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Business First Illustrates Pay Disparity

classroomBusiness First has released its findings on Erie County school district salaries. Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent James Williams tops the list at a base salary of $220,000. According to the See Through New York Web site, that figure was $227,427

Members of Williams’s cabinet don’t do too badly, either. Chief Academic Officer Folasade Oladele makes $159,399. Chief Financial Officer Gary Crosby makes about the same amount. Lead Community Superintendent Mark Frazier makes $129,075. Former principal, now Associate Superintendent Will Keresztes makes $127,335.

Williamsville school superintendent Howard Smith was second to Williams in terms of pay at $206,500. Business First rates Williamsville the number one school district in WNY, and they point out that Williamsville also pays its teachers the most money based on “median pay.” Buffalo ranks #28 by this standard.

But if  you factor in starting salaries for teachers, Williamsville slips to second place, while Buffalo is at a dismal 70th. Peak salaries for Buffalo Teachers are ranked near the very bottom, at 71st.

Could there be some kind of connection?

  • Know it all
  • Exempt

    Please note that the salary for this job is negotiable and may possibly pay at an administrator’s level. Someone should look into how many “exempt” positions have been added at City Hall since JAWs took over. How many teachers would that be?

  • pegger

    This trend is happening all over the country. The teachers in the city’s school system should be applauded for their efforts and willingness to accept the challenges urban teachers face.

  • pedro gogue

    Will these salaries will remain at their current rates after the BTF wins its suit against the district about single health carriers, after Jayvonnah Kincannon and Michelle Stiles win theirs and yes even (gulp) poor disabused James Daye wins his since according to Frazier’s report neither he nor Crystal Barton did anything amiss. There’s also the case of the autistic boy at Olmstead who was fondled by an aide yet JAWS ignored the certified letter addressing the matter. Seems to me some of these edusnakeoil salesmen (hear that Fusillade?) may be joining the folks at GM, Bank of America and AIG in “Getting a Haircut” as they call it. Or better yet a good firing.

  • Peter


    The BTF WON its suit in the final instance, Court of Appeals. The district’s appeals ran out, and there is a case against the district now for contempt of court for not following the rulings.

    The autistic child was not at Olmsted.

  • wer

    get it

  • Jenn

    This article conveniently forgot to note that Gary Crosby is the Chief Financial Officer, AS WELL AS the Chief Operating Officer of Buffalo Public Schools. Two cabinet jobs for one salary…sounds like a good deal for the school district to me.

  • Jenn,

    It’s so hard to hang on to a good deal, isn’t it?

  • Dock Ellis

    Is this a poorly delivered joke?

  • JyMy Konidis II

    Thank god The Public is what The Artvoice used to be 20 years ago…

  • Ludicrous. Buffalo and Niagara Falls should be working together as sister cities in a gestalt-the organized whole perceived as more than the sum of its parts. A high speed rail link between Niagara Falls and Canal Side, for instance. Looting Buffalo’s cultural assets is silly.

  • David Busch

    I have a feeling who ever wrote this article breathes through their mouth.

  • (716)

    You’ve got an angry young clown writing for you now? Let’s see, what to do, what to do….Fort Niagara, 8 hiking trails – easy to hard – down into the gorge, Fantasy Island, Niagara Aquarium, the Wine Trail, Historic Lewiston, Olcott Beach, Hershel Carousels, Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises, Lockport Caves Tour, Erie Canal Museum, Buckhorn Island State Park trails,, The Flight of Five, etc. I’ll bet he’s never heard of these places because he’s never left his neighborhood.

  • Dave Ashelman

    I used to live in Niagara Falls, and left after it became 1946 Berlin. It’s still 1946 Berlin. If there is “regional leadership” in Niagara Falls, they might be part of the French Underground.

    If Buffalo redlines, Niagara Falls does it in spades (think of the Warsaw Ghettos). Redlining itself specifically curtails diversity. There was no diversity when 1946 Berlin separated neighbourhoods by nationality either. Consolidating WNY’s cultural icons within a constrained geographic area will assure that the Warsaw Ghettos continue.

    Niagara Falls is a city frozen in time, as a sociological example of what not to do in urban development. A new urban development in Niagara Falls needs to start with at least bringing its political structure into the post cold-war era – not handing over WNY cultural icons on a private “market” that will only be destroyed in a few years because of its political structure.