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Limbaugh Claims Obama Is An Arab

This via Think Progress, by way of the Daily Howler:

Yesterday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is “Arab.” “He’s Arab. You know, he’s from Africa. He’s from Arab parts of Africa,” Limbaugh claimed.

Limbaugh said it again today, Think Progress reports, while reading an article by Dave Davies of the Philadelphia Daily News. Limbaugh inaccurately quoted Davies’s article, inserting the word “Arab” into a description of Obama’s ethnicity.

According to Limbaugh, the article reads: “Obama’s name and his Arab-African heritage are obstacles to the party’s chances of capturing the White House, party activists are finding.”

In fact, the article reads, “Obama’s name and his African heritage are obstacles to the party’s chances of capturing the White House, party activists are finding.”

Roll the tape:

  • Joseph

    You need to fix this blog. Obama most certainly IS Arab. 85% according to blood relation to them. The fact that Limbaugh inserted the truth into that article is kind of a piddly thing to worry about. Davies simply doesn’t want his readers thinking he is against the fact that Obama is an Arab. Most right-thinking Americans would be against having an Arab, or a native African for that matter, running the country.

    Just my thoughts, you can take them or leave them.

  • Joe

    Exactly, like the other Joe above points out… though his numbers are a little off.

    Obama is African-American insofar as his father is from the continent of Africa, and Obama is an American. But that’s about as far as it goes. By that definition, a caucasian person born in say South Africa who’s migrated to the U.S. is also an “African American.” Even still, it’s a stretch, and doesn’t really apply, seeing as Obama wasn’t born on that continent. Point is, when you’re talking about ethnicity, it’s the genetics and not the geography that counts… despite the politically correct term being “African American,” it’s sort of a confusing term.

    Indeed, Obama’s father is from Kenya. Kenya is a geographical descriptor. His father’s _ethnicity_ is NOT however indigenous Kenyan. The Arabic name “Barack Hussein” alone should tell you which culture and identity resonates with his father.

    Anyway, as for the number above me, 85% can’t possibly be right, because he’s 50% caucasian, care of his mother. So we know he can’t be any more than 50% Arab. Allow me to be politically incorrect for a moment so as not to confuse the argument – but let’s talk about Obama’s “black” blood. His father is mostly Arab. In fact, the only “black” blood his father has is a great grandparent, on his mother’s side. That’s Obama’s great-great grandparent. That makes Obama 1/2 Caucasion, 7/16 Arab, and a mere 1/16 “black.”

    To be _legally_ recognized as a minority in this country, you must be at least 1/8th the ethnicity in question. Even in Kenya, Obama’s father is legally recognized as “Arab African.”

    So while Rush is off his rocker most of the time, and certainly does bend the truth to his right wing agenda, he isn’t being dishonest here. The only “baseless smear” and “false claims” are against Rush Limbaugh in this case.

    Sorry. But the information is available from independent non-partisan sources, and only takes a few minutes and some simple math to come to the truthful conclusion on this one. But god forbid the media tell the real story, else we might take some of the wind out of the sails of the white-racial-shame vote… Obama looks “brown enough,” right?

    Please people. Vote on policy and character. Race and skin color should not matter, regardless, for, or against any candidate. (and for that matter, the doodad in your pants shouldn’t matter either.)

  • Peter A Reese

    I really don’t care if Obama is 95% Martian and 5% Chinese. He is clearly the best candidate. I support him wholeheartedly because of his views on the major issues which face us today. I also support his efforts to lift us out of the political ooze and concentrate on policy issues and stop dwelling on irrelevant personal quirks and characteristics. Grow up America! For the last eight years we have suffered under a President who everyone thought would be a good drinking buddy. He has left us in ruin.

  • laurel

    The only proper candidate for president is Senator McCain and his his candidate for VP make a perfect duo for running this country.
    We look forward to this Arab Muslim going back to his country.

  • Skool

    God forbid we have an Arab or African in charge. What an idiot. Limbaugh is a Nazi. Spare of the fat slob white racist trash that he is. The world would be a better place without him in it.

