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2009 Toyota iQ (Ireland)

2009 Toyota iQ (Ireland)

What has three doors (okay, one of them is the hatch), seats four, and is just a bit longer than the tiny, two-passenger smartcar? If you were in Ireland (or anywhere else in Europe — or Asia for that matter) you’d answer the Toyota iQ. As if Toyota doesn’t sell enough different models here in North America, believe it or not there are even more out there.

The iQ is the current darling of the automotive press. Its small size and smart packaging (sorry, but it is smart!) have made it, pardon my Kramdenese, the car of the chef of the future! (No, it can not core a apple. Not a fan of The Honeymooners? You’ll have to look it up.) But fear not, because you’ll soon find the iQ on our shores, although look for it to wear a Scion badge when it arrives.  For more info, click here and you’ll find yourself on the Toyota Ireland website.

Just as an aside, the current Scion xD is available in Europe as the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The British magazine Car hates it — but they seem to hate almost everything built with the US market in mind.

  • Judson

    What does this have to do with Buffalo? If you want to write about irrelevant topics, please do it on your own blog.

  • Unless someone is posting these without the consent of Artvoice, aren’t they doing it on their own blog?

  • Fritz

    “What does this have to do with Buffalo?” About as much as the movie reviews, book reviews, and News of the Weird. Don’t read it if you don’t like it.