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Let the Bragging Begin


Just got back from the State of the County Address at the “UB Gateway” building. Never heard of the place? It used to be the old M. Wile building at 77 Goodell Street. M. Wile was founded in Buffalo in 1877 by a German immigrant and operated for over 90 years as a clothing manufacturer. In the 1970s, the company employed over 2000 western New Yorkers at the factory on Goodell Street and in the city of Dunkirk.

UB bought the place in September 2007. It was then called Century Center 2. UB and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) have been buying up real estate for the new medical corridor that’s part of the big UB 2020 plan UB President John Simpson keeps telling us about. He couldn’t tell us today, because we were informed that he’s out of the country. Good for him. It was minus 6 degrees in Buffalo this morning.

Here’s a shot of the crowd huddled in the old defunct factory that used to serve as a thriving workplace.


It’s got a great view.


I didn’t stay for the address, but here’s a copy of it if you want to read. Just click here. In it, County Executive Collins points out, on page 18: “You are sitting in the former manufacturing facility of Buffalo’s own M. Wile clothing company. UB now owns this facility which is part of the downtown expansion of the University and it’s (sic) interconnection with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This building, once a symbol of our past, is now a symbol of our future.”

Not sure what that means. Is he saying our future is an underused, nearly vacant hulk of a structure owned by a state entity?

There are also plenty of plugs for “Lean Six Sigma.” Fourteen mentions between pages 3-5. But any of you brown-nosers wanting to sign up quick so you can get your yellow, green or black belt in Six Sigma, you’re gonna have to wait. There’s a list of people ahead of you waiting for the training. The only place you can get this certification around here is…you guessed it…at the UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness. It’ll run you $4,900 to get your black belt, grasshopper.

Outside the old M. Wile building, there were a dozen yard signs promoting a Web site called You can see one of the signs at the top of this post. If you visit the site, you won’t find out anything about who they are, but you will be offered tips on how to brag about Buffalo. For example, if someone asks, “Are there any big schools there?” we are supposed to reply, “If by “big” you mean the biggest one in New York State, then yes.”

That kind of positive talk might not turn the region’s fortunes around, but it should solidify our reputation as insecure dorks.

Read this before you participate:

Terms & Conditions

Brag About Buffalo is a trademark of Soapbox Productions, LLC.

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FYI- I searched the Erie County Clerk’s Office Public Records, but Soapbox Productions, LLC does not appear to be registered. So, if you happen to know who and what they are, please enlighten me. And remember, if someone asks you, “What the heck is a beef on wick?” you are to reply, “It’s weck. ‘Nuf said.”

Yes, in no time we will be known as a frozen, backward burgh full of dim-witted braggarts who can’t deliver a decent zinger.

  • Bruce Fisher

    We’re Talkin’ Proud!

  • According to Merriam-Webster…
    3 entries found.

    1. 1brag (noun)
    2. 2brag (verb)
    3. 3brag (adjective)
    Middle English
    14th century

    1 : a pompous or boastful statement 2 : arrogant talk or manner : cockiness 3 : braggart

  • As someone who is associated with another event featuring mindless boasting (Buffalo Homecoming), I looked into the origins of Soapbox Productions a few weeks back. No one ever responded to my email inquiries and the NY Secretary of State tells us that the company was formed June 04, 2008 with a PO Box as an address and no registered agent.

    Sad. We can’t even combine efforts when it comes to half-assed bragging.

  • Peter A Reese

    What a fascinating and wonderful future these gurus have planned for the simple folks of WNY! We can all be servants and valets for the elite .5% who use our tax dollars to continue our impoverishment. Just like the 1890s. Thank you Six Stigma Chris and Dr. John! Would you like me to draw your bath now?

  • Better hold on to your wallets, this is not going to be cheap. Just some of the spending that UB and the Buffalo Niagara Partnership have planned for your hard earned tax dollars:

  • It’s great that building is being reused. M. Wile Company survived the Great Depression without laying people off and had one of the first pension plans for it’s employees in the country. M. Wile also use to make Johnny Carson Suits.