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Nestle Wins Court Case, Bottle Bill on Hold Until 2010

bottled-waterLast Friday, a court case brought by the International Bottled Water Association and Nestle Waters of North America was decided by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Griesa. The result puts New York’s recently passed Bigger Better Bottle Bill (BBBB) legislation on hold until April 1, 2010. Read Griesa’s order here.

Here’s the NYPIRG press release where they call upon Governor David Patterson, Senate Majority leader Malcolm Smith, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to do something about it. After all, these three were presented awards from 50 environmental groups on Earth Day for enacting the law.

Now that photo-op has come and gone, and big, corporate lawyers have succeeded in scuttling the measure for another year at least, throwing the state budget out of whack by an estimated $115 million.

Click here to read a statement from the Bottle and Can Redemption Association (BACRA), one of the green industries that was counting on the BBBB legislation to keep struggling redemption centers afloat.

To add another layer of weirdness to this whole mess, here’s a story from the New York Post, painting Senator Antoine Thompson’s office in a less than favorable light.

  • marinemec

    Preet is not working fast enough to Indict Cuomo for many New Yorkers, is this by design? Bottom line is, Cuomo must Go!

  • iviewit

    This may be the stupidest argument I have ever heard and it was the basis for the only explanation offered by the two crooks Skelos and Silver, that what is wrong, everyone is doing the same criminal acts. This is very similar to Hillary Clinton’s claiming her email criminal violations are ok because others before her broke the law.

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    • You missed the point. By pointing that out, I was not exculpating but indicting.

  • ljjr2112

    Amazing.Silver goes down and maziara gets his spot in PLA.Couldn’t be that ol georige got himself clear by doing a bit of confidential informing now could it………