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Hoyt to Endorse Kearns for Mayor

Filed under: Byron Brown, Local Politics

Today at 5pm, mayoral candidate Mickey Kearns inaugurates his new campaign headquarters on 418 Niagara Street with a very special guest: Assemblymember Sam Hoyt, who will endorse Kearns’ candidacy.

Hoyt’s endorsement of a challenger—any challenger—to incumbent Byron Brown is hardly a surprise: The mayor and his chief political operative, Deputy Mayor Steve Casey, have cast Hoyt as political enemy #1 since Brown and Hoyt both began preparing to succeed Tony Masiello as mayor in 2005. Hoyt bowed out of that race, in large part to spare his family the certainty that his opponents would publicize outing an affair he’d had the year before—a revelation that was served cold during his re-election campaign last year, when he was challenged in the Democratic primary by former Common Council member Barbra Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh enjoyed the support of Brown and Casey, along with Steve Pigeon, who spent a hefty sum of Tom Golisano’s Responsible New York money on the effort to unseat Hoyt. It’s generally assumed that Pigeon and Casey fed email evidence of the affair to the news media.

So it’s no surprise that Hoyt should support Kearns. But, reached by phone Wednesday morning, Hoyt said his endorsement was more than a rejection of the Brown administration.

“I just think Buffalo can do better,” Hoyt said. “We need strong leadership that can be independent of political forces, that can unite communities. I think Mickey can do that. He’s not a career politican, he’s relatively new to government, with substantial private sector experience. He’s born and bred in Buffalo, which I think is important.”

Hoyt allows that his support is hardly an equalizer in the race. Kearns remains an underdog, who cannot bring to bear the money or manpower at Brown’s disposal. “I don’t control a political machine that brings hundreds of campaign workers and access to money,” Hoyt said. “My endorsement sends a message to those who support my progressive agenda that I believe in Mickey and his commitment to a similar agenda.”

The Hispanic organization Nosotros will reiterate its endorsement of Kearns tonight, and Niagara District Councilmember Davud Rivera will be on hand to demonstrate his support, too.

  • WNYmind

    I stoped holding out hope for yet another mayor candidate a few elections ago. We all see how the Brown administration has fallen into the same old ways of patronage and deal making as every mayor since the 1800s in Buffalo.

    There is no reason to belive Kearns would do anything different. Look how weak the political system is in WNY. Not that I am a Republican, but they don’t even bother to run a candidate for the race. Is the fix that in?

    Who would run for Mayor of Buffalo anyway? Just the lowest of the low. The Mayor is just the head of a hopeless city with a little budget that a crook can raid without opposition. The dirty small time politicians in this town will milk it until their is nothing left to milk, and then the city will finally crumble.

    The fact that Kearns bothers to run is proof that he is in it for a little side cash and perks for his crumbling neighborhood. Can Mickey fix the schools, roads, bring jobs to Buffalo, etc… We all know he can’t, he is just fighting over crumbs with the other rats.

    If you live in Buffalo do anything you can to leave. Move as far away as possible. It is your only real chance to live a decent life and not get ripped off. If you stay in Buffalo by choice, shame on you. If you are too poor, old, or for some other reason unable to leave Buffalo by your own will, then look outside the city for help. You are trapped!!!!

    Sometimes people have to cut their losses, so move out of Buffalo now, it is already too late, the bottom fell out and will never be under you again. Vote with your feet like other have. As you leave Buffalo, you will be welcomed in new communities like other refugees from disasters. We don’t blame you for living in the worst place on earth. Run for safety, there are good people outside of Buffalo who understand and want to welcome you to a normal life.

  • mr.jones

    Absolutely right. 3000 people left last summer alone. Other communities are like heaven compared to this thing we call Buffalo.