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More on Syaed Ali

It’s been two weeks since I first wrote about Syaed Ali and a week since I followed up. (Last November Ali detained and interrogated while Buffalo police searched his home and confiscated his possessions—all because he was suspected of harassing Mayor Byron Brown.) The story has since been picked up by other news outlets, but the mayor’s office remains mum: Brown won’t even admit that Ali is accused of harassing him, though Ali insists that’s what his interrogators told him. Buffalo Police won’t say whether or not they’re investigating Ali.

City Court Judge Craig Hannah—an old friend of Byron Brown whom the mayor appointed to the bench just 11 days after taking office in 2006—won’t admit he signed the search warrant that Buffalo Police presented when they ransacked Ali’s house on November 7. But here is a copy of that warrant, and that appears to be Hannah’s signature at the bottom.

On the last page of that document is a makeshift receipt given to Ali’s family by Buffalo Police Detective Anna Mydlarz, who led the raid on Ali’s house and is supposedly in charge of the investigation that Buffalo Police won’t acknowledge. After the jump is a much longer list of items that Ali says Buffalo Police actually took from his home on November 7. It’s coming up on three months, and none of the items have been returned. Nor has Ali been charged with a crime.

Because no one will comment on this case, I have yet to receive answers to these questions:

1. Why bother with a search warrant for a misdemeanor harassment charge? What were police looking for?

2. On what basis was Ali suspected of harassing the mayor? Where is the evidence on which Hannah agreed to sign the search warrant?

3. Even if Ali had done what he is accused of doing—spreading prurient rumors about the mayor’s personal life—does that constitute harassment? Does that justify sending Buffalo Police into his family’s home with what is apparently a flimsy warrant to seize his propoerty and his person?

More on this soon.

Byron Brown’s Robbery /Stolen Property List

Checkbooks (M&T, HSBC, First Niagara, Citizens)
Tax Returns (CPA Prepared by Conway Porter, Business and Personal 4-5 years worth of returns)
Bank Statements (M&T, HSBC, First Niagara, Citizens 4-5 years worth of statements)
Credit Cards, ATM cards and Statements (4-5 years worth of statements)
Business Cards of Important contacts (maybe over 500 cards includes your law firm’s card)
Computer-maybe seven years worth of personal and business information, $3000 worth of specialized software utilized to produce business documents
Optical Mouse
Cell Phone Charger, and spear battery and holding case
Cell Phone Wireless Headset, and Headset Charger
Board of Elections Filing Materials (BOE PIN, and filing numbers, BOE Reports), and petitions-challenging Betty Gean Grant, and Antoine Thompson and Alternative Delegate for John Edwards.
Computer Disks and CD-ram and CDRW (They allege 19 computer disks only, their are well over 150 computer CDRW, 200 computer Disks)
Briefcase Filled with Personal and Business Documents
Pens, pencils, staplers, paper note pads, and other office supplies.
SAIL-IT INC. Receipts of equipment, services, purchases, and company books required for tax filing, Tax Returns (2 years worth) Product Brochures, Client List, Bank Statements, corporate EIN, and ID certificates, Corporation Bank Statements, cancelled checks, undeposited Checks, SAIL-IT Business Plan Documents, Company Bills, SAIL-IT Inc. Article of Incorporation, Seal Certificates, meeting minutes, and 10 Market Research Reports- Worth about $9000, Copies of Stock Certificates (listing all share holders)
Personal hygiene items such as deodorant, shaving cream, after-shave, Shampoo lotion, nail clippers, much more etc.
USB Cable
Computer Key Board
Mother’s purse and bag filled of personal papers, items and cash-about $100 between the 3 bags, and much more etc.
Mother’s Personal Tapes (over 30 they allege 24 in aggregate), and Architectural Plans and Drawings of Vacation House-$4500 value, Tape Recorders (3)

