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Pigeon Under Glass

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Steve Pigeon consults yesterday with Republican State Senator George Maziarz.

Steve Pigeon consults yesterday with Republican State Senator George Maziarz.

An addendum to the post below on Steve Pigeon:

Tonight, Pigeon—counsel to New York State Senator Pedro Espada, director of Tom Golisano’s Responsible New York committee, former chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee, architect of the Republican takeover of the New York State Senate takeover—hosts $1,000-a-head fundraiser for Republican-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter, whose Senate seat will be challenged from all sides of the political spectrum next year. (Of course, $1,000 is the low-class ticket; you can pay $2,400 if you really want to be the big swinging…swinger.) The party starts at 5:30pm.

The fundraiser is at the Regency Hotel Ballroom on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Pigeon is laying down at least $40,000 for the event, while billions in funding for upstate schools, housing, services, and development are held hostage by the paralysis caused by the power grab he helped to orchestrate.

On the menu: beef Wellington, wild mushroom bruschetta, and shrimp cocktail. Steak tartare, lump crab cake, boursin cheese tartlets, asparagus and prosciutto, California rolls, shrimp shumai, and chicken sate. I’m told there’s an open bar.

  • Office Max

    From the looks like Steve and Senator Maziarz are unnaturally close…Politically I mean…not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Bruce Beyer

    …….and let the rest of us eat cake!

  • Bobbo

    So much about Pigeon..and meanwhile his master, Tom Golisano seems to be for once keeping a low profile. Not a day should pass, not an article published in the press should be absent a big picture of Golisano. Seems the Buffalo News especially is taking care not to mention Mr. Golisano. I think the owner of the NYS Senate should be more prominent in the news coverage. But then again he has managed to escape any criticism from the Buffalo News about his great success owning the Buffalo Sabres. What was the Sabres record for the five years prior to Golisano’s buying them? What has it been since? Did his company, Paychecks actually create any jobs or did it actually reduce jobs? Sorry Tommy-boy but somebody had to say it.

  • what’s going on in albany is less the work of steve pigeon than the ineptitude and leadership failures of an unelected governor who currently boasts the lowest approval rating in state history and an ineffectual former senate majority leader who was unable to keep even the members of his own party in line.

    the fact that this was written by the same witch hunter who nine months ago wrongly assured his readers that pigeon was taking over the niagara falls reporter is indicative of the sort of blind vendetta he is engaging in.

  • Pigeon has been a known egotistical political tyrant and slimeball for years, not surprized he has been bought by the king of corporate sleezery and second ran wanna be politician Golisano the epitomy of liars to be his evil henchman. the Buffalo News should be ashamed of itself. Stan Lipsey and Warren Colville are newspaper dinosaurs who have ruined that media outlet over the years by being content to bury their collective pea brains in the sand and be fat and happy while the electric media passed them by. they live in a bubble of self absorbed promoting and stroking their own,care nothing of being the watchdog of the people and reporting the truth to the good citizens of Buffalo who they should serve by promoting the truth.not surprising they recently sold out their most valued employees by hiding behind a economic self imposed crisis du jour and axing jobs of decent people throwing them to the wolves in this community when not one job should or needed to be cut out. the Buffalo Newspaper guild folded like a card table and sold out its own guild members to protect its own bargaining team and union presidents job instead of doing the courageous and standing up to the Corporate thuggery of the Buffalo News.pathetic actions by allthe above mentioned

  • i want a little bit of whatever manny’s dinking.