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Debate Live: Sneak Attacks Abroad

McCain on preconditions to talking with Iran: He’s lost this point, which is no surprise; but he makes a noble effort at the end to salvage some sympathy. Obama’s wielding of Kissinger trumps McCain’s feigned incredulity.

Obama on Russia and Georgia: Obama’s got a balanced and somewhat subject-broadening (or, to be less generous, subject-changing) response. McCain’s analysis on pipeline and military issues is spot-on, and to his credit, Obama doesn’t look for a weakness there.

When Obama switches the subject to alternative energy investments again, that’s smart: Russia’s power is based on its ability to broker petro-products. But will it seem an evasion or a smart transition? McCain’s not arguing…

  • JustMeToo

    Obama held his own, but McCain clearly knew what he was talking about.

  • Joe

    Problem is Obama has it wrong about Kissinger.

    Kissinger has said HE would talk to rogue leaders with no preconditions. He was a Secretary of State, is a diplomat, and is now a McCain adviser, and in those positions, that’s reasonable. He’s never said the PRESIDENT should talk without preconditions. It sounds like semantics, but it’s a big difference when you’re talking about the diplomacy game.

    Anyway, all content and positions aside, but what was with Obama’s strategy? I lost count somewhere around 12 times that Obama said “Senator McCain is right,” “I agree with [McCain]” four or five times, and “I give [McCain] credit” two or three times. I’m not saying he should disagree on every point or for the sake of disagreeing. But that’s NOT how you frame a debate. Where you agree isn’t important… point out the differences. I don’t recall the exact question, but the moderator asked McCain if he agreed with a position Obama took, and McCain was very careful to word a response that pointed out the difference in opinion, touching on the points where he agreed – without actually saying he agreed. It just seems like a strange tactic (or is that strategy? haha)… especially coming from a guy who has two mantras: McCain is just like Bush, and I stand for change. Really? Then why are you agreeing with McCain on so many points?

  • Mike

    McCain is an idiot. Talking through his teeth like Dirty Harry. He’s a menace, liar, follower, idiot. Cindy McCain looks like a reptile. Remember the Keating Five, they were b oth caught with thier hands in the cookie jar. GO OBAMA