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Brian Davis Speaks Out on Facebook

Buffalo Rising has posted Brian Davis’s Facebook page response to Jim Heaney’s front-page analysis of his personal financial history in last Sunday’s Buffalo News. Shame on me for not beating them to it: A friend emailed this to me on Monday, but I honestly thought it was a joke:

Happy Easter! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, “thank you” to all of you whom shown support and offered words of encouragement as I have endured major public scrutiny over the last 8 weeks. Recognizing, that as a “Public Official”, public scrutiny is something I must deal with and at the same time be held accountable.

The most recent article published in the Buffalo News was filled with slander and inaccuracies and put me off as a “Deadbeat”.  Everyone that knows me know that if there is nothing more important to me, my kids are my pride and joy! I proud my myself on knowing this to be a fact and more importantly, knowing that I place my kids before my own selfish needs. More importantly, to see nonsense published makes me wonder who they are talking about, where did this info come from and why did it make front page of the newspaper?

Well let me tell you, this info is attributed to the Democratic Party, one developer, and the news repeated role in trying to pick their own elected officials to represent what is known as districts commonly represented by “blacks!” This is evidenced by the successful attempt to rid the Buffalo Common Council of representatives like, James Pitts, Charley Fisher and Beverly Gray and now the methodical attempt to rid the City of Buffalo of myself and MAYOR BYRON BROWN.

brian-songI refuse to allow this to go any further and now have vowed that I will be fighting back, speaking the truth, letting everyone who cares to know what is really going on regularly. Equally important I will be re-doubling my efforts to make the Ellicott District (City of Buffalo) the best district in the City of Buffalo. We can not allow for those that had a small monopoly on this city continue to play these games, choose our Mayor AND Councilmembers or pimp our communities any longer.


This is a very small way you can stand up for your community, show your support for progress and send a clear message to the news that their lies, slander, attacks, and control will no longer be tolerated.

When calling the news to cancel your subscription, let them know that you have had it with their attacks on your community and I encourage you to get 3 others to do the same. WATCH WHAT THIS SMALL DEED WILL DO TO STOP THE NONSENSE OF THE BUFFALO NEWS, I PROMISE!

That “one developer,” I assume, is Davis’s nemesis, Carl Paladino. Paladino has long complained about Davis’s failure to file campaign finance disclosure forms with the state, and he certainly has little positive to say about Davis as a public servant, but to my knowledge Paladino never spread stories of the sort that Heaney found: the failure to pay child support, the suspension of his driver’s license, a suspended campaign account, a litany of bad checks, tax liens, etc. None of those stories came my way from folks in Len Lenihan’s Democratic headquarters, and I don’t think anyone whispered these stories into Heaney’s ear, either. They’re public records. If Heaney and I have anything to apologize for, it’s not digging up this stuff earlier.

It’s typical of Buffalo’s politicians to spin criticism as politically motivated. Davis says he’s going to start “speaking the truth” in regard to these matters. I’m eager for him to begin. He’s been ducking my phone calls and emails for more than two months on these issues alone.

UPDATE: Bill Trezevant, the once and future contender for the Ellicott District Council seat, who wrote the Common Council asking for an investigation into Davis’s behavior, responds to Davis’s insinuation that these revelations are racially motivated attacks:

“Attacks on Me and the Mayor are from the Democratic Party…They are attacks on Black Districts”…

This is the last straw.  The days of Race Wars should have been over when my white Polish mother married my Black father in 1966 when their marriage was illegal under state law.  We as a community have got to come together and say that we want a better tomorrow.  Not one based on race, not one based on gender, but one based on who we can all be, regardless of color.

I don’t know of one section of this city that believes it is “a Black District” or “White District” or “Red District”, but rather as one district.  A district with common hopes, common dreams and common goals.  Mr. Davis after seven years of division now says that the scrutiny on him and the Mayor are because they are “black”, rather than because of what they have done and not done is a slap in the face to every citizen of Buffalo.

I need not go further, except to say that when one is guilty they usually deflect and seek to move the heat to another subject.  In this case, Mr. Davis is trying to do just that.  Mayor, when will you speak out?

Once upon a time, Trezevant and I had harsh words with one another over AV’s treatment of the stewardship of Transfiguration Church on Sycamore Street. He eventually came to convince me that we’d been unfair to him and his partners in that long and star-crossed rehabilitation project, a subject we will revisit someday. In the meantime, I take no position on his candidacy for Davis’s seat, whenever it might be contested. But I agree with him entirely that the suggestion that race motivates reporting on Davis’s financial irresponsibility is absurd and desperate.

