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Lazy Sunday

Since Mike Beebe has done such a nice job picking up the Syaed Ali story for the News—even acknowledging AV’s reporting, for which I thank Mike and the editors who didn’t strike the reference—I’m going to take the day off and instead complain about a problem of my own.

I live on a short, narrow street on the West Side that sees a plow about once a month. I have to traverse similar streets to get out of the cat’s cradle of one-way streets that comprise my neighborhood.

In the last two months, snow and ice have ripped a whole in my muffler and played hell with my transmission. I blame both problems, which I will soon pay plenty to have fixed, on the city’s poor job this year of clearing the streets.

On Friday, right after work, I parked on a very slick and mucky Elmwood Avenue to visit my bank; when I came out, I found someone had sideswiped my car. The damage isn’t too serious, though it surely will prove to be expensive: I can barely open the driver’s door.

There was no note, but that’s fuel for another fire. Absent the driver of the car who slid into my car, I’d like to focus on that part of the blame that fixes on the road conditions. Elmwood Avenue at 5pm on Friday was a wreck. How can that be?

Any lawyer out there who thinks I have a claim against the city, feel free to call. Anyone who wants to join in the suit, there’s plenty of room.

  • WNYmind

    Your auto insurance will cover the damages from the hit and run. If you want to go and inspect City snow plows for chips of your paint, and find one, you may have a claim against the city (good luck).

    You can also call the Mayor’s hotline for street cleaning (good luck).

    The whole in the muffler is called normal wear and tear, but NY State requires you to keep the car in compliance with emissions standards. So, FIX IT!!! If the car new, call the manufacturer about the defect (you’ll have better luck with that one).

    If it is time for a new car, I’d suggest two things. Look into a hybrid, they are better for the environment. The Chevy Tahoe hybrid my be just what you are looking for (4WD for those Buffalo streets, you will be able to get through the snow and potholes no problem). GM has some great deals now too. Also, find some off street parking in a secure lot. It will reduce the risk of damage and theft. Narrow streets and a bad ecomnomy can put a lot of wear and tear on a car.

  • Laura Suttell

    I can see you driving a Chevy Tahoe (hybrid), Geoff.

  • Mr. Justice


    Why not call Richard Grimm III he is really good at suing the city and other governments.

  • Rose

    If we can extend that to suit to Amherst and the Town of Tonawanda, I’m with you!
    The state of Maple and Brighton is a disgrace.
    Its like an obstacle coarse trying to avoid the craters in the road.
    Last week on a dark stretch of Brighton, I slammed into a pothole that shredded my tire. $140.00 to replace it.

    I find it a little hard to believe that there isnt a way to seal the roads that
    will withstand a winter without turning into the surface of the moon.
    In any case, the towns need to get out there and start patching!!!

  • Peter A Reese

    As I recall, you can’t hold the City liable for any dangerous condition unless you can demonstrate that they have had notice and an opportunity to rectify the problem.