  • samantha

    Laurel, Boo! Like the crusty white guys have done such a fantastic job protecting our future. God, people are so brainwashed and stupid. You are a Lemming!

  • samantha

    McCain has done a great job, on what? What does he really stand for except division, troublemaking and nastiness? What about him walking away from his nearly crippled wife and abandoning his children and her? What about the Keating Five? Please tell me your thoughts on that.Dying to know…Palin is a joke.Period. Patronizing women by picking her for politics, not substance is an insult. Figures you would agree they are the perfect duo, bet you haven’t had an original thought since 1985.

  • NBG

    Hey idiots, does he look like an middle-eastern Arab? Hint: his drunk-driving father was black as the ace of spades. Do you even realize that “arab” is a lingual category, not a racial one? Black skin, bootlips, gorillia-like nose, pubic hair on head – these are racial/genetic traits of black people. These are traits of Obama.

  • sue

    Laurel are you serious? Well it’s obvious why you are for Mccain! You are an idiot!Obama was born in the UNITED STATES which makes him an AMERICAN!! Go back to where? Idiot! Rush Limbaugh is a fat useless drug addict( him and Mccains wife have something in common)

  • samantha

    Rush Limbaugh is a fat pig slob full of himself, racist mysoginist scumbag. He’s the poster boy for selfishness, snobbery and elite false overblown egos. He’s exactly what’s wrong with the country, exactly the kind of person that brought us to our knees, slanderous, lying pig.

  • ace

    By the way, NBG, BOO! Black people coming to a neighborhood near you, idiot. Piece of trash, narrow minded bigot. Hope your daughter gets pregnant by a big black guy.

  • Billy

    Kenya has a large Muslim population, and many people have Arabic names over there as does Ethiopia, and Ethiopian and Kenyan Muslims are African just as the Muslims of West Africa are African as well. There are millions and millions of African Muslims in Africa. Many of the blacks who were taken as slaves from Africa were Muslim and converted over to Christianity. These are facts. It is said that the majority of Obama’s tribe are actually Christian to the tune of 90%. 10% of the people from his tribe are Muslim. His relatives do not have Arabic names in so many cases. I am referring to his Muslim born relatives.
    Another thing to add is that Kenya’s language is Swahili which is a mixture of Arabic and Bantu African. That is not unusual. Furthermore, it is said that one of his ancestors went to Zanzibar and converted to Islam and the Arab names came that way. It is very common for a Muslim of any origin, Arab or non-Arab to have an Arab name. Mohammed is an Arab name, and millions of non-Arabs have that name. Study more about East Africa and research East African history and culture, like I have, and stop being so ignorant like Rush Limbaugh! Kenya has some Arabic influence, and it has millions of Muslims and Christians. So what!
    Barrak Obama is black and African. He is a Luo. Luos are not Arabs at all.
    As far as I can see, Barrak looks black to me, and I lived in the Persian Gulf, and he certainly doesn’t look half Arab at all. It is ridiculous for him to be mostly Arab and Caucasian and only slightly African. Some people need better glasses.

  • ace

    Who cARES? Grow up folks. There’s lots of beige people in the world.

  • James

    Barack does not look 47% white either… What the hell have you people elected to be president of the Untited States of America???

  • NP

    In the US census Arab is considered to be part of the White race. Limbaugh is saying Obama is legally all white.

  • NP

    “The categories promulgated in 1978 by the OMB in fact did draw distinctions, but unlike earlier policies, not on skin color. Known as “directive 15”, the standards identify four race categories:

    * American Indian/Alaska Native: this category includes indigenous north American groups, and despite genetic similarity, remains distinct from indigenous persons from central and south America because of certain land and treaty obligations;
    * Asian or Pacific Islander: this category originally covered persons with origins in countries East of the Indian subcontinent, but was adjusted after the Association of Indians in America lobbied the OMB to move their group out of the white race category;
    * Black: persons with origins in the black racial groups of Africa- this category purposely does not encompass continental Africa to distinguish North African regions and European settler populations; and
    * White: persons originating in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa;”