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Why Sarah Palin Has Less Foreign Policy Experience than Just About Anybody in WNY

The Associated Press reports that Alaska governor Sarah Palin is defending her boast that her state’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience. “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” She added that “we have trade missions back-and-forth.”

Hard-nosed reporter Katie Couric asked Palin how that closeness benefited her foreign policy experience. Palin replied, “Well, it certainly does because…our next-door neighbors are foreign countries.”

Well, I can see Canada from Niagara street. I could walk across the Peace Bridge this afternoon and eat some Chinese food at Ming Teh, but I don’t expect Condoleezza Rice to call me up and ask my opinion about putting strategic missiles in Poland.

Seriously, how many of us have the nerve to claim we have enough foreign policy experience to be Vice President of the United States by virtue of the fact that we went to Sherkston this summer and brought back a case of Canadian beer? Isn’t that a back-and-forth trade mission? Those frat boys from UB heading up to watch the Canadian ballet are on par with Henry Kissinger, I guess.

And how’s this for old time religion?

“You can’t blink,” Palin is fond of saying. Apparently, you can’t think, either.

Check out the VP candidate in this 2005 video where she’s being blessed by whacko Bishop Thomas Muthee at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, where she was an active member until 2002. She’s not speaking in tongues—which is an accepted form worship at the church—but she is holding her hands up to heaven while being blessed and anointed against “every form of witchcraft.” Muthee, according to an MSNBC report is responsible for inciting an actual witch hunt against someone in Kenya. No joke.

Great. Her global experience is limited to gazing across stormy seas at a distant land mass, and she practices old-fashioned christian values…like Salem, Massachussetts, 1692.

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  • If I recall, Palin is running for the VP position.

    Obama, on the other hand, is running for the office of the presidency.
    What foreign relations experience does he have? 153 as a senator before deciding to run as president gives you just about enough experience to know where the senate gym is.

    So the question is…who the hell cares about Palin’s experience when the man running for the presidency gets lost when he crosses Roosevelt Road on the South Side of Chicago?

  • WNYMind

    Not to defend Palin, but I don’t think most VP picks are took slick. Look at Quayle, Chenye, Ferrarah, Agnew, Edwards, etc…. Some are more polished, others are actually qualified, but there are other duds.

    I do believe my exploits in Canada make me qualified to be VP. Also, reading up on the policy issues is probably more important than just visiting a country for a tour.

    Finally, witchcraft is a big issue in WNY, especially around Halloween, keep in mind, WNY has the largest population of practicing witches outside of Salem, MA. Lockport is actually a witch haven and a Wicca religion center in north America. So, Palin may be able to come here and help us negotiate a treaty with the witches. Of course, she needs to remember that Wicca is a protected religion in the US, and there are Wicca chaplins in the US military.

  • SaraB

    Real Reason why McCain chose Palin : Sexist and condescending
    Also his poor record of voting against equal pay for women and opposing Equal Roles for Women in the Military should be the business of American women voters.

    Real Reason why McCain running for President in his own words

  • Hugh

    28% of all US states border foreign countries! This gives us a remarkable (and previously unnoticed) reserve of foreign policy experience among our governors. Hell, it even means that W had foreign policy experience!

  • Serene Spirit

    Sarah Palin’s blessing against witchcraft is a running gag among Witches, but it’s also very frustrating to see that such an ignorant and bigoted woman actually has a small chance of running the world’s most powerful country. Here is a place where Witches have discussed Palin’s misguided beliefs:

  • Is voting over..? Can I not vote once in each of the various categories..?