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A bridge too high…

A bridge too high…

The Federal Highway Administration says we can’t have a really tall, cable-stayed bridge across the Niagara River. But we can have a shorter cable-stayed bridge, or a really cool-looking arched bridge.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton say: Terrific! No need for any more lengthy studies!

But what about the plaza design? That’s where the rubber meets the road. Or, rather, where the road meets—and, in the Public Bridge Authority’s currently preferred plaza expansion design, bulldozes—a viable, historic neighborhood, and continues the isolation of a jewel in the city’s Olmsted park system.

  • HapKlein

    The PB plaza should foot drag to January 20, 2009 and the subsequent change of leadership in border security. Then a shared border facility can be pursued by more capable folk than have attended to the issues for the past three years.
    There is absolutely no justification for the grandiose plans of the current plaza. In an era of adjustable work schedules to minimize impacts of employment schedules on the environment the current office design for INS and customs services had a separate parking spot for each employee with a few extra’. This alone gobbled up lots of parkland.
    Then we were treated to the incredible options and alternate designs for the truck inspection areas. In architecture huge numbers of alternate designs means you can build nearly anything that your client can pay for and still have a basis to justify the extra expanse and space used.
    No lets let this play out very slowly. Shumer is the only impatient player. The City is wisely quiet and the rest of the involved are running for office.
    For once we can luxuriate in a no decision mode.

  • betterbflo

    Higgins and Schumer can go back and forth in their fighting about the bridge all they want. Signature Bridge or Arch Bridge – what does it really matter. It would be nice to have a good looking bridge if a new bridge is even needed (which is increasingly in doubt). But what would really be great is to have our elected officals pay some attention to the really important of part of this project – the plaza. That is what is affecting real people and homes and neighborhoods.

    Why is it that Higgins and Schumer play like they are leaders on the least important part of this project and are silent on the most important part? At least Clinton and Slaughter are still active in making this project better by fighting for Shared Border Management. It may not be the cure all but it is something at least.

    As usual our elected officials are pandering to the public at latge over a pretty bridge while ignoring where the real work is – the plaza. Kind of like they do in DC – ignoring the real issues becasue theyare too hard to approach while spending their time on small stuff.

    I have had enough icing. I would like them to start dealing with the cake.

  • Barbara Battista

    This is called a historic neighhood? There is crime and deterioration big time. It is not a safe area for senior citzens and children. These special interest groups are selfish. All they care about is their specific home. They don’t care about the benefit that the Plaza will bring to the Westside.
    As far as Shared Border Management, forget it. No administration is going to risk the security of the US just to accomodate the minority of residents who want to save an area that is not worth saving.