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Remember the Rest of the ResulTech Story


Today’s Buffalo News features a story about Rev. Darius Pridgen’s plan to convert 998 Broadway into a banquet hall and performing arts facility. We spoke with Pridgen about his plan a few weeks back and we wish him the best in bringing new life to these six acres on Broadway that have been vacant for so many years.

The News story says that until Pridgen came along, “the only serious interest in the structure came from the Buffalo School District. The district had been reviewing plans to renovate the old Kmart building into an alternative school, but that plan has yet to be finalized.”

Yet to be finalized? Not quite. We first wrote about the owners of that real estate last May. ResulTech, the Maryland company that finally lost its contract with the Buffalo Schools after dismally failing the students at Academy School 44 for three years, is the current owner of the property. They bought it in 2007 for $1.25 million with the hope that they could fix it up and lease it back to the school system as the new Alternative school.

That plan has been dead for about two years. Here’s ResulTech President David (Pat) Wright, quoted in Business First in May, 2007 saying “a definitive development plan will be decided in the next few weeks.” Sure it will. In the same article, he envisions the place as a school, a distribution center, or a health care facility. It didn’t really matter to him then, and it doesn’t matter to him now that he’s leaving town in disgrace.

ResulTech made off with $7.1 million dollars from the school district while failing our most at risk students. They simultaneously spent the last couple of years sitting on the “most famous address” in Buffalo, doing nothing to bring it out of its currently blighted state. Let’s hope they don’t drive too hard a bargain with Pridgen.

Remember, ResulTech used $1.25 million of the school district’s money so they could play real estate mogul now.

  • James Kistner

    I agree with most of what Jim says here, factually, and concerning 70 years cronies and other assorted stupid people without good ideas. However, I disagree with his visions, or at least most of his ‘fixes’. In today’s economy you do not ‘urban renewal roads’ to reunite the split neighborhoods. Jim has forgotten in this vision, the reduced population or even need for reunification. Economies make communities, without the first you cannot establish the latter. What would you reunite with Brown’s open air prison on the east side? Or have we decided to land bank that whole area? Should we continue this ‘west of Jefferson the rest does not exist’ governance and land-use strategy ? If we continue it, we will be demonized in the future just as we condemn the builders of the 33. We should not pass the Green Code its a joke. We should route out the ‘scum and villainy’ which inhabits City Hall. We should tweak the current zoning until we can live together without any. I can name whole programs that need to go which would go miles toward prosperity. 1. Landlord Registration (it duplicates other data bases elsewhere and just takes in revenue for Inspections at a time when popultion is shrinking and there are 22,000 less structures to inspect. 2. Division of Re-Estate (replace with private sector FOR SALE SIGNS and PRICE TAGS, 3. Phone Trees and 311, ‘that one call that does it all’… more than not does nothing. This list can go on and on…. The built environment is best when not ‘planned’ but allowed to grow organically. Buffalo grew great in that way. Buffalo only began its exodus and slid downward…..when zoning and codes arrived….. J. Kistner MUP

  • Cody Erdmann

    China builds the equivalent of a new city every month and in doing so completely destroyed the housing market and have created numerous empty ghost cities. The cities that arent hurt by this are cities that are established major population centers that do not renovate, the just tear down the old and build up the new. Buffalo does not have the population to sustain this trend nor do the citizens of Buffalo go through apartments like chinese do. So its unfair to chastise prior regimes (power elite, as you will) for not building property when we cant even fill the buildings we have.