Mother’s work related papers and documents, and continuing education papers
Mother’s Pension Documents
Mother’s Car registration
Father’s Business Document that Encompasses Rental Applications for Current and Prospective Tenants, Lease Documents for Tenants, Rental Advertising Material, and receipts required for tax filing, tax returns/documents (5 years worth of returns) pertaining to rental business, receipts for major repairs, renovations, and equipment purchases, 5 years worth of company utility, and tax bills, and other company bills, Tenant contact list, Company Books, Building contractor work plans, and invoices, County Health Department, and City of Buffalo inspections, and permits office, and eviction notices and corporate EIN, and ID certificates, Copies of  Stock Certificates(listing all share holders) Corporation Bank Statements, cancelled checks, undeposited Checks, and revenues received in cash about $1200
Brother’s copies of credit cards, passport, and bank statements he left with me when he went on vacation in September
Brother’s Personal Immigration Documents Pertaining to his Wife’s Case
Brother’s Business Documents-Receipts for major equipment purchases, renovations, and correspondences with County Health Department, and City of Buffalo inspections, and permits office, and eviction notices, Rental Applications for Current and Prospective Tenants, Lease Documents for Tenants, Rental Advertising Material, and receipts required for tax filing, tax returns/documents pertaining to rental business (6 years worth of returns) corporate EIN, and ID certificates, Copies of Stock Certificates(listing all share holders) Corporation Bank Statements, 6 years worth of company utility, and tax bills, and other all other bills, Building contractor work plans, and invoices, Tenant Contact list, company books, cancelled checks, undeposited Checks, and revenues received in cash about $500

Four Desk Draws Filled With Papers, and Three Filing Cabinets filled with important papers stolen, all draws stolen also, and a blue rectangular storage bin filled with paper as well, and stole business documents from a old briefcase, and stole the briefcase
$750 Worth of Emergency Cash
Important confidential Financial Services Client Files- Applications with personal information, and financial goals, and income information, SSN numbers etc.
Sony Walkman
Car, and House Keys
Financial Calculator used for business/work related Projects
5 binders full of business documents, and SAIL-IT Product and service Presentation Material (they allege only 1 binder full of personal papers)
Product mockups, Marketing, and Financial Plans for 5 new SAIL-IT spin-off enterprises
MHIE and BNCCN Public Service Project-Electronic Files, Hard Copy Product and Service Mock-ups, Diagrams, disks, DVD, CD etc. (Mr. Magavern may remember this project, as I discussed with a group of medical professionals, about the possibility of Magavern & Magavern &Grimm incorporating a PPO entity)
15 Business Reference and text Books
SSN Card
Personal Medical Files
Various Legal documents such as insurance policies, contracts, etc.
They took 11-12 garbage worth of stuff, because they asked us for bags, and than one of the cops left got some bags, and brought a truck to steal more stuff
Lap Top Computer, and Tablet PC, Palm Pilot
Numerous other things as well, that is hard to recall, but when the need arises to utilize important materials for personal and business matters we will probably remember pertinent instruments/property that were stolen, however these are probably the most valuable material.    I had over two decades worth of stuff stored in the house that they stole including antique coins and newspaper articles, etc., sports cards, and numerous academic and work related projects etc.

  • Chris howard

    What is wrong with these f**king people.

    The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. It was designed as a response to the controversial writ of assistance (a type of general search warrant), which was a significant factor behind the American Revolution. Toward that end, the amendment specifically requires search and arrest warrants be judicially sanctioned, supported by probable cause and be limited in scope according to specific information supplied by a person (usually a law enforcement officer) who has sworn by it and is therefore accountable to the issuing court.

    They better find something otherwise Ali should do a citizen arrest and arrest them all … The mayor, Judge, cop and everyone else who used their goverment position to violate the constitution.

    I am tired of people who think they are above the law.

  • Donna Cayote

    Well folks, if active, concerned citizens can become sufficiently outraged, we will have our chance to seek partial vindication by participating in the 2009 mayoral election campaign. ABBB-A! – Anybody But Byron Brown – Anybody!
    For now, we should retreat to our local coffee houses and plot a Buffalo Style Revolution.
    Did you know that the Age of Enlightenment was ushered in on tea and coffee? In Europe and probably The Colonies the only safe drink up to that time was beer and ale. Water was too putrid. Everybody was drunk by mid day. Then came tea and coffee – a stimulant. And viola the brain came alive and enlightened thinking was taking the place of stupor and torpor

  • Dick Kern

    Hopefully follow-up such as this today by Glenn Gramigna will insure that this very serious issue, unlike so many in Bflo, will not be covered-up.


    Source: Syaed Ali Case Could Have Broad Implications

    Written by Glenn Graminga, Editor


    It all began when a pack of law officers descended on a house on Breckinridge in the early morning hours of last Nov. 7. Now some highly placed sources are wondering how far the repurcussions will extend from an episode in which an American citizen was detained without benefit of arrest warrant or Miranda rights for the apparent purpose of digging up dirt against Assemblymember Sam Hoyt and Common Council Member Mickey Kearns.

