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Debate Live: The Scorekeepers

If you’re watching CNN, there are six circles flanking the screen on which pundits are apparently scoring the fight in real time. The scoring system is impenetrable.

Nonetheless, it seems Castellanos is seeing hits recorded everywhere, but he scores it even so far. Brazile gives Obama a narrow lead. I can’t tell what Paul Begala is doing.

Borger (lower left hand) appears to have left for the bar. If this were a drinking game, Borger would be a buzzkill. Is he even listening to this debate?

  • JuanitoVerde

    In my humble opinion, Obama veered out into the muddy road’s shoulder constantly by making war with George W Bush, who was neither there or even included in the debate. Of course it’s easy to attack someone in absentia, when that person cannot defend himself. Well, the fresh face in front of a brain that is young and inexperienced did fairly well in debating skills, but that’s what he’s been doing for the past couple years on the road whilst taking in money as a senator who is famous for two things: being the furthest left of any of the 100, and of voting “present.”