  • Dick Kern

    The even larger issue than Councilman Davis’s dramatic ongoing misconduct is the lack of ethics & accountability mechanisms in City Hall.

    Council President Franczyk has done nothing as the Council looks very foolish.

    And there is a City Hall “Board of Ethics” that apparently does little or nothing.

    And there is the so-called “Fraud, Waste & Corruption” entity in the Comptroller’s Office, which apparently covers up any ‘political’ misconduct it stumbles upon.

    Below is my latest complaint, of several, to “Chief Investigator” Darryl McPherson, which has been given a ‘connfirmation number 1119’.

    Does anybody know the outcomes of those thousand-plus complaints?

    Here is my complaint to McPherson on April 15. I’ll report any outcome.

    R. Kern


    Comptroller SanFilippo’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline

    Thanks for using this online tool!

    Thank you for your information. Your call has been logged.

    Your confirmation number is 1119

    If you left us your contact information, we will follow up with you regarding the outcome of our investigation.


    The ongoing misconduct of Councilman Brian Davis is an outrage at many levels.

    Incredibly, he has been driving without a license for two years & taxpayers fund his City Hall parking space, as he heads the “Police Oversight Committee”.

    Is your “fraud, waste & abuse” office going to address this latest list of embarassments? It appears that if “politics” is involved, ethics & accountability are not reequired.

    Is the City Hall ‘Ethics Board’ involved?

    Here are copies of Atty Wm Trezevant’s letters to Counci President Franczyk & DA Frank Sedita (NOTE: Copies of Trezevant’s letters were attached)


  • WVRG

    Much has been said and posted regarding Brian Davis. No matter what the underlying issues or truths are, we are saddened by these tragic sets of circumstances and believe that whatever affects one individual also affects the entire community.

    I and my neighbors have always worked with solutions-based issue remediation methods. These methods have allowed us to meet with a variety of individuals and departments throughout the City of Buffalo.

    When it seemed we were no longer getting a response from Mr. Davis or his office on a variety of issues, as long as the past year or so, we continued to work on the same issues by contacting the departments and all other Common Council members directly. We diligently poured over Council agendas to assure we would not miss an opportunity to have our voices heard regarding issues in our neighborhood.

    We had representation as recently as March 24, 2009 and on April 7, 2009 when we addressed issues relating to a lodging house attempt to reopen and the proposed deli on S. Elmwood Avenue during the Legislation Committee meetings.

    No, we are not happy with this chain of events regarding Mr. Davis, but we continue to work within the community to assure that, no matter whether or not we have representation by our Councilmember, we keep our needs for our community on the front burner.

    Our apologies for taking so long with this response but, in applying the principles of due diligence, we waited until more information could become available. As we are not in receipt of further information, we feel it is time to provide a statement from our community organization in the Ellicott District.

    Marilyn Rodgers
    West Village Renaissance Group

  • Nickel City

    Thank you for the apology, Marilyn. But the late response had been my point. You and the WVRG have a tremendous record of noble community activism. But the issue I’m raising is that when the community needed to do something about the gross abuse of power that Mr. Davis was doing to force the S. Elmwood deli down neighborhood’s throat, the community needed to do something. You more than many know the disastrous effects that delis operated in such a manner can have. However, the time for waiting for more information to act passed long before the scathing expose in the News that has made it politically comfortable to call out Davis on this issue. The neighborhood was supplied with enough information to know how wrong what his office was trying to do was. Knowing is not enough. Observing is not enough. Action needs to be taken on issues like these; neighborhood activism cannot afford to be diluted by politics. Communities need to be put first, not individuals and their allegiances. And so when Trezevant was organizing efforts in the neighborhood on how to defend against Davis and the deli, I saw true leadership from him, while others were content to remain on the sidelines, silent.

    Marilyn. I am happy to see that you are on board now and willing to be publicly against the deli. Are you running against Davis in Ellicott?

  • WVRG

    Nickel City, I understand where you’re coming from. Please allow me to explain further. When you state the time to act had passed, I see now that you meant action versus the deli and not the Davis allegations. I was reffering to the Davis allegations. We had already launched an offensive about the deli prior to the allegations so I guess I am a bit confused as to why anyone would think we hadn’t.

