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Syaed Ali: Muddying the Water

Syaed Ali, of course, is the guy we first wrote about on January 9: He’s the young man from a Bangladeshi family who lives on Breckenridge Street, and is accused of emailing fake press releases making salacious allegations about the private life of Mayor Byron Brown last summer. In November, Buffalo Police, armed with a search warrant signed by City Court Judge Craig Hannah, a Brown appointee, ransacked Ali’s house, confiscated his and his family’s possessions, took Ali downtown, and questioned him for several hours. No arrest, no arrest warrant, no lawyers, no phone call. Going on four months later, Ali still has not been charged and Buffalo Police have returned none of his and his family’s possessions.

Syaed Ali

Syaed Ali

Ali began talking to AV in January and hasn’t stopped talking. This, while certainly Ali’s right, presents something of a problem for the lawyer he’s retained, Richard Grimm III of the firm Magavern Magavern & Grimm: All this talking with the media runs the risk of compromising the lawsuit they intend to file, if Ali’s narrative changes over time in even the slightest detail.

And the attention Ali has demanded also draws reports like this one by Buffalo Geek, who this morning dives into one of the many, many deep pools of weirdness in the case. Read the whole thing over there, but here’s the gist: Ali’s claims about his IT business, SAIL-IT Inc., seem grossly exaggerated. As a result, Ali’s credibility suffers.

Happily for Ali and his lawyer, the other side of the case has not fared much better, in terms of establishing credibility.

After insisting that he could not speak about an ongoing investigation, or even acknowledge that there was one, Buffalo Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge went ahead and told other media that the investigation was heading in the direction of aggravated harassment and criminal impersonation, and that the involvement of state and federal agencies might lead to further charges. That last part turned out not to be true: The same week that DeGeorge made this statement, both state and federal law enforcement agencies made it clear to me that they have no continuing interest in the Syaed Ali case.

A little over a week ago, a new rumor surfaced that a state law enforcement agency had become involved, and that local politicians had been summoned to speak to this agency about their relationship and correspondence with Ali. If local state law enforcement agents are investigating, they are acting without the blessing or knowledge of their superiors: Representatives from the New York State Police and the the New York State Attorney General’s office told me last week, categorically and on the record, that their agencies are not involved in the case—not on any level, local or otherwise.

I’ve been told that the source of this latest rumor is the mayor’s office, which hopes to trace those salacious emails through Syaed Ali and back to Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, the mayor’s chief Democratic rival. I don’t know if that’s true, but the source is solid. (Hoyt has denied any role in the emails, and says he met Ali once last summer, for about 20 minutes, as a result of Ali’s part is an effort to draft New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for president.) If someone in City Hall is spreading false rumors about the case, that suggests they have something to hide.

Most importantly, no one yet has denied the events of November 7. No one has refuted Ali’s story of his detention and the confiscation of his and his family’s possessions—on the contrary, Buffalo Police acknowledge possession of the materials they seized from Ali’s house, though their inventory is much shorter than the list of items missing produced by Ali and his family. No one so far has produced the affidavit that backs the search warrant signed by Hannah. No one has yet explained how sending fraudulent press releases to a wide distribution list is criminal.

Whatever the claims Ali makes about his business, true or false; whether or not he sent those emails, and whether or not Sam Hoyt conspired with him or had knowledge of what he was going to do;  regardless of the sordid playground politics that underpin this whole affair: If Ali’s claims about what happened to him on November 7 are true, then anyone party to the search of his house and his detention may be in big trouble.

Grimm filed a notice of claim against the City of Buffalo in December. The lawsuit will proceed in April. If he and Ali can hold on until then, much more of the story will become public record.

  • skeptic

    Some things sound a little far fetched about a 20 minute Ali-Hoyt meeting over the summer having Bloomberg as the topic.

    1. The idea of Hoyt even considerinig supporting Bloomberg for president instead of the Democratic nominee doesn’t sound believable.

    2. The timing seems wrong to say over the summer that an independent run would have still been a serious idea. Bloomberg toyed with the idea, but in late Feb 2008 ruled out running for president.

    3. Starting so late in the summer, there probably wouldn’t have even been enough time to get his name on the ballot in most states.

    “Bloomberg won’t run for president February 28, 2008 NEW YORK – After two years of playing coy about his presidential ambitions, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will not run for president as an independent, declaring in a newspaper editorial that he might lend his support to a candidate who “takes an independent, nonpartisan approach. …”

  • skeptic

    What did happen in the summer (August) however, was leaks of Hoyt emails.

