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More Pigeon Droppings

I just noticed this post (written on Friday by Jimmy Vielkind) over at the

During the Republican half of another lightning-quick extraordinary session this afternoon, I noticed Steve Pigeon sitting on the State Senate floor behind Senator Pedro Espada Jr.

Pigeon, who was one of the principle architects of the coup that has hobbled the chamber, remains the executive director of billionaire Tom Golisano’s Reponsible New York P.A.C. When I asked, Pigeon said he was now serving as Espada’s private counsel, and expected to be formally put on the Senate payroll when the leadership struggle in the chamber is resolved. Whenever. That. Might. Be.

Liz reported this possibility a while ago, but Pigeon indicated it was all but set at this point. He did not say that would mean he was relinquishing any role at R.N.Y., noting, “If we were in a situation where there was independent expenditures happening, I would have to take some sort of a leave, and that wouldn’t be until elections.”

Steve-Pigeon(as)Yeah, I’m sure he’ll do that. The last time Pigeon worked in the New york State Senate, he was an aide to Byron Brown. As he prepared to run for mayor of Buffalo, Brown fired Pigeon because he found Pigeon’s political activities a liability. At the time, Brown told the Buffalo News, “Unfortunately, he has been unable to move beyond his attitudes toward those whom he believes have wronged him politically in the past…It was painfully obvious he just wasn’t a positive influence on my staff.” Obviously, the mayor and his chief political officer, Steve Casey, have long since reconciled with Pigeon, though Brown has refused to comment on the role Pigeon played in the Albany coup, so maybe things are strained again, who knows).

Meantime, in yesterday’s New York Daily News, Liz Benjamin reports that Senate Democrats believe Pigeon’s presence on the Senate floor is a violation of the chamber’s rules:

Senate Democrats are crying foul over the appearance on the Senate floor last week of Steve Pigeon, an aide to billionaire Tom Golisano, who helped engineer the June 8 coup.

Pigeon said he is part of the “legal team” for Sen. Pedro Espada, one of the two turncoat Democrats whose defection to the Senate GOP led to the current 31-31 stalemate. Pigeon is an attorney, but he’s also a registered lobbyist.

Senate rules bar those “interested in pending or contemplated legislation” or “employed by, or receives compensation from any public or private source for influencing legislation.” In other words: no lobbyists.

Pigeon said he only registered to represent Golisano’s political action committee, Responsible New York, as a “volunteer” and wasn’t paid. He said he never lobbied the Legislature and has resigned his lobbying post in expectation of getting a job with Espada.

The state Public Integrity Commission Web site does not list Pigeon among lobbyists who have terminated their registration.

“I thought it was drawn up last week,” Pigeon said. “I might have beat it to the floor, but I resigned as lobbyist. It’s already done.”

Oh. Pigeon says things are on the up and up, then says the paperwork has been filed, then claims ignorance. That never happens. Who honestly believes this guy care about rules?

  • Chet Morton

    Meanwhile, Pigeon continues his effort, financed by Golisano, and backed by Chris Collins, to get County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz defeated by trying to deny him the Independence Party line and give it to rubberstamp-in-waiting Phil Kadet via the State Independence Party…

  • Office Max

    This guy is a thug like Mayor Masiello stated years ago. It is a wonder Pigeon and Parenti haven’t been arrested yet… Oh I forgot, Parenti has been several times….the most recent was last year in Niagara Falls read below.

    CRIME: Gary Parenti faces impaired driving and other charges
    Former Assembly candidate’s arraignment set for today
    By Rick Pfeiffer/
    Niagara Gazette
    At 2 a.m. Sunday morning, Gary Parenti looked at a Falls police officer and said simply, “My career is over.”

    The former state Assembly candidate and well-known Democratic party operative, who has recently been working on the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton, was under arrest on charges of driving while ability impaired by alcohol, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and running a red light.

    Roving Anti-Crime Unit officers said Parenti drove his Ford Explorer through a red light at 19th Street and Pine Avenue, honking his horn as he drove through the intersection. When officers pulled him over at 19th and Falls streets, Parenti had a known gang member and drug user in his passenger seat, smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and slurred speech.

    Parenti, 42, 955 Harrison Ave., told cops he had four beers before driving, though he later claimed to have had six glasses of wine. Officers had both Parenti and his passenger, identified as David Allen Glenn, step out of the SUV.

    While Glenn was questioned, Parenti was asked to perform several field sobriety tests. Police said Parenti passed an alphabet test, but failed finger to nose and walk and turn tests.

    When he was asked to perform a one leg stand test officers said Parenti “gave up” and said, “I can’t do these tests. Do what you have to do.”

    Glenn told police he was in the car with Parenti because the prominent politician had paid him $2 in change to “find some hookers.” The area of 19th Street, between Niagara and Falls streets, where Parenti’s vehicle was stopped, is known to be frequented by prostitutes.

    A call to Parenti, seeking comment on his arrest and Glenn’s claim, was not returned.

    After being taken into custody, Parenti asked for a lawyer and called former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Steve Pigeon. Parenti is a former top aide to Pigeon.

    After talking with Pigeon, Parenti agreed to take a Breathalyzer test.

    He was taken to the State Park Police headquarters on Goat Island, where his test registered a blood alcohol level of .07 percent. The legal limit for driving while intoxicated in New York state is 0.08 percent.

    Police said Parenti was driving with a suspended license for his failure to appear on an unknown charge in Grand Island Town Court. He was released from custody on his own recognizance and will be arraigned in City Court later today