    Since the time we were notified of a possible new deli, neighbors had made numerous calls to the office of Mr. Davis, discovered and supplied the actual inspection documents that were finally in print and online (before this there had been no concrete proof of any action by the city to approve the license or that a license had been applied for), discovered and added to the file during the March 24th meeting of the Legoslation Committee a large lien placed on the propsed deli owner that could be used as interpretation of his character, phoned and wrote to the Common Council and other departments and, indeed, addressed the issue.

    We spoke at Council meetings that had the deli issue on the agenda, some folks taking time off work to do so. Let me emphasize – the issue – of the deli. No one had backed down at any time. What someone has done here is take the work of a sub-committee on delis and spun it to make the neighborhood look as if we had backed down. There is nothing further from the truth. The very idea that the one market in particular was using the bounced check as a badge to say “You can’t touch us” was sickening.

    The articles that came out in the past two weeks were astounding and we attempted to get more information on what was included in those articles that provided additional information on Mr. Davis and his personal issues before making a statement that addressed those. That’s the reason for our statement.

    Additionally, there was no mention of the fact that anything had been planned and presented to the neighborhood before March 27th. And, on that date, only three members of the WVRG were present. By that tine we had already been contacted by the Allentown Association and told they were asked their opinion of the new deli and site and had already made our case to deny the license. The Allentown Association deferred to us.

    Please note the date of March 27th and also note that we had already addressed the new deli issue with the Committee on Legislation in Council Chambers on March 24th, condemning the very idea along with the fact that all inspections of the new deli had occurred even before crossing the desks of the Committee.

    On April 7th the Legislation Committee explained that the Common Council has no idea of new deli licenses until after the inspections are made and it is time for the Council to vote on the proposed licenses. To me, this seems too late, but that’s the way the system works for now before someone takes the legislation bull by the horns and changes it to notification of proposed licenses to the offices of various Council members when they are originally filed. Then, for them to perform due diligence prior to the Council vote, they can have their Legislative Aides contact the communities affected by these new applications.

    Did Davis know of the filing beforehand? I guess we’ll never know, but he was questioned, face-to-face, by one local and, I believe, should have investigated it at that time in order to quell any further discord in his District.

    Regarding the other Davis allegations aside from the proposed deli, I and my neighbors cannot make such a determination of truth or fiction off “spin” and wanted to assure all the facts were, indeed, facts. Had there been suspicions? – yes. But, as a group, we had to provide due diligence, if for any other reason, but to act as responsibly as any body should. Once time was allotted for return calls and none were made nor received, as Mr Kelley experienced, we knew it was time for a statement.

    I am very saddened and beyond disappointed that Mr. Davis has not been more forthcoming with any type of rebuttal. However, as was stated in the beginning – what affects one person affects the entire community. Not only has this series of events become a black-eye for Davis, it has become one for our city, as well.

    Me run for Council? This saddens me, too. You see, if I were to do so, it would be fully for the entire district’s sake as I have been working with folks on the East Side of the District as well as here. But, politics and political hacks seem to be heard above the true reasonings for running for any office and that ruins the choices for real candidates that will go above such practices. They have the money – they have the endorsements – the real activists have a hard time overcoming the status quo. Have to think about that one.

  • No Joke

    If you are running as a candidate against Davis or in the event of a vacancy, as has been circulating around parts of Ellicott, I’d hope you and the WVRG remember the only one willing to take public action was Attorney Bill Trezevant. I don’t read Nickel City as attacking your record of activism in any way, but to point out where the true, unhindered by politics leadership came from on this issue.

    I want to take issue and exception with your broad brush stroke describing potential candidates as merely political and political hacks: Your past Democratic Committeeman days place squarely among the hacks you appear to distain. Oh, you’re in, you’re out and just how many time will you turn, run, and hide?

    One additional point: Be careful not to post during working hours, lest someone accuses you of doing non-work related business and politicking from your job; that is if the second floor of City Hall doesn’t make an exception for you.

  • M Rodgers

    Don’t worry about the work hours – I was off for most of the day yesterday as I have to work this morning. I know how some “others” have been outted for that very action. This dialogue is doing nothing to assure someone is watching over our district. All it does is play politics and, frankly, has become the very cycle I mentioned above.

