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Steve Pigeon Helping Arlen Specter

According to liberal blog Daily Kos, former Republican, now Democratic Senator Arlen Spector from Pennsylvania will be the benefactor of a reception next Tuesday at the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY. Steve Pigeon, fresh off his NYS senate coup, is on the committee for the event. The event chair is New Jersey senator Bob Menendez

The party starts at 5:30 and you can come as a friend for $1,000, or as a co-host for $2,500. According to a spokesperson at Katz Watson Group, the Washington DC political fundraising organization coordinating the event, “There’s no sit-down dinner, or anything like that. The one in New York is just a ‘reception.'” Fundraisers for Specter are also taking place in the nation’s capital, and in Pennsylvania.


Interesting how in New York, it was elected Democrats turning Republican, while in Pennsylvania, it was a senator turning Democrat from Republican. Former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Pigeon appears to support Specter no matter what hat he chooses to wear, if this $1,000 contribution made in 2007 to Citizens for Arlen Specter is any indication. Specter was still with the Grand Old Party then.

  • PTG

    What a joke. While this story makes Steve appear to be like a winner, it just isn’t the case. The Senate Coup basically failed (albeit the Republicans still have the ‘majority’, it means nothing without a quorum) And since a large portion of the strategy was based on the notion of other people defecting, this coup will ultimately cast Pigeon as a pariah in both parties. As always, Steve comes close, but doesn’t get the job done.

    A objective look at his history in politics yields one true conclusion: he’s consistent. Comes close, but doesn’t get there.

  • steve has worked for the senator for years, two election cycles at least. is that not common knowledge? i don’t think it was any big secret. see you at the regency!