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Paladino Wants a State Constitutional Convention…

…which I think is a pretty good idea. He explains how it works in this interview. But that’s not why I’m posting it; I’m posting it, of course, for the neat little slam he slips in at the very end against me and AV contributors Mike Niman and Bruce Jackson.

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  • What makes you think that anyone gives a shit about what Carl Paladino says? (other than those wanting to get in his checkbook). The man is anti-union, anti- anything that doesn’t make Carl, a buck, egotistical idiot. The list of his scams (deals) are a mile long, most of them on the public dime.
    Why does AV constantly give him a forum for his bullshit.


  • Mr. Bumble

    Paladino is absolutely correct about having a State Constitutional Convention.
    There would be 186 delagates representing everyone.
    Everyone from Eric Jones and the Greens to Joe Schmidbauer and the Reds.
    Black and Blue could represent the taxpayers that haven’t fled.
    Hoyt’s people could wear rainbows and the Mayor’s people could wear Brown Shirts.
    And the rest of us could wave white flags.

    Otherwise the only difference between New York State and Russia is that;
    “The Russians are no longer run by the communist party!”

  • pink shank

    long live paladino

  • Agent in Charge

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