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Best of Buffalo 2009 Winners!

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the Town Ballroom for our Best of Buffalo party last night! For those of you who didn’t make it out, and just can’t wait for our Best of Buffalo wrap-up to hit the streets on Thursday, you’ll find a list of our 2009 winners below.

Congratulations to our winners, as well as all our nominees. Thank you once again to all our readers who took the time to vote.

Update (5/7/09): Along with this week’s issue, we’ve posted a nicer looking version of the list, along with a photo gallery from the party… so head over to that page instead.

  • Craig

    How can the same story be both the most over-covered AND the most under-covered?

  • stevev

    how can a place open 2 months be voted best new anything! You guys are a big scam you are not about the truth! your full of shit and all your winners are based on who buys the biggest adds!

  • Craig –

    I thought it was a kind of funny coincidence too, but it’s just where the votes landed. The categories sound mutually exclusive but in practice the voting is not. There were lots of folks with the totally opposite opinion there. Being recent helps, it was obviously something that was fresh on people’s minds… moreso than some of the other stories of the year… so it came out on top on both sides. There’s more variety if you refer to the list of nominees.

    stevev –

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, eh? “Best new” implies it hasn’t been open long. Why would people vote for a place that was only open a few months? Well… that was kind of the point. (P.S., you didn’t need to post your opinion a bunch of times under fake names. Talk about hypocritical. I took the liberty of removing those to spare everyone else your nonsense.)

  • PA

    Congrats to Jen from Club Diablo on the Best Female Bartender hat trick!


    Congratulations to the Skiffle Minstrels “Four Time Winners”
    Go see the guys Thursday May 14 @ Nietchze’s.
    You will see why they have been 4 time winners.

  • Jessica

    WHERE ARE THE STRIPTEASERS?!?!? uh….. hi. I know they won.

  • stevev

    thats normal for artvoice.. you call me stupid! I state an honest opinion and they attack me..why is artvoices opinion right and mine wrong..why do you assume you know more then me? The voting is fixed and anyone with advertising ties to artvoice knows it, and that lots of us.perfect example of artvoice screwing the readers.. last year you advertised a 1000 cash prize for the best mardi gras float..please tell me who won that award?? Please tell me?? No one won because your rag is a scam! and how many people dropped out of the parade becauce of this? The small Law firm I work at entererd a float for many years.. we will never be involved with this event again.The only true best off vote is by buffalo spree mag. It does not matter how much you spend in adds with them, you vote actully counts for something. Sorry for having my own opinion and thinking that other people might want to here it.

  • James Kolter

    What the heck?? Most over-covered *AND* the most under-covered? That’s just wrong. I live on Clarence Center, and some of us had this effect our LIFE. It wasn’t just a god damn news story for us.

  • Duh!

    Hey stevev:

    Have you considered that it might not be so much your opinion, as the manner in which you express it?

    Swearing, spamming, misspellings, bad grammar, poor punctuation and coming off like a complete rant-job won’t earn you any fans. So, I doubt anyone’s going to be losing any sleep over your disapproval.

    Seriously…how can a free publication, “screw readers?” I’ll take Artvoice over Spree (a genuinely ad-biased rag with glossy cover and heavy paper stock), any day.

    FYI: the word is “ads” as in “advertising.” “Adds” is 1+1.

  • Duh!

    …oh…and nobody could ever “here” your opinion.

    They might actually “hear” it, if you had anything worthwhile to say, and didn’t scream it like a 4-year-old throwing a tantrum. We grown-ups tend to tune that sort of thing out for the background noise that it is.

  • stevev,

    You’re welcome to your opinion. You’re just not welcome to spam it half a dozen times under a bunch of made up names to pretend like people agree with you. (You’ll notice I left your original rant).

    Winners vs. advertisers is a chicken and the egg sort of thing, and you’ve got it backwards my friend. The results aren’t rigged to favor those who advertise. But it is a poll of Artvoice readers, and businesses who advertise throughout the year attract the business of Artvoice readers. Therefore, these are the businesses readers are exposed to and frequent and it’s reasonable many of them get voted for! If anything it shows our advertising is effective and readers patron businesses they see in the paper, not that we’re scamming anybody.

    Since nothing I say will convince you it’s actually a fair process (it is, and its funny how you complain of “attacks” yet all you’re doing is attacking us without basis), so let’s leave it be. You’ve said your piece. Half a dozen times now, and I’ve even allowed two of your posts to remain.

    and James,

    Sorry you feel it’s “just wrong”, and while I can’t speak for others I’m sure there’s no offense intended by most or all who voted either way… remember the voting process was free-form and many responses were almost essay style for some of the categories. What didn’t come through in the simplified sum total here is how specific some people were wording their votes. Some of the votes on the “over reporting” side mentioned things to the effect of those involved in the crash deserved more privacy to deal with their loss – or the media could have handled it with more respect. Others on the “under reported” side thought the news lacked recognition for the heroic acts of the first responders. In both cases there was a lot of respect expressed. Many who voted expressed sympathy for the situation in the wording of their responses, and I at least personally share that sentiment. In the end it was really two sides of the same coin; I think members of this community understand the gravity of the event.

  • Peter

    Just to round off the stevev grammar, spelling, punctuation corrections:

    “you’re” [you are] full of shit, not “your”
    “Artvoice’s” opinion, not “artvoices”
    Why do you assume you know more “than I,” not “then me”
    “and that lots of us.” [That is just plain unintelligible. What was he trying to say?]
    “please tell me who won that award?? Please tell me??” [no question marks in either sentence, the first is an indirect question, the second is no kind of question]
    “best of,” not “best off”
    “your vote actually counts,” not “you vote actully counts” [maybe two typos]

  • Mary of the Lofti

    The only comment I have is that I wish you had not printed all the rants that followed your listing of the winners. Obviously, not everyone will agree with the selections, but I only wanted to see who they were; not who has a problem with ARTVOICE. Rudeness is all around us, and everyone has the option to voice an opinion, but please spare those of us who don’t need it. Thank you ARTVOICE for taking the time to even honor anyone in Buffalo.

  • hanfrina

    … Sounds like a LOT-of-ANGRY, BITTER LOSERS!!!

  • Dave

    I’d like to thank all the voters who voted my families place, Duff’s Famous Wings, for best wings!! We had a great time at the party. For Stevev, we don’t advertise with Artvoice, yet we still win. Put your Spree in your mouth right next to your foot! I’d take Artvoice anyday! Thanks to everyone who voted and after 63 years at Sheridan and Millersport, we continue to reign as Buffalo’s best wings! I’m sorry we ran out of wings so quick, next year I’ll bring 300-400! Thanks again for making Duff’s what it is. It means alot to me and my family to have the support of the community. See you guys next year!

  • Kevin O’Connell Sr.

    Overall…this list is slightly below “lame” I am sorry for giving Lame a bad name….Artvoice needs to get out more in different areas of our region.

  • Shelly

    Congrats to Julie Silver for Winning Best Sculpture!!

  • george

    Only you Kevin give lame a bad name! Go watch you sons business go under! Way to go Artvoice on another successful party!