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Dirty Politics

Syaed Ali

Syaed Ali

WNYMedia’s Chris Smith has posted some of the anonymous emails that gave birth to the Syaed Ali affair last summer:

These emails surfaced shortly after a shadowy political organization loosely affiliated with Steve Pigeon and Responsible New York called Mothers and Fathers Demanding Answers launched a scandalous and anonymous campaign targeting one of Pigeon’s longtime adversaries, State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt.  At the time, it seemed as if the internecine squabbling between various forces in the Democratic Party had reached an all-time fever pitch.  After Joe Illuzzi published emails between Assemblyman Hoyt and an intern, all hell broke loose on the media front.  No one was sure as to the veracity of WNY First’s claims, nor did anyone know who sent the messages.

Have a look and see if you agree, as I do, with Smith’s conclusions:

The content of these emails is so outrageous that no one in their right mind would have believed their accuracy.  They were so libelous as to be self-parodies.  We don’t know how it is that Ali allegedly got himself caught up in this mess, or whether he sent these emails.  We can tell you that this is the material that so pissed off Buffalo City Hall and Mayor Byron Brown that they allegedly took Ali and treated him in a way more appropriate for a third world banana republic than the second-largest city in the state of New York.

Two things:

1. What City Hall and law enforcement are alleged to have done to Ali is wrong and actionable.
2. Whoever wrote these emails is, at worst, liable for defamation. I can’t imagine what crime has allegedly been committed.

  • Where?

    You forgot to include a link to Chris Smith’s post of the emails. I looked on the WNY Media website and can’t find it.

  • Fixed. Sorry about that.

  • closer look

    Among many things that make the alleged instant message “chats” in those emails look like a blatant smear:

    (1.) The unusual use of capitalized first letters of many messages by BOTH people chatting, the “adminsitration official” and the “journalist”. How many people IM that way? We’re to beleive both of these guys do?

    11:15 AM (admin official name redacted) There is my stud, hey wife and kids are gone for the night wanna go all the way for the entire night?
    11:16 AM (journalist name redacted) Yeah but my wife will wonder were I am

    Nice capitalizing of There and Yeah.


    9:28 AM (journalist name redacted) Just not feel comfortable in threesomes
    9:29 AM (journalist name redacted) Could it be just the two of us?
    9:30 AM (journalist name redacted) She can watch if she likes
    11:12 AM (admin official name redacted) Greenbacks your career no will ever know
    12:19 PM (admin official name redacted) Just tell her that you have to overtime on big case
    12:48 PM (journalist name redacted) Ok see you late tonight

    (2.) Both people in the chats also liked to spell out numbers

    (admin official name redacted) man you enjoyed it for two years
    (journalist name redacted) Just not feel comfortable in threesomes.

    Not 2 and 3, but two and three. Interesting IM chatting style they “both” have.

  • closer look

    This is interesting too. Look at this sentence from the WNY First press release:

    “Buffalo, NY – A top official in Buffalo’s Mayoral Administration has confidentially and anonymously disclosed a series of emails, and text messages, between (name redacted) and a local journalist.”

    The phrase “a series of emails” is an unusual description. Not unheard of, but unusual.

    Let’s look at and see if “a series of” is a favorite expression.

    Press ReleasesVEIS 1.0 encompasses a series of tools that allows organizations of all sizes and … All that will be required on the client’s end is a series of computers … – 35k – Cached – Similar pages

    Telecommunications/VOIP ProductsCallers dial-in to a specific toll-free number that is associated with a particular job opening and answer a series of questions to pre-qualify the … – 26k – Cached – Similar pages

    Internet MarketingFor those desiring multiple sessions around a single or series of topics, SAIL-IT will work with you to create a discussion schedule in order to keep each … – 45k – Cached – Similar pages

    Well, well, here we have “a series of tools”, “a series of questions”, “a series of topics”. And in the press release, we had a “series of emails”. What a series of coincidences!

  • closer look

    Oh yeah, there was a fourth too – “series of computers” in the first returned result. Somebody likes that expression.

    The police actions are the bigger outrage for sure. But whoever wrote those emails isn’t someone who I’d give the benefit of the doubt about what was said that day, like supposed police references to Hoyt or Kearns, or other supposed threats the police made.

  • Peter A Reese

    It is obvious that Hoyt, Kearns and Ali are Muslim terrorists. I for one am grateful that the Buffalo Police were able to stop them before they crashed an airplane into City Hall and saved the taxpayers millions.

  • Mr. Justice

    Brown uses police all the time, rember his kid