    No, you go ahead, No Joke, and continue to do what you’re best at. It’s unfortunate since you could contribute so much more to the community. Each level of politics I have become witness to has really opened my eyes and has made me totally nauseated. Nope, not going to become involved in politics – I’ve seen too much and watched as personalities change. Too bad.

  • Rasputin

    Can’t we get back to the issue at hand, and that’s the Ellicott District’s lack of leadership on the City Council. Unfortunately, Mr. Davis’s actions and lack of leadership has left many of us feeling hurt, resentful, and “hung out to dry.” We surely have our fair share of leadership amongst our residents, people whom put their actions first and consider talk cheap and yet work continually to improve our neighborhoods to ensure a safe, clean, and livable community.

    Now, the task at hand: What do we do about Davis and who will the district turn to during his self-imposed lame-duck period? And who will we get behind to lead us in the future? But let’s also keep in mind, this entire district is comprised of more than just the West Village, Allentown, Carolina/Trinity/Tupper Sts!

  • dogtown

    Mr. Davis certainly sounds guilty to me. as well as ill prepared to offer up a viable explanation. he can’t. we’ve seen this a million time. Public official screws up. official tries to cover up. official sees the futility of that approach. official Alters defense. official uses witch hunt theory. witch hunt theory doesn’t work. official goes racial. those of us in the know, know better. official falls on sword. official ultimately gets canned, still pointing the finger elsewhere. hes guilty of something. he should just walk away.

  • better buffalo

    I don’t know what has gone on this weekend, except that everyone who is supporting this Rodgers person has been talking to each other on three other separate websites…… hiding from the open discussion which the rest of the community is having…….

    If this is what we can expect from this Rodgers person…. than I say forget her….. The whole problem with Davis are the back room deals….. now she’s making deals behind everyone’s back, while telling us publicly on this site that she is above politics.

    What gives……

    Today I was at Tops Niagara and watched as an elderly Hispanic woman who was wearing a “jacket” whose seams along both sleeves and both sides were held together by only safety pins looked into her change purse as she considered which aisle to walk down for food……… I went to her and told her that she had dropped some money…… She looked puzzled but took the money. As I finished shopping, she was going back to aisles she had passed picking out items, while re-counting her change purse.

    Davis has hurt people and this Rodgers person is talking about how her life is difficult. Rodgers also says she’s being victimized because she has worked with Davis, taken a job from Davis and taken a job from the mayor. Honestly, how upfront is she being?

    I don’t care about inside baseball…. I only care whether those that want to hold office will say publicly what they say privately. Apparently tresavant does but Rodgers doesn’t…

    What about the senior citizen at Tops…..

  • better buffalo

    other websites

    Better buffalo

    Whaaat? Saddened? Somebody die? Tragic? One would have to fall from heroic grace, are you saying Brian Davis actually accomplished something? Oh you probably mean being the mayor’s piss boy on the council.

    So for one year your group had problems w/Brian Davis but this is first mention of it, How thoughtful of you. Maybe it could be the close relations between the Mayor and Brian? You aren’t so independent after all, must look out for the guy on the second floor. So you’re an activist and you wait one year to notify anybody, I’m assuming (actually know) you’re not so good at it.

    So is this all an attempt by Marilyn Rodgers to maybe take a stab at a possible run. Our Apologies? Really, for what? MerlJ please ask Marilyn to say it ain’t so. Tell us how she will remain an objective councilmember after admitting that she feels Byron is a great mayor.…7&postcount=37

    …and that she took a position from the mayor, via BMHA. Will she admit that the Mayor actually spoke to her about taking the job?

    …or how Marilyn tried to create doubt about Dave Franczyk’s residency, Blasdell. Is this the make up of a councilmember?

  • better buffalo

    And this next

    Better buffalo

    Let’s not be ignorant here, the Mayor knew of Brian’s transgressions. This has been going on for some time. Of course he didn’t acknowledge it, he needs the vote on the council. He could care less of Brian as long as he can get that vote via some lackey, aka Marilyn Rodgers or some other turd ball.

    I’m not going on a support mission here but at least Tresavant (spelling) and McIntyre aren’t bought and paid for by the second floor. Smooth sounds like a good candidate too.

  • better buffalo

    And this response by MR

    Okay, I’m willing to let people know who I am – but you are still hiding behind your veil – my responses in BOLD.

    And then this by the respondent

    I take it back, you’re a natural. You only answered one thing. You’d be a great pol. You got the no answer thingy down pat.

