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You can’t get ’em here dept.

Seeing that the news hit today that China surpassed the U.S. in auto sales for the first half of this year, it seemed a good a time as any to take another look at a Chinese car you’ll probably never see over here.

Today, it’s the Great Wall Hover TT.

2009 Great Wall Hover TT (China)

2009 Great Wall Hover TT (China)

Look closely, and you’ll be right if you guess it’s an Isuzu Axiom limousine. What a great concept! And to hear how the Great Wall folks describe it in their own words makes it even better:

• New length, new luxury
• Hover TT, new definition of luxury with its fashionable outline
• Fashionable front grill, personalized spoiler, 6.72 meters of body.
• Hover TT luxurious guests vehicle fuses fashion, individuality and luxury style together.

Get me my checkbook! I understand even Fidel Castro owns one, so you know it’s gotta be great!

The folks at the AutoWorldGhana website sound even more impressed than I am. Read on: “It is the first luxurious guest motor model leading fashion and personality tide and combining brilliance and luxury, prestige and tolerance. Its boundless outline shocks everyone whoever sees it. With length of 6.7 meters, it could accommodate 10 persons and be equipped with luxurious European bar counter, refrigerator on motor, rounding stereo hi-fi sound, L-type luxurious sofa, super LED illuminations decoration system, etc. You can enjoy commercial and creation pleasure simultaneously. The convenience of driving and luxurious enjoyment is always waiting for you at your wish.”

Check it out for yourself by clicking here, and while you’re at it enjoy some of the other Great Wall models, like the Deer, Sailor, Wingle (?), Safe, and — my favorite, the Socool. It is so-cool!