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State, Feds: Peace Bridge Plaza Will Have “Adverse Effect”

Filed under: Peace bridge, Preservation

The Prospect Hill-Columbus Park Association and the Campaign for Greater Buffalo today released a statement about a determination by state and federal agencies that the proposed plaza expansion at the Peace Bridge would have an adverse impact on the surrounding area:

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) and the New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) have declared that the controversial Peace Bridge Expansion Project would have a negative effect on the surrounding area if it goes through as currently proposed. Specifically, the FHWA has found that the project would harm the historic and cultural resources of the Prospect Hill Historic District, previously identified in the environmental review process as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The boundaries of the Prospect Hill Historic District encompass 73 contributing properties. In addition, 29 properties outside the boundaries of the District, ranging from the Peace Bridge itself to the Hutchinson Memorial Chapel and Niagara Hall, a commercial building on Niagara Street, are eligible for listing and fall under federal and state protections. Lastly, The Connecticut Street Armory, Porter Avenue, and Front, Columbus, and Prospect parks are already listed on the National Register.  Eligible properties and districts have the same protections under state and federal law as those already listed.

We’ll look into this to see how it affects the neighborhood’s bid to stop the plaza expansion.

  • Thank you Geoff and Artvoice for staying on top of this story. I hope it is obvious that Artvoice and not the Buffalo News is willing to risk printing the facts behind the politically charged proposed truck plaza expansion.

    Stay tuned. There will be more ground breaking news in the very near future!

    Drop us an email or call 716-984-4218 if you are interested in touring the community who live in the shadow of the peace bridge. We offer historical week-end tours which include a peek inside several beautiful homes.

  • Barbara Battista

    The Buffalo News didn’t print any articles because this finding is not significant and the Peace Bridge Authority was well aware of this decision. Why don’t this special groups face the fact that the plaza is going to happen. Who would be interested in touring a deteriorated neighbhood?????

  • kate cody

    The PBA has known all along that this particular plan would not fly on the historic level, but in their arrogance has pursued it to the detriment of this area, especially the area closest to the current plaza. Some of these homeowners understandably want to sell out and leave, but many of us see a way to prevent further harm to the entire neighborhood by opposing this particular plan and ensuring a plan that works for all of us. When agreement is finally reached on the best plan for the Niagara region, the uncertainty we all live with will finally pass and we can get on with the healing.

  • blightme

    Dear Ms. Battista – it has been 1 year, 9 months and 9 days since Ron Rienas announced plans to expand the truck plaza.

    If I were you, I’d mow your lawn, plant some flowers, sit back and enjoy your wonderful historic house. A sold out tour will be passing by your home several times this summer. In fact, they would love to see your house since you seem so determined to destroy it one way or another.

  • Diesel Emissions

    Ms. Battista,

    Are you the same person who continues to shout out obscenities and harasses your neighbors as you drive by their homes just because they are willing to fight for the right to stay in their own home and live in a community they love?
    Maybe you forgot that Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors!

    Oh… say your moving to the suburbs-we’ll miss you!

  • barbara Battista

    Are you ready for a lawsuit making accusations????

  • barbara Battista

    I do cut my grass and plant flowers and that is not any of your business. That will stop when the house is torn down and that is really none of your business. I do not intend to move to the suburbs, so don’t hold your breath.

  • blightme

    It would be nice if you could give us a hint as to where you would be moving. Just in case you decided that you didn’t like your new home. I would hate to see another neighborhood demolished so you can cash-out on “the lotto”.

  • barbara Battista


    I would never give you people a hint. It may be right next door to you. I have a right to my opinion about the Plaza. I not doing it to cashout. I have lived in the Westside all my life and I want to see it improved and cleaned-up.

  • blightme

    BB; you have a lovely historic home. Are you saying that in order to ‘improve’ the west side, you have to sacrifice a home that you have cared for and invested in – so should other responsible homeowners who love their home, neighborhood and don’t want to leave? I’m confused by your logic. Please explain….