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West Side Neighborhood Housing Services

As promised in this article, the membership list for West Side Neighborhood Housing Services is right here. Highlighted in yellow are city employees who report to the mayor or their relatives; highlighted in pink are other city employees. Most of the highlighted names (though not all) are new members, who joined just in time to vote at last Thursday’s annual members meeting, when Harvey Garrett was voted off WSNHS’s board.

  • Mike Flynn

    So this is the list, that list which was to show the takeover by “City Hall” (I suspect every time this is said there is ominous music playing somehwere?) 112 members – 23 highlighted, about 21%. Of the highlighted, 7 are long-standing members, now down to 16, or about 15%. Of the 23, many are WS residents and should have an innate right to be a member, regardless of employee. So how do these numbers mean a “take-over” by city hall? Surely there is some math whiz in the Garrett camp who can provide me with the necessary understanding? Could it really be that people, not me, but “people”, those poor, brain-washed sycophants of the NHS, felt Harvey, a non-member, was not the right candidate? Harvey lost that evening by 17-2, so the brouhaha began because Geoff could not find another story with more facts to support it?

    Maybe the combo of Geoff and Laura Kelly can make sense of this as they get Geoff on the way to his Pulitzer Prize for invetigative reporting?