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Those Bootstrap Republicans

As a host of Republican governors said they would turn up their noses at stimulus money, a friend sent me the chart below to remind me which states receive the most federal spending per dollar they pay in federal taxes:


Via the Tax Foundation.

  • Debbie Bell

    Joseph Colby, pit bull fancier/fighter, breeder, author wrote: “Inasmuch as dog fighting is illegal…As long as these dogs are bred there will be Pit contests to prove who owns the better fighting dog.”

    If course Colby was right, but with his words he also tells us how to end dog fighting: stop breeding fighting dogs.

    Thanks to the bully people’s refusal to accept any pit breeding regulations, dog fighting continues and grows.

    Tragically the bully people do not actually care about pit welfare. They do care about self, ego, and their ability to breed, own and monger the dog of their choice.

    When bully people get riled up about a particular pit situation here and there, that’s not because they care about pits, that’s because they love to fight.

    Proof that bully people accept the current preventable disproportionate suffering and death that is the pit crisis is their refusal to offer or accept any ways to reduce the pit crisis.

    The primary immediate way would be breeding restrictions and bully people will never accept this sensible way, because they truly do not care about ipits.