    Let’s try a second time maybe you can answer the questions and not go around in a circle…..

    1) I’ll agree with you on the tragic part. After considering the fact that the mayor knew and did nothing about it, it is tragic. Buffalo now has to deal with an outgoing lame councilmember and an incumbent lame mayor.

    2) Again, are you or are you not an activist? Maybe you are a part-time activist depending on the mayor’s wishes. Nonetheless, where were you in the last year? Where was the press conference, the acknowledgment on this site or even a tiny weeny e-mail to someone other than your little group that Davis was languishing his responsibilities?

    How scared are you that will find a support letter or event where you backed Davis in the last year?

    3) Apology for a long response? Who requested a response by the West Village Renaissance Group?

    4) How will you remain neutral (objective) in light of your current position and utter loyalty to the mayor? It’s not as if you claimed that he might or could be a good mayor, you claimed that he is a GREAT mayor. How do you represent you constituency with starting off with the wrong foot.

    You said maybe, I heard otherwise. Will you not accept money and support from the mayor?

    5) Will you admit that the mayor gave you the job? Simple really, yes or no.

    6) Your lame attempt to answer your Blasdell statement on Dave is comical. I really don’t care if you ever try to explain yourself, it would just be a lie anyway.

    PS – I do not play a “community activist” or pretend to one day run for office.

  • better buffalo

    Or this one by MR on her opinion of the mayor:

    It really wasn’t an accusation. I heard that Blasdell already was working on the noise ordinance issue and also a couple of years ago had heard from someone that actually posted here today that he lived in Blasdell. I thought that, maybe, there was a connection as a citizen of Blasdell and their ordinance.

    I like Dave, we have some items we totally agree on. I appreciate his candor and support for Deli Legislation and Common Council approval of renewals. And, although the perception is that the Common Council is split between the two factions, I love working with my councilmember and many of the other seven besides David and Brian.

    You see, collectively, we can get a helluva a lot done. I used to be very politically active then a friend of mine and I had a falling out due to different sides. That’s not what the US is based on, just what it has become.

    As far as Kavanaugh vs. Hoyt, that’s my choice, not yours, not even a family member. My son’s a Republican, something my ex-husband and I still cannot understand – maybe a recessive gene, but I still love him. He has a right to his opinion as I do mine.

    What’s wrong with believing in something? Without labels, without political affiliation? I BELIEVE Byron Brown is a great mayor. You can disagree, you can even laugh or call me stupid, but just because I BELIEVE in what he has done is no reason to do so or slam me or others like me. I don’t have to be politically connected to believe, just willing to work with and find solutions. If someone gives me lip-service and does nothing – then I’m outta there. The belief is gone like a wisp of smoke.

    Apparently after a year of lip service, Rodgers was not “outta there….like a wisp of smoke”…… more BS behind closed doors….. And I had hopes…..

    But back room divisions and silent conversations while playing Hamlet are not what we need…..

    Again, What about the woman who could be any of our grandmothers looking through her change purse to see if she had enough money simply to feed herself and the damage that Davis has done.

  • better buffalo

    Then ther is this article:

    When will Davis Go?

    WHO’S COACHING …Davis??


    Brian Davis And The Art Of The “Non Denial Denial”
    Written by Glenn Gramigna, Editor

    According to a reliable source, the recent Brian Davis rant in Facebook represents a skillful contribution to the art of what he calls, “the non-denial denial,” first pioneered by another beleagured politician, former US President Richard M. Nixon.

    “It’s a tried and true tactic,” he declares. “When faced with accusations of ethical lapses which you can’t’ refute, you issue a general denial such as Davis calling the recent News story about him “filled with slander”, without taking up any of the accusations in particular….That way, you never have to answer for what you have done. Then you try to change the subject to get the reader’s attention off the substance of the charges. Hey, it almost worked for Tricky Dick, why shouldn’t it work for Brian?”

    Speaking for himself, however, our source isn’t buying it for a minute.

    “Of course, Davis takes plenty of time to attempt to organize a boycott of the News,” he explains, “but none to refute any of the allegations, which involve everything from multiple legally documented cases in which he has been sanctioned for not paying his bills to revelations that he tried to use his influence to get a known drug dealer out of jail. Did he really do these things? Did he really stiff numerous deli owners by passing rubber checks? Instead of responding to any of these accusations, Davis hides behind a generality, just like Nixon and his Vice President, Spiro Agnew did before they were forced to face their evil deeds.”