  • Jazzysmith

    Source: Blog Sums Up Case…Planted Rumors Fly
    Written by Glenn Gramigna, Editor


    “If someone at City Hall is planting false rumors about the case, that suggests they have something to hide,” a blogger from the ArtVoice site declared yesterday. The story also includes a highly informative graph which concludes: “More importantly, no one has yet denied the events of Nov. 7. No one has refuted Ali’s story of his detention and the confiscation of his and his family’s possessions…No one has produced the affidavitt that backs the search warrant signed by (Judge) Hannah. No one has yet explained how sending fraudulent press releases to a wide distribution list is criminal.”

    Our source believes these writings sum up the essence of the case, with other comments falling into the
    category of victimizing the victim for exercising his constitutional rights.

    “Other comments that I hear around town seem to be nothing more than people repeating stories being ciruclated by City Hall sources,” our guy or gal insists. “For example, the criticism of Syaed for using the address of his residence as his business address is nonsense. The fact is that the NYS Dept. of State recommends this tactic for various legal purposes. As for charges that Syaed has exaggerated the size of his business, look, PR is PR. At the age of 24, Syaed Ali has built a very successful business with nation-wide connections. How many 24 year olds can say that.”

  • Mary Ayoungin

    Unless politicians are making a speech, they can’t control where a conversation goes. Syaed literally spoke to everyone he could about why we needed Bloomberg for President. I know for a fact he talked about it all summer long and so do dozens of other people.


    Typical stuff from the Administration that also hires drunks, Cutler, Mcpherson, so on….

  • Jazzysmith

    Buffalo Geek and WNY Media Net are Bathroom Room Writers.

  • Jazzysmith

    Buffalo Geek and WNY Media Net are Bathroom Wall Writers.

  • skeptic

    Mary, I’ll take you word for it if you say Ali spent a lot of time talking of a Draft Bloomberg movement during the SUMMER of 2008, six months after Bloomberg ruled it out and when there wasn’t even still time to start efforts at getting his name on ballots.

    It would show detachment from reality or ignorance but everyone has the right to be delusional or uninformed.

  • skeptic

    It’s still unbelievable to think Hoyt would spend 20 minutes discussing Draft Bloomberg plans in Summer 2008. It doesn’t sound believable that Hoyt would consider associating himself with any 3rd party movement against Obama or Clinton. Even if Ali had no clue about the timing, Hoyt would know Summer 2008 was way too late for Bloomberg.

    If Ali approached Hoyt for the 20 minute meeting Geoff reports about, some other motive on Ali’s part seems more likely. I’m not saying Hoyt would have anything to do with spreading those bogus chats or press releases some unknown delusional person wrote. Text here.

    If Hoyt saw shown those idiotic fake chats or press releases, he would have pointed out how ridiculous they are and told whoever showed it to him to stop. But somebody who wrote those could have managed a meeting with Hoyt under some pretense and tried to talk about them, or could have set up a meeting by making them sound real. Hoyt during Summer 2008 was himself under character assault from emails posted on the web. With that going on it would be understandable if he might listen to dirt others were trying to spread but as soon as he saw those badly faked chats he’d have had nothing to do with them.

    The first press release from the “WNYFirst” person was on Aug 19, 2008 (see above) very shortly after the web leaks about Hoyt.

  • skeptic

    Check, WNYFirst started press releases on 8/17 then sent again on 8/19. All in the few days slimeball Illuzi was posting about Sam’s emails.

    Maybe coincidence, or maybe somebody wrote the fake chats about another politician to try an (unauthorized) distraction from Sam’s problem.

    Maybe Ali’s 20 minute meeting with Hoyt in Summer 2008 was really 20 minutes spent with the two of them talking about drafting Bloomberg to run against Obama, and totally coindidental. Sure.

  • BuffaloBull

    Skeptic is really the Buffalo Geek/Freek. Also a movement to Draft Bloomberg for Governor existed, at some point.

    Even if such fake press releases went out nothing illegal happened. Secondly the Buffalo Freek applied with for employment with Ali’s firm was deemed unqualified, that is the reason for his libel, and imaginary stories.

