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Camille Hopkins on Campaign “Volunteers”

Filed under: Byron Brown, Local Politics

Over on Eager Colin’s site, former City of Buffalo employee Camille Hopkins remembers her former boss, Tanya Perrin-Johnson:

Camille Hopkins

Camille Hopkins

I was an employee of the the Dept. of Community Services and eventually left due to the bullying I received from Tanya Perrin-Johnson. I filed a harassment complaint with Human Resources for her actions against me. She escalated her bullying afterwards so I filed another charge, this time for retaliation.

Human Resources didn’t investigate my charges for over 7 months. In the meantime the bullying and intimidation continued. HR never interviewed me about my charges. I wasn’t surprised when they eventually found my claims lacked “sufficient” evidence, although I had supplied them with memos and emails showing otherwise.

I got tired of her bullying ways and left after working 21 years for the City. I eventually ‘voted with my feet’ and moved to a city in the Pacific Northwest that appears to be honest and forthcoming.

I heart goes out to current employees of my old dept. It’s City Hall business as usual and I believe that things won’t change. And so it goes.

Camille assiduously documented her exchanges with Perrin-Johnson and others in City Hall. Here’s an article that ran in the Buffalo News last August, not long before she left her job in City Hall. She has since moved to Portland.

  • This pisses me off!!!!! I knew Camille too, and to think that people in CITY HALL are this IGNORANT and DISRESPECTFUL towards anyone who may be different from them is outrageous. The mayor and the other low lifes who pretend to run the city may say they want everyone to feel safe and welcomed in Buffalo, but is just lieing to themselfs as this is a perfect example.
    What’s the number to City Hall Human Resources??? I’d like to voice MY OPINION TO THEM!!!!!!!!