    Our guy especially appreciates what he feels is Davis’ pitiful attempt to use his children to dodge the change that he is a “deadbeat.”

    “Davis condemns the News’ attempt to ‘put (him) off as a deadbeat’ and then goes into a rant about how much he loves his children,” our know it all explains. “But, the charges have nothing to do with being a ‘deadbeat dad’ and definitely nothing to do with how much or how little he loves his kids. So clearly this is an attempt by Davis to emotionally anipulate his readers into allowing him to change the subject from his own misdeeds, by blatantly trying to exploit his own kids!”

    As for Davis’s playing of the race card?

    “Once again, Davis is using the classic Nixonian tactic of trying to change the subject, rather than face the facts,” our guy adds. “Naturally, he has done nothing wrong. The problem is that everyone is a racist but him…Instead of trying to blame everyone else in the world for his problems, maybe it’s time for him to look in the mirror.”

    As for Davis’ choice of tactics, our expert can’t help but admire the Councilman’s nerve.

    “Nixon and Agnew would be proud,” he concludes.

  • better buffalo

    I’m angry and tired of people who think they can play games hidden from public view…. Real people are hurting and isn’t it about time serious people step up…

    Isn’t it about time that we first focus on getting Davis out and then focus on helping our community?

    Better buffalo

  • Dick Kern

    “better buffalo”

    It is both distracting & hypocritical for anonymous posters to repeatedly attack posters ethical enough to use their real names.

    Whatever Marilyn Rodgers’ “political” motivation, she has repeatedly done important community work & taken personal responsibility for her words & actions.

    Here is helpful information she posted on SpeakUpWNY about what the Common Council should do about the Brian Davis atrocities.

    Concerned citizens should pressure the Council to take action authorized in the City Charter . . . & take further action to address obvious ‘ethics & accountability’ vacuum in city govt.

    And pressure the Comptroller’s “Fraud, Waste & Abuse” officer to do finally something . . even when it may be polically risky.

    COPY: (posted by Marilyn Rodgers)

    City Charter – Article 3 – Common Council


    3-11. Rules of Procedure.
    The council shall determine the rules of its own proceedings; shall keep a journal of its proceedings; shall have authority to compel the attendance of absent members and to punish its members for disorderly behavior and suspend any member with the concurrence of two-thirds of the council
    members present.

  • M Rodgers

    Thanks, Dick. It’s one thing to take year old commentary out of context and quite another to see evidence of good work by a collective of people.

    To me, it seems ironic that I am on the viewing screen here while there are others whose motivation I would question, myself.

    I was hired by a gentleman I got to know through serving on the Citizen’s Planning Council – and that was an appointment – through the Common Council. In this decision regarding my hiring (which, by the way, is not under BMHA), my background in Housing, multiple dwelling law, research of Housing Law and other experience in reengineering systems and operations played heartily in my obtaining the position. In his due diligence, the manager took references from approximately five or six individuals. Two of these knew of my work with Housing Court from my efforts in working with the Law Department and the Common Council and other departments and responded in kind. The rest were personal references.

    The oddest thing I find in all of this discourse is the fact that I have considered a run but have yet to determine if I want to. I have tremendous support and urging from the Lower West Side and also a number of folks living in the Fruitbelt and the Northampton/Jefferson area of the East Side. The same East Side folks I have been working with on various issues for approximately five years and the same West Side folks I have worked with for eight years.

    So, you tell me, if I haven’t announced except for an interest in a possible run, why the severe attacks? It makes no sense to me. A friend recently commented that it seems I need to be “put away” before anyone else feels they have a chance. I can’t exactly see that. Never thought of myself as such a threat.

    As far as my statement from 2008 when I wrote that I believe Byron Brown is a good mayor, well my response is the same. We have lower crime and have had so many more Clean Sweeps through Citizen Services and comandeered by Nicole Drye; when people ask for meetings with the mayor or his staff they get seen; neighborhoods are changing – maybe not all – but the ones that take the bull by the horn do; all these things have allowed many of my neighbors and me to say, Yeah, Brown seems to have addressed issues that have languished for many years.

    If people are not allowed to have faith and are critiqued for having that faith under the cover of being bought and paid for, we’ll never rise above the crap that causes Buffalo to endlessly slide into oblivion. Do I agree with every thing the city and its current administration does? A flat “no” is my answer. But, at least we’re out there trying to establish constructive dialogue in order to assue the voices are heard that need to be.

