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My 3 Minutes: Mark Supples on City Hall Employees

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LISTEN: Mark Supples on City Hall

Mother’s restuarant owner and cracker barrel philosopher Mark Supples opines on the performance of City Hall workers, what they do, what they don’t do, and what they could do if they actually worked. Mark is one of My 3 Minutes audio-video bloggers, so look for more from Mssr. Supples. You can listen to the audio here on the AV Daily or watch the video on Artvoice TV. Just follow the appropriate links.

  • Know it all

    what is it with these guys from south buffalo, carl palladino and supples dissing civic/public employees? both their families are filled with them. if im not mistaken, mark’s father was a buffalo fire fighter. how soon he forgets his seneca street roots. carl’s brother in law is head of real estate for the city and brian higgins is also his brother in law. is mark including the district attorneys that love to hang out in the lav’s at mother’s in this group? their civil servants as well. im sure the many teachers, workers from city hall, county employees etc. will think twice before dropping a dime in this place. the city has plenty of better restaurants to spend money in.

  • Richard Lane

    The most entertaining thing I have seen in yrs!!
    Keep them coming!! pls

  • I have to say that I concur with what Mark had to say. Especially in regards to James Williams. Another person that has not been held accountable for her Actions/Inactions is, Crystal Barton,the principal from McKinley High School. When it comes to her/Williams/Daly, it seems as if it is the good ole’ boys club. What does she do with the Pepsi money? Why did her and her husband get a FREE Trip when the underprivledged students have to pay? Why couldn’t her and her husband pay, and split the difference on the students trips with the two free ones? Somebody has to say it, and I am glad that Mark Supples did! WTG Mark!

  • flip

    Your very silence shows you agree.

  • iamu

    Don’t judge a man by his opinions, but what his opinions have made of him.

  • iamu

    his grandfather was a fireman i believe

  • Erin C.

    I don’t think Mark was referring to the hardworking men and women in the fire departments. If I heard correctly which I think I did, he was talking about individuals who work in city hall. I completely agree with Mark and love hearing what he has to say. Oh, and people who ‘know it all’ usually know to capitalize words at the beginning of sentences.