    “This was a very serious situation,” says our greybearded expert who asked that his name not be used. “It appears to be a case in which some of the fundamental rights of an American citizen were breached. Besides the fact that they arrested this guy, Syaed Ali, a native of this country, a citizen, illegally, without the proper authority and without reading him his constitutional rights, there’s the fact that the offense they supposedly arrested him for, the distribution of “false press releases” isn’t illegal! In fact, it’s a constitutionally protected activity. If spreading false press releases was illegal, half the Congress would be

    in jail at any given time!”
    In fact, our highly placed source refuses to call what was done to Syaed Ali an arrest, even an illegal one.

    “This appears to be nothing short of a kidnapping in which an American citizen, and in fact a highly accomplished one, was detained illegally and deprived of food and access to counsel or family, for the apparent purpose of digging up dirt on certan political figures,” he or she goes on. “I believe they picked up Syaed, not because they thought he had even done these things, but because they thought for some reason that he was a person they could intimidate into incriminating Hoyt and Kearns in some way. That was the purpose of it!”

    So what went wrong for the perpetrators?

    “The one thing they didn’t count on was the fact that this young 24 year old man, Syaed Ali, had the guts to refuse to knuckle under to them,” our guy replies. “He had the guts to point out to them that what they were asking him to do: Commit perjury by accusing Hoyt and Kearns of things they didn’t do, is more against the law than what he had been ‘arrested’ for.’…These guys didn’t count on that.”

    As for the wider implications?

    “The wider implications are that this could affect the careers of both Mayor Brown and NYS Attorney General Cuomo, whose Buffalo office was used for most of the abusive questioning of Syaed,” says our Person In The Know. “If Cuomo really wants to run for governor in 2010, this could come back to haunt him because it’s a serious abuse of power for political purposes by those who are sworn to uphold the law, people who are also employees of the Attorney General. It’s only a matter of time before the New York City media gets a hold of this.”

    As for the Mayor?

    “As for Mayor Brown, the question may come down to: What did he know and when did he know it,” is the answer. “This is Watergate territory and it’s not good. Why should police officers be arresting people to find out about their political activities, real or imagined, against Mayor Brown? This kind of thing is totally contrary to what America is all about. Have these guys read the Bill of Rights? It’s the kind of activity that people died to keep from these shores. After all, this is still America, isn’t it?”

  • Dick Kern

    It is nearly 12 weeks since the incredible 7 AM “break-in” on Syaed Ali by Bflo cops. Nothing of the 10-12 garbage bags of the Ali family’s possessions confiscated has been returned.

    Now there is this dramatic announcement from the Mayor, via WKBW (CH 7), of all places!


    Buffalo Police: Concerned About Mayor’s Safety

    Story Published, Updated: Jan 28, 2009 at 11:43 PM EST

    It was November of last year when Buffalo Police executed a search warrant at a home on Breckenridge Street. The man who lived there is Syaed Ali. He was detained and his computer, cell phone, and personal documents were taken.

    It’s been months and now police are starting to open up and say why. “Let’s just say that there are some safety concerns regarding the mayor and his family,” said police spokesperson Mike DeGeorge.

    Those safety concerns were detected by the mayor’s personal security detail and considered then and now to be very serious. “It was their professional opinion that this was potentially serious enough that they forwarded it to the Buffalo Police Department. The police department has taken it and they have been investigating the matter ever since,” said DeGeorge.

    Back in January Ali told Eyewitness News he did nothing wrong, and believed the move by the police was a directed from Mayor Byron Brown because of a political dispute. “They said because he made the mayor really mad,” said Ali on January 17th.

    It’s been months and Ali has not yet been charged. He has filed a claim against the City of Buffalo to get his belongings back. “I want my stuff back, and all the materials back. I want these people to go away,” said Ali in January.

    But that might not happen. Police tell Eye Witness News Ali could soon be facing aggravated harrassment and criminal impersonation charges. They have also sought the help of outside agencies and may seek federal charges. “Could charges be upgraded, could they be elevated depending on where the investigation goes, I think that’s possible,” said DeGeorge.

    Buffalo Police also tell Eyewitness News they are investigating a separate incident involving the safety of Deputy Mayor Donna Brown.