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Buffalo News Watch

Filed under: The Buffalo News

We hope no one missed the late-breaking news story on the front page of today’s Buffalo News telling us that area drivers needn’t worry about traffic jams. We really don’t have any traffic jams. But to certify that this was a solid investigative report, the News consulted with an assistant professor of engineering from the University at Buffalo, Ms. Qian Wang. Professor Wang confirmed that residents have no need to worry. “The traffic conditions here really aren’t that bad,” she told the News.

That’s such a relief because we really weren’t sure if there were no traffic jams or if we just didn’t know what a traffic jam was.

The News did manage to dig up an old photo from 2003 to run with their potential Pulitzer Prize winning research that showed a sort of half-assed busy “rush hour” on Cayuga Road in WIlliamsville. We’re so happy that we decided to keep our subscription to the Buffalo News, even after they raised their cover price to 75¢. Where would we be without the valuable information they provide?

  • When this article first appeared online yesterday, it was headlined “Buffalo area drivers spend more time in traffic”. I guess the reporter and editors must have actually read the report on their quick, traffic-free commute to the suburbs.

  • Josh M

    The only traffic jam is the exodus out of Buffalo into other cities and states.

  • Camille Hopkins

    The City of Buffalo experiences a net loss of 2,500 people annually. Erie County loses an additional 2,500. Why?

    Loss of jobs and opportunities is a major reason. For other people like myself, we leave WNY for a better quality of life elsewhere. After living here for over 28 years, I eventually tired of the 1950’s mentality of our elected officials and voted with my feet. I have to take some of the blame for WNY’s failures as I voted for many of our illustrious leaders. As is so often the case, we get the leaders we deserve.

    Good luck Buffalo. You deserve better.

  • Peter A Reese

    Its clear to me that the main reasons people leave WNY are prayer in schools, gay marriage, government regulations to protect consumers, and stem cell research. We also have too much transparency and accountability in government. Unions also wreak havoc by protecting the rights of workers. Economics has nothing to do with it.