  • Jazzyjones



  • Even if such fake press releases went out nothing illegal happened. Secondly the Buffalo Freek applied with for employment with Ali’s firm was deemed unqualified, that is the reason for his libel, and imaginary stories.

    1. They did go out. I received them, as did lots of other people.

    2. They weren’t illegal. They were, however, defamatory and subject to civil suits and judgments.

    3. I can’t fathom why Geek would leave one of the largest computer technology corporations in the world to work for some guy who works out of his house, but I’m definitely willing to hear more.

    4. If someone can find one thing in Geek’s web postings about Ali to be libelous, I’ll award that person a $10 iTunes gift certificate.

    5. In order to write this, I did not crib the content from Iron Mountain or Sayers Media group.


  • I was turned down for employment at SAIL-IT? Well, that’s news to me! I moved home to Buffalo in 2004 and have been employed and well-compensated by the same IT vendor since 2000.

    I have organized career fairs to help other people find work in Buffalo through Buffalo Homecoming and never once have I sought employment outside of my company. Nor during this period when we placed hundreds of talented people with companies around Buffalo has anyone ever mentioned SAIL-IT, a company which regularly releases bullshit press releases, has no corporate offices and has been caught stealing marketing material from other, more successful companies.

    When someone wants to point out what libelous statements I have made, I’ll be glad to listen. My email address is on my webpage.

  • BuffaloBull

    What is the largest IT Vendor in the world that the Buffalo Geek works for?

    Buffalo Geek is a joke keeps assisting someone is operating a company in a house because of a mailing address?

    He must be uneducated and just plain delusional, and operates a totally Bogus website, that makes videos for politicians, and is trying to make money from the Brown Administration.

  • BuffaloBull

    If Buffalo Geek is so talented why waste time blogging opinions no one takes seriously anyways, and spend time developing IT, Buffalo Pundit being a lawyer

  • Jazzyjones

    Buffalo Geek is faker than Ali, working for one of the “largest IT Vendor” and helping to bring people to Buffalo, and finding them jobs etc. I never heard of the Buffalo Geek until he started personal attacks.

    I work in the recruiting Business.

  • BuffaloBull

    WNY Media Net is not a registered entity with New York State. Really lets believe the imagination of a company and a group of guys sitting in some garage.

    They are all bathroom wall writers and with modern technology they can do it at the convenience of home.

  • It’s pretty clear that BuffaloBull and Jazzyjones are the same person, and that person isn’t even that clever.

    Kinda like whoever the numbskull was who wrote those emails about Byron Brown!

  • phatom

    Buffalo Geek must have unresolved issues to have such bathroom wall fantasies

  • phatom

    You guys all nuts who cares about Buffalo Pundit/ Geek or Ali they are all crazy.

  • BuffaloBull

    Buffalo Pundit and Buffalo Geek are irrelevant, and a bunch of nobodies that would love to be a real news medium,maybe find out how to build that online radio station first.

    Than register with the New York State Department of State make sure you get a “front office like 327 Niagara Street” and place that into the NYS records.

    Than maybe hire Joe Illuzi he can construct better sentences, and will give you guys better credibility in terms of being the “top bathroom wall writers”

  • The internet is a news medium. We’re just bloggers.

    Bloggers who looked at the evidence and concluded that Syaed Ali is pretty much full of shit, at least as far as his business is concerned.

    He should ask Mr. Grimm about the “falsus in uno” charge in the PJI.

  • No, is not a registered entity with New York State, because that is not our corporate name.

    Also, the allegation that we are trying to make money off of the Brown Administration is absolutely laughable. The Mayor is certainly no fan of ours.

    Also, I blog at night and work during the day. Sometimes, I have time to respond to comments on websites during the day when they arise. For the past three years, I have been the co-director of Buffalo Homecoming, here’s a link to the career fair we organized last year.

    So, I eagerly await the tour of the SAIL-IT world headquarters where I can tour your world class data center, operations desk, and meetings with all of your employees who have cut and paste service offerings from other companies onto your corporate webpage that you designed with Microsoft Word.

  • connfessions of a Geek

    from WNY First
    to Marc Odien
    date Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 7:25 AM
    subject Re: Mayor Brown

    hide details 8/20/08


    On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:51 PM, Marc Odien wrote:

    Hi WNY First,

    First, can you please add this email address to any media advisory or press release list you may have. Thanks

    Second, do you have specific dates/times that we should look for?

