the Caprice might go into production as a possible police car, perhaps breaking the stranglehold that Ford seems to have on that market.

So it looks like, for now anyway, if you want one of these full-sized, Australian-built rear-wheel drive V-8 sedans here in the U.S., it’ll have to be a Pontiac G8… but time’s a’wastin’, as once those 2009s are gone… they’re gone!