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More City Hall Phone Pranks

Let’s say you have a club that meets every so often to discuss political matters. Let’s also say that sometimes your views clash with city hall.

What would you think if you received a notice from the Department of Permit & Inspection Services Rental Registration Program telling you that you were in violation of 264-4a of the City of Buffalo Charter and Ordinances, and that if you didn’t take action within 5 days you’d be open to an inspection and/or court action and a possible order to vacate all dwelling units involved? Additionally, you could be subject to a $75 fine.

That’s what just happened to the First Amendment Club.

If you received a letter like that, wouldn’t you want to call the number they tell you to call to address this urgent matter?

Sucker! It’s just another example of those whacky tricksters down at city hall, setting up a phone prank like the problematic 311 line.

Check out what happens when you call by clicking here.

I guess that’s one way to encourage people to drive over to city hall and feed those spiffy new parking kiosks.

  • The city

    Byron Brown and Steve Casey are totally corrupt! Why is anyone surprise? This is selective enforcement. I’m convinced that these two will be taken out of city hall in handcuffs.

  • Twixt

    Before reading this I have never read section 264-4a of the City of Buffalo Charter and Ordinances, it is in blatant violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th and 9th Amendments of the United States Constitution.

    They should sue!

  • Mr. Bumble

    Its really not all that bad at City Hall.
    All they need to do is chisel in the words; “Yuk – Yuks” over the entrance!

    First of all don’t take City Hall seriously:
    Call 311 and press the number 2, (it’s even funnier in Spanish).
    Then dial 851 – 6538 as directed by the notice, because it is an “urgent matter.”
    Still following City Hall procedure, call CitiStat at 851-6506, that notice mailed on the 2nd states “you only have 5 days!”
    (You must take care of everything on Monday, including the postage).
    Not wanting to wait 5 months, call the Mayor’s Complaint Hotline at 851 – 4890.
    And when that doesn’t work and still not wanting to give up, call the Law Department; Alisa Lukasiewicz at 851-4343.

    Try it.
    It’s safe.
    Nothing will happen.

    Buffalo’s City Government; “It’s a joke.”

  • Pomeroy

    “Let’s say you have a club that meets every so often to discuss political matters.”
    “Let’s also say that sometimes your views clash with city hall.”

    There is a definite clash with City Hall.
    That Club (in my neighborhood) preaches “respect for your neighbors.”
    That’s why they do gardening.

    The Music of Columbia in Buffalo photos were taken across the street from them, where the City owns the unkept property; that’s why the grass is over 9 feet tall there by contrast.

  • Mr. Bumble

    In all seriousness (but not putting “Yuk – Yuk’s over the entrance!) there is a true potential for City Hall to make some real money here!

    Without changing a thing; what about putting citistat on the comedy channel?
    Instead of Reno 911; how about Buffalo 311?
    Or Andy SanFillipo’s “tip – hotline” being answered by Inspector Clouseau from the pink panther?
    We could have the Mayor’s son driving Kit from Knight Rider chasing down Marshawn Lynch!
    H. McCarthy Gipson could play the part of Barney Fife and Frank Clark the role of Sergeant Schultz.

    They are the gift that just keeps giving!

    How about listening to Steve Casey’s opinions on “Twilight Zone II”?
    Or Mickey Kearns could interview Byron Brown:
    We’ll tell the affiliates that it was Eddy Murphy on the Phil Donahue show!

    The list just goes on and on and on………

  • Twixt

    Comment by Mr. Bumble: “First of all don’t take City Hall seriously.”
    Comment by The City: “I’m convinced that these two [Byron Brown and Steve Casey] will be taken out of city hall in handcuffs.”

    My comment is; “Both of you may be correct simultaneously.”

  • How funny… is there ever room for a message to be left?

    Selective enforcement runs rampant in every community in WNY.. That’s why they love zoning laws. Political hitmen on our dime.

  • Begrudged Buffalonian

    The “City of Buffalo Charter and Ordinances” are hard to find on line. I googled them and found this—– —–to get it you have to pay the dotcom company. Where is it for free and easy access? It is as if they don’t want you to know the rules so they can lord over you at whim.