    To FOI 22 months of text messages and phone calls would cost a fortune and take way too long to process and go through each phone number.

    Unlike the TV stations in town, we are not opposed to running with rumors on, but we still like more than one source and as much info as possible before we run with accusations as big as these.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Marc J Odien
    Managing Editor – WNY Media Network

  • BuffaloBull

    “Unlike the TV stations in town, we are not opposed to running with rumors on, but we still like more than one source and as much info as possible before we run with accusations as big as these.”

    Bathroom Wall Writers

  • Perhaps, but at least the stuff we write on bathroom walls is our own content. Not plagiarized.

  • The design of FAIL-IT’s website was done using Microsoft Small Business software. The marketing information on Microsoft’s site seems apropos for a company lacking any real IT skills.

    Create a FREE Website
    No technical skills needed!

    Of course, why would the largest Virtual Information system service outsourcing provider in the entire world with self-described competencies in web design need to use a service designed for Mom and Pop hardware stores?

  • BuffaloBull

    “Unlike the TV stations in town, we are not opposed to running with rumors on, but we still like more than one source and as much info as possible before we run with accusations as big as these.”Marc J Odien
    Managing Editor – WNY Media Network

    Mr. no credibility Bathroom Wall Writers. They will report anything for money or money for videos.

  • and the point of posting that email is…? Are we supposed to be embarrassed by that somehow?

  • BuffaloBull

    Is the WNY Media Net’s real mailing Address? Google does not seem to think so. Well the internet is a news medium,NY&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=HomlSYHyCJDUnQe6zbGbBQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=image

    * Get DirectionsGet Directions
    * My MapsMy Maps

    [Hide panel]

    Add Destination – Show optionsHide options

    Note: Public transit coverage may not be available in this area.
    327 Niagara St
    Buffalo, NY 14201
    327 Niagara St
    Buffalo, NY 14201
    At this address:
    327 CoWorking‎
    Construction Personnel Group Inc‎
    CPGworks – Construction Personnel Group, Inc‎ – 1 review
    Empire Electric‎
    MicroBiz Buffalo, Inc.‎

    No Listing for WNY Media Net,NY&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=HomlSYHyCJDUnQe6zbGbBQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=title

    WNY Media Net is not real using false business/mailing address, maybe they should incorporate first seek permission to utilize that address, and then build that radio station first.

    They are Bathroom Wall/garage Writers

  • phatom

    Can’t we all just get along!!!!!

  • BuffaloBull

    WNY media net is not listed in any directory at 327 Niagara Street why would “award winning systems engineer” not get a massive corporate headquarters, maybe because they make $2/week and the someone promised them videos for “running with rumors on”

    Maybe with that revenue they will get to break even point. Hey lets rename them “WNY Break-Even Net”

    A Systems Engineer who works for a worldwide firm cannot develop a strategy to build a “online radio station”

    That is why he formed “WNY Break-Even Net”

  • If you’d like to visit us at our office at 327 Niagara, you are more than welcome to do so. There is usually someone there between 8-5. Can’t wait to see you!

  • BuffaloBull

    “WNY Break-Even Net” offices at 327 Niagara Street I would do that if you were a real media outlet like 2,4,7 and wben, but with the rumors you spread sorry will not do that.

  • Marc Odien

    Thank You Syaed for posting that email and proving once and for all that you are WNYFirst. .

    For a big wig IT guy with a world wide HQ right here in Buffalo, your not so smart when it comes to IP addresses are you?

    Your lawyer must be proud to represent a guy like you who goes on a website and pretty much just fucks his entire case by publicly outing yourself.

  • Two things here…

    1.) I would suspect that most of the names in this thread are shared amongst the same IP address. Aside from Pundit and me, that is. The same poor grammar and sentence structure is similar across these various users.

    2.) I would also suspect that whomever the person behind the screen names “BuffaloBull” and “confessions of a Geek” is in fact, WNYFirst. That was a communication between Odien and the original sender of the email messages. So, while I cannot be certain that WNYFirst is currently posting on this site, I’m pretty damn suspicious.

  • skeptic

    Don’t these dots pretty much connect themselves?

    * The timing of WNYFirst lies about Brown admin sex chats coincides with Illuzi’s mid-August postings of email about Hoyt’s affairs. An apparent motive of WNYFirst is to be a favor (likely unauthorized) to Hoyt, trying to distract media attention from his controversy dominating news at that time.

