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2009 Buffalo Auto Show

Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell
Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell

I know, it’s cold outside. But once you’re inside the Buffalo Convention Center at this year’s Buffalo Auto Show you’ll be warm as toast! And take some comfort in knowing that some manufacturers who didn’t even bother setting up at the Detroit show last month (arguably the biggest and most important auto show in North America) — Nissan and Land Rover come quickly to mind — are waiting to show you their stuff in downtown Buffalo. Come to think of it, the group formerly know as “The Big Three” (GM, Ford, and Chrysler — heretofore known as “The Three”) all recently announced that they’re not showing up at this Fall’s Tokyo Motor Show. None of them. Not at all. That’s huge.

But anyway, check out this year’s Buffalo show. Give those poor salespeople some hope.

  • Anthony

    I got to check out the Auto Show this past weekend.

    Just browsing, its painfully obvious WHY the Big Three are in the dumps. Everything is sooo expensive… they haven’t remotely gotten the hint on fuel economy, and hybrid tech does bupkis for the big SUV’s mileage (other than add like a $5000-8000 premium to the price tag for an extra two or three MPG city) I realize at a car show all the vehicles are fully loaded and you can bargain down from sticker prices etc etc, but still… leaves a funny taste in my mouth seeing a Volvo wagon is cheaper than a Chevy sedan. I have a feeling the ’10 Camaro is going to be a hit though, they got the price point right on that at least, I think it was only $24k for the base model.

    The Lexus IFS had to be my favorite… if there were keys in the ignition you’d probably see me on the news for attempting to drive it out of the convention center!