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“My 3 Minutes” – Carl Paladino is No Fan of Dale Volker

Listen: Carl Paladino on Volker

I stopped by Carl Paladino ‘s office yesterday and happened to have my video cam with me, so I asked Carl if he wanted to talk about anything. Never a man to hesitate when it comes to expressing an opinion, his topic for the day was republican state senator Dale Volker. Unfortunately, the video was terrible because I forgot to change the settings from a night time shoot in a dim music club. Nevertheless, here’s the audio. Expect more opinions from Carl and others in the community on as we begin a new series of audio-video blogs titled “My 3 Minutes”.

  • Pomeroy

    “My 3 Minutes” is a great idea.

    Carl should help by getting rid of “do nothing” Stachowski.
    Delano will make an excellent replacement.
    I know he’ll get Anthony Capozzi’s and Lynn Dejac’s votes!

  • Mike DelGatz

    Smart guy, this Paladino. Love the way he talks with his head but you can feel that what he says in also in his heart. He comes across as a guy who truly cares about his community.

  • Pomeroy

    Paladino means what he says and says what he means.
    That breaks Mayor Steve Casey’s number 1 rule on how to Carpetbag; there’s nothing to put in the bag!
    Could you envision the Mayor and his puppet B.B. doing the same?
    They are using the tradgedies on the East Side to give “certain police officers” overtime.
    The Mayors race has begun with hardly anyone noticing.

  • Mr. Bumble

    I like “My 3 Minutes” because it is unedited.

    Personalities like Paladino can speak freely knowing that their words won’t be taken out of context.

    I hope Artvoice will interview Mickey Kearns and Byron Brown at the same time!
    The stoners will think they’re watching Eddy Murphy on the Phil Donahue show!

  • knowsitall

    All Carl paladino is is a mini-version of Tom Golisano….