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More on Brian Davis

Brian Meyer and Lou Michel at the Buffalo News have confirmed more on the Brian Davis investigation.

Davis, who was acting as “informal manager” of One Sunset (I had heard he was silent partner)—the now defunct bar and restaurant on Gates Circle owned by basketball star Leonard Stokes—allegedly paid rent for the space with a bad check. The landlord is Kevin Brinkworth, whose family has a long history of running taverns in the city, including the Locker Room, in the same spot that was occupied by One Sunset before it closed in December.

So Davis apparently bounced a check to Brinkworth, who must have pursued compensation along legal avenues, leading to the police investigation.

Here the strange part: Wade Hawkins, a local musician who appears from time to time at the Colored Musicians Club and who used to play at One Sunset, says he lent $5,000 to Davis so that Davis could pay Brinkworth the rent. But then Davis apparently bounced a check anyway. Now Hawkins is suing Davis.

If all this is true, where did Davis spend all of Hawkins’s money?

  • Bryon J McIntyre

    You might be interested to know that , Mr Stokes was brought to court to commit perjury against me when I ran against Mr Davis for the Council seat. The records will show that the case was bogus and it was cast out of court. The appeals court felt the same. Also quite a few little mom and pop stores on the west side will tell you how he has bounced numerous checks with the (they feared inspections and harassment from the city). Bank records don’t lie.