    Just recently four of my neighbors met personally with the mayor and some of his staff regarding what we percieve as inequitable property assessments, providing essential feedback and ideas for our future. We did not agree with the way the assessments were done and, instead of allowiing the status quo and bitching about it on a website, proactivity reigned and we went to the source to open discussion and provide our ideas. And, guess why I couldn’t attend – I had to work, something I do every day.

    We have taken two properties in our neighborhood and turned them from vacant herois sales sites to owner occupied homes. We have fought irresponsible businesses and developed a district-wide citizens deli task force. We knew we weren’t getting answers from our Councilmember regarding the deli issues and rooming house issues and sent direct communication to all other councilmembers and spoke at open council meetings BEFORE anyone else even cared to become involved. We’ve researched the law and worked with the city to revamp Chapter 269 of the City Charter. This was all done by an all-volunteer group of citizens who really care about and are passionate about their city. When the city or an official gets in the way, we turn the page on the atlas and find another route. If we go underground, we go underground. But, we never give up.

    Yeah, I have a few good ideas to make the Ellicott District better and more constituent-inclusive. But, why bring that into the equation? Might make too much sense and blow these errant theories right out the window.

    To attempt to derail an individual or group during a political fray, even before the position is open makes one wonder what really is up. Easier to slap the crap against the wall and see what sticks than use common sense approaches and due diligence. Nope, I, personally, would like to go through the proper channels and, if that fails, go through the overt exercizes when the time is right.

    So, I still haven’t made up my mind, but this whole process has really given me time for great pause and meditation. I’m no puppet to anything or anyone and I’ll be damned if I would be if I were to run. But, that’s not what No Joke/better buffalo/csense/nickel city and or a few other monickers this individual has used to attempt to derail a run that hasn’t yet been announced wants to hear. Actually, if this is politics, we certainly do not live in a country that is free and it most certainly shows why so many good people aren’t in community/public service.

  • M Rodgers

    “While anonymity is appealing in some ways, to be constantly anonymous devalues our self-worth.” Melinda Messineo

  • Halfmoon

    Soemone sure as hell wants Mariln out of the game. For this I hope she goes in. The other two candidates that are using this disgrace to our city as their soapbx are both union affiliated and this makes me wonder why there eye is so much on the prize. Yep I can tell you right now that if she doesn’t run I’m writing her in.

  • Ron N

    WooHoo! Get ’em, Marilyn. Another thing, if the Council gets rid of Davis and votes another one into the fab five, they put the city at risk by making it a veto-proof Council. That’s corruption, too. Chew on that! They are so afraid of Rogers running it seems she’s the right choice to me.

  • Furey

    Woo hoo is right. If Rodgers is beholden to the Casey/Brown administration, that’s enough for me. Anyone else ’09, ’10, ’11- whenever the next election in Ellicott ends up being!

  • Rodriguez

    Very interesting stuff said here. I agree with M Rodgers, there is no reason for these statements. Someone is trying to bump her out before she even starts. I live off Swan and have known her for over 12 years. She’s a woman of great integrity and care for her community. I hope she runs. My husband and I will vote for her.

  • Nickel City


    (The term “white paper” has also come to refer to documents used by politicians as marketing tool for campaigning. These types of white papers are almost always marketing communications documents designed to promote a specific candidates solutions or policy. As a marketing tool, these papers will highlight information favourable to the candidate authorizing or sponsoring the paper. Such white papers are often used to generate support, establish leadership, make a business/government case, or to educate the electorate.)

    In the “White Paper” posted above by Ms Rogers, her use of the term “collective” is soon turned into “I” did, “I am,” “I this,” “I that” resume for her presumed run for Ellicott District Council. Who she runs against is too early to say, but it’s going to be a very heated and tough run for anyone.

    Maybe the Mayor and his stooges will enlist the strategic and financial assistance of former ECDem Chair Steve Pigeon, who brings with him “Daddy Big Bucks” Golisano, and a host of other political miscreants to help/manage her campaign. I can see the Hoyt/Kavanaugh race debacle all over again. I say, go for it, sell your soul, girl. Make your friends proud.

  • Jolene Baller

    All I know is that I have worked with Marilyn for many years in our community. The girl WORKS. We are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to attempt to make it better. Some of them actually work! But we’re always trying. I’d vote for her.