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Hernandez Wins

Filed under: Education & Schools

Ralph Hernandez is the new president of the Buffalo Board of Education.

  • Mike

    Hope he sticks to his guns and runs Williams out of town!

  • Is there anybody else in local politics as dumb and volatile as Ralph Hernandez?

  • I think he’s an opportunist and did what he had to do to be president,” Panepinto said. “I think Ralph philosophically agrees with the people who voted for Lou.”
    Hernandez brushed off the opportunist charge.
    “She can call me anything she wants,” he said. “I felt I had earned the right to be president. I was campaigning to be president. Where do you go? You go where the votes are. That’s common sense. It has nothing to do with being an opportunist.” bflo news

    Do you go where the votes are even if they come from people you have battled tooth and nail for years, allegedly over philosophical differences but when you think you can get them to vote for you, your differences somehow disappear ? Put a fork in this new board it’s as done as when Kapsiak about faced. The pit bull is now safely leashed to the majority and will behave himself from here on it. Pathetic.

  • Cynical

    This whole episode would be amusing if we weren’t talking about a person who is responsible for helping to ensure that this City’s children are educated. In that light it’s tragic.

  • Know it all

    ralph must want to get to the chop house. why no info on williams’ new high paid executive assistant?