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All Golisano’s Money

Steve Pigeon at the DNC in Denver.

Steve Pigeon at the DNC in Denver.

Buck Quigley has been counting the campaign fliers that are pushed through his mail slot. But there’s more to follow on the money trail than glossy mailers.

In the last month, Responsible New York—the PAC created with $5 million of Tom Golisano’s money and operated by political hack Steve Pigeon—has issued $139,650 to Landen, LLP.

There’s no Landen, LLP registered as a business in New York State, nor in Erie County, but the campaign disclosure forms list two addresses: There’s a Landen Associates, LLP at 703 Admiral’s Walk in Buffalo, which is Pigeon’s address. (Pigeon bought the place in 1997 from his old protege Anthony Nanula.) And the August checks to Landen, LLC were attached to 335 Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls, which is the office of attorney John Bartolomei, an associate of Pigeon and a notorious wheeler-dealer. Bartolomei accompanied Pigeon and Golisano to the DNC in Denver last week.

In all, Responsible New York has spent $567,835.58 in August. So nearly 1/4 of Golisano’s money has apparently been paid in consulting fees to Pigeon and Bartolomei (and whoever else is a partner in Landen Associates, LLC). There are plenty of expenditures to cover printing costs, polling, web, TV, and legal work: The PAC paid another $119,648 to New York Media Strategies, with offices at 125 Edward Street; $71,000 with Miracle Printing in Port Washington; $45,000 with Momentum Analysis, a polling operation in DC; and just over $64,000 with two law firms in New York City.

So 1/4 of the money spent so far, up until the deadline for the 11-day, pre-primary, campaign finance disclosure filing deadline, seems to have gone to Pigeon and his partners.

We have phone calls out to determine exactly what Golisano bought for that money.

  • Bert Falco

    125 Edward Street, the St. Mary’s Square Condominiums, is where Pigeon-Golisano aide Jack O’Donnell lives. New York Media Strategies is Jack O’Donnell.

    More corrupt Pigeonistas getting rich.

  • Mr. Bumble

    You wrote:
    “We have phone calls out to determine exactly what Golisano bought for that money.”

    Don’t you mean: exactly “who” Golisano bought for that money?