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Musical Chairs

The AP reports that Hillary Clinton met with Barack Obama in Chicago yesterday, adding fuel to speculation that she might be Obama’s choice for secretary of state. If that happens, it has long been rumored that Brian Higgins would be appointed to her Senate seat. (BuffaloPundit reports that rumor this morning. And again this afternoon.) I know a couple prominent businessmen who are working to make that happen, and who knows? Downstate Democrats will make that decision, but maybe it’ll come to pass.

If Clinton does go to Obama’s cabinet, and Higgins does take her Senate seat, then who fills Higgins’ spot in the House? Byron Brown has had his eye on Louise Slaughter’s seat, should she retire soon. But Higgins’ seat is probably safer for Brown (for whomever winds up in it, hypothetically). After the 2010 Census, upstate New York is likely to lose another representative in Congress, and Slaughter’s seat might be the one to go. It’s one ugly-looking district:

There has been another rumor that Brown, not Higgins, would be appointed to Clinton’s seat, but that seems nutball. Higgins’ seat seems a more reasonable aspiration for the mayor.

Who, then, would join Mickey Kearns in the race to replace Brown next year?

  • WNYMind

    Speculation is such a waste of time. If Clinton, If Higgins, If Brown. Please. Higgins would be a horrible pick for senate. Sorry, but any replacement will come from Downstate, You have to appoint someone who is from a place where the population lives, and where they could fight off a challenge at re-election time. Nobody from Buffalo could retain a statewide seat. Higgins is also a one trick pony. Tear down the skyway, that’s all he has to offer. He is about as profound at Sarah Palin. He also needs a new hairstyle, the mullet has to go.

    Brown in Congress is also a laugh. He is a below average Mayor of a dead city. Yep, the talent pool is so shallow in Buffalo, that could happen some day. But, Brown could never hold on to Higgens seat in congress, that’s South Buffalo for Pete sake. We all saw what Chris Lee was able to do in a predominantly rural district in an election year when all the Democrats were able to win. Brown would lose the first congressional election if appointed to Higgins seat. Brown peaked out at Mayor, he is already through in politics. His next stop will be lobbying in Albany for some private firm.

  • Mr. Bumble

    “Slaughter’s seat might be the one to go. It’s one ugly-looking district.”

    You can say that again!

    And the front of her doesn’t look so good either!

  • Pomeroy

    Higgins lost to Nancy Naples heads-up; democrats v. republicans.
    He was forced to buy the seat from Orsini and paid cash for the “Independence” Party vote.
    Brown would get blown out of the water trying to defend that seat.
    He doesn’t have a choice; he has to go after Slaughter’s seat.

    The problem for the democrats is: If the State Senate doesn’t keep a promise or two;
    the republicans will retake control, just before the census
    and Slaughter’s district won’t exist wether or not she decides to retire.
    This is why Brown campaigned so hard against Barack Obama during the primary.

    And Brown will have to do all of this coming off of a loss in the mayor’s race.

  • Mr. Bumble

    “Who, then, would join Mickey Kearns in the race to replace Brown next year?”

    Leecia Eve, daughter of Arthur Eve and assistant to Hilary Rodham Clinton will be joining Mickey and Byron next year.
    If it wasn’t for Byron Brown and Crystal Peoples, Leecia Eve would now be Governor Eve and Buffalo wouldn’t be being ignored.

    It’s a case of “what’s good for the Pigeon is good for the Gander!”

  • WNYMind

    I forgot all about the Leecia Eve part. Imagine that, Gov. Eve. We know one thing, the fantasy of an upstate Senator is silly time in politics. Downstate owns that seat, and I would almost bet that Hillary would want a woman to replace her as Senator (remember the whole primary fight, and the Palin move the Republicans made, etc….) So, look for a downstate congressperson, or someone who already won statewide office like the AG to fill the spot (that is, if Hillary gets he Sec. of State offer).

    Of course, another funny outcome would be for Bill Clinton to take the senate seat. At least Spitzer is gone now, or he would appoint himself Senator.

  • Mr. Bumble

    I forgot about Spitzer and Bill Clinton.

    No one can ever say they caught Spitzer with his socks off!
    And Bill Clinton is going to always being the President known for taking womens rights beyond the mirrored ceiling!
    (depending of course on what your definition of what the word is is!