    * Hoyt acknowledges meeting Ali in summer 2008 according to Geoff above. Hoyt implies the 20 minute talk was about a Bloomberg presidential run. This although Obama and McCain had won nominations by then, and it was too late for Bloomberg to get on presidential ballots. Is it believable in that time frame Hoyt would spend 20 minutes with Ali about a Bloomberg run against Democratic nominee Sen. Obama, while Hoyt had a career-threatening Democratic primary approaching? Or might the meeting have been about something more related to Hoyt?

    * Six months later, (Gramigna) suddenly accuses another blogger of having written the Brown administration sex chats. The top business advertiser on (two ads)? Mr. Ali’s SAIL-IT. The top politcal advertiser on the (highest ad on the page)? Hoyt.

    * Writing is similar in press releases of WNYFirst and Ali’s website.

  • Syaed Ali’s first million dollar website:

  • buffalobull

    WNY Media Net’ real idea of good design quality:

    That is right another real IT firm/ Telecom. company who uses Microsoft Live Office, “Buffalo Geek is the greatest System Engineer in the entire world”.

    A warrant less arrest/ abduction, and illegal conversion is the issue. WNY Media in the Brown Administration’s pocket, and are a bunch of bathroom wall writers.

    Who cares who wrote the emails it is not illegal or civilly punishable its called the Sullivan Principle.

    They are a distraction for the Brown Administration and on his payroll.

  • Rod Bee

    OMFG!!!!!!! ENOUGH ON SYAED ALI!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WRITE THE SAME STUFF EVERY FUCKING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rod Bee: Yeah, I know I do. Sorry. It’s a syndrome.

    Skeptic: I should clarify what Hoyt said about meeting Ali. He told me he was interested in meeting the local people who had been involved in the draft Bloomberg movement, not so much because anyone imagined at the time that the movement could amount to anything any longer but out of personal curiosity. Hoyt said he has met and likes Bloomberg.

    I can’t shed any light on their conversation.

    I remain most interested in the events of November 7, and only secondarily interested n whatever underhanded politicking is at the root of this affair.

  • Marc Odien

    “They are a distraction for the Brown Administration and on his payroll.”

    That’s awesome!! Completely not true, but awesomeness nonetheless…

    Some other political hack accused me a few years back of being on Len Lenihan’s payroll, so that role reversal tactic really doesn’t phase us since public records will show you it is patently false and completely ridiculous.

    But hey, you run money don’t you buffalobull, so maybe you can tell me when we can expect all this newfound money from the Brown administration? I could use a new camera…

    I really just stopped by because I couldn’t believe someone was that stupid to out themselves by re-posting an email I sent.

    As I stated when this story first broke, I really have no interest in Sayed Ali, Buffalobull or any of this nonsense. As you have proven, you are not a reliable source of information.

    So good luck Buffalobull… You’re gonna need it now…

  • buffalobull

    wny media net is just plain stupid,and crazy. They are talking to Syaed Ali through art voice blog. My name is Mike Hogan dumbass.Build the radio station, register with the state, and get a front address before you accuse others of being a fraud, you fraud bathroom wall writer

  • smith, odien, kelly & bedenko should take this comedy on the road. it’s gold i tell ya!

  • Looks like we found Syaed Ali’s REAL corporate website.

  • hicktown wannabes shouldn’t throw stones, chris.

  • skeptic

    @Geoff, thanks for elaborating the Bloomberg explanation. It’s still hard to believe Bloomy4Prez was the only thing they talked when they met in the summer with Hoyt’s other issues going on and his own primary coming up. The Bloomberg possibility was long over and there’s just too many other coincidences. Only those two know for sure.

    So much reported re. Nov 7 is 1 person’s word. If he lied so much in homophobic press releases and chats, that would make it very difficult to believe anything he says about what cops supposedly said to him. I said if.

    There might be 3 villains. The judge if, if, if the affidavit didn’t justify a search warrant. The detective for the same possible reason and holding Ali’s property so long. And Ali if, if, if he wrote those chats and so many lies. Even though the chats and lies aren’t illegal, it’s surprising if Artvoice shrugs its shoulders about that while doing a good job covering Nov 7.

    When will the search warrant affidavit be released publicly?

  • Steve Green

    HSBC Holding Company has the largest IT staff in the world, so I would guess that Buffalo Geek is referring to HSBC as the largest IT vendor in the world.