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Clarification from Tom Golisano

Apropos this post and the one directly below:

Tom Golisano just called to say that I’m wrong to suggest Steve Pigeon is making any money administering the Responsible New York committee. He says Pigeon is a volunteer for Responsible New York, that he is receiving no consulting fees whatsoever.

Responsible New York’s filings with the New York State Board of Elections call the $140,000 to Landen, LLC consulting fees, but Golisano says Landen, LLC is using the funds to purchase radio and TV ads.

  • Mr. Bumble

    Bull Shit, Bull Shit, Bull Shit and Bull Shit.

  • WNYMind

    Golisano better be squeeky clean. To me he looks like another Worldcom or Enron in the making. These business thugs usually get too big for their britches and then start trying to bully people, buy politicians, etc… It attracts a lot of attention and then they have a big fall.

    I assume that the NY AG is investigating Golisano by now. He will eventually have a big fall and that will be the end of Paychecks. His legacy will just be a bunch of dirty politicians that he bought. Once he is out of the political picture, the politicians will move on to their next suggardaddy.

    Get smart NY, it’s the patronage system stupid. As long as it’s around there will be a line of politicians outside Golisano’s (and the next Golisano’s) door.

    “I’m WNYmind and I approve this message”

  • Agent in Charge

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    Agent in Charge
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