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Brian Davis Investigation

Channel 7 News reports on a rumor that has been circulating in City Hall for some time, reaching a fever pitch last week. Buffalo Police confirm for Channel 7 that Ellicott District Councilmember Brian Davis is under investigation for cashing a bad check:

Buffalo Police confirm for Eyewitness News, they are investigating allegations that Buffalo Common Councilman Brian Davis has been accused of writing a bad check for several thousand dollars. Buffalo Police aren’t releasing many details, but admitted they are looking into it. “First and foremost this is an allegation that police have been looking into, are looking into. It’s my understanding that detectives working the case are scheduled to meet with both sides in this matter trying to determine wether this is a civil case or a criminal matter. But I want to caution everyone, at this point, that no one has been arrested. At this time it remains an allegation, at this point.” said police spokesperson Mike DeGeorge.

We did try to reach Davis on this issue. He was not at Tuesday’s common council meeting. We also went to his office and he was not in. We did call his office and cell phone several times. Davis has not returned our calls.

Eyewitness News was contacted by a member of Councilman Davis’ staff. We were told he is out on medical leave by a doctor’s order and will return February 17th.

Eyewitness News is stressing these are only allegations. We are going to continue to follow this story and bring you any new developments.

Whatever happened to the BPD not commenting on ongoing investigations. Suddenly Mike DeGeorge just can’t stop talking. He reminds me of Syaed Ali.

We’ve been trying to get a hold of Davis, too, for the past week.

UPDATE: I’ve just been reminded that Davis is chair of the Common Council’s Police Oversight Committee. I gwould assume he’ll be stepping down from that position, at least for the duration of the investigation?

  • Mr.Justice

    The Buffalo PD attempted to maximize the Ali Case, and minimize the Davis Situation. When do police meet with both sides to determine if it is civil or criminal matter?

  • Simon Magus

    It must be a lot of money for the Mayor to take so long to pay it off.

    If Brian Davis bites his nails while waiting, will they still take his nail clippers and hold them for 3 months?

  • Twixt

    No, but if Davis panics they will take his antiperspirant.

  • Mr.Justice

    Be careful with all these jokes, you do not want to make the Mayor really angry. He might get the police to take your keyboards away.

  • Pomeroy

    “Eyewitness News was contacted by a member of Councilman Davis’ staff. We were told he “is” out on medical leave by a doctor’s order and will return February 17th.”

    Something “is” definitely wrong here. Last week Councilman Davis’ staff reported that he left for the Superbowl. (Maybe that’s why he needed the money?) I guess we will have to wait for their official spokesman, Brian Meyer, to report the “News” a few days from now when they figure out what the definition of “is” is.

  • Mr.Justice

    Some sort of scandal going on here

  • Mary Ayoungin

    Brian Davis has problems and we shouldn’t joke.

    The police know about the kick-backs, phoney employees, contractors and night clubs. (And so does everyone else), Those can be repaired quitely without public knowledge. But there is always a reason for erratic behavior and we should all hope he gets some help.

    And Mr. Mayor, if he hasn’t told you yet, open your eyes, this isn’t political, it’s real life.

  • Mr.Justice

    It should be public knowledge he is a public official. Forgot about the safer and smarter buffalo