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What He Said

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I was prepared to wax long ad dull about the Sam Hoyt affair, but I happened first to read what Alan Bedenko wrote over at BuffaloPundit. He’s got it just about right, I think.

  • Pomeroy


    What kind of man would dredge up a three and a half year old affair thus hurting an entire family including young children in return for a few bucks? In an open letter to Mr. Joe Illuzzzi obtained by NewWNYPolitics this week, a reader documents the sorry history of the web master turned trash for cash political operative. Its full text follows:

    Dear Mr. Illuzzi:

    We are composing this letter to inform you that your website has gone from a newsletter to an opinion letter full of fraudulent and doctored information. Some of your contents have become quite offensive and explicit and can no longer be viewed as a “news source” for persons of all ages.

    How is it that you preach morality and family values? Considering your track record: (1) a deadbeat dad owing $50,000 in child support payments, you cannot pay your own child but you can pay your own bail of $25000 to avoid any jail house romances. (2) Arrested for robbing the M&T bank on Elmwood and Auburn Ave. (3) declared bankruptcy a dozen years ago for $210,000 had about $100,000 in bad debts filed with the Erie County Clerk. The largest is $26,042 for the scam you and your brother have committed against the BonTon Stores.

    Just in case you have forgotten about your past moral failures we have summarized it below so it is easier to look at.

    Please stick to attacking politicians on policy and not their personal lives, please stop posting fraudulent information, and most of all stop with all that biblical scripture you clearly are the wrong massager for mortality.

    Just in case you have forgotten your past please read the summary below.

    Filings for unpaid child support are:

    · $ 4240; NYS Child Support Collection, filed 3/16/98 (plus 9% interest = $1375 Int)

    · $ 8640; Erie County Family Court, re: child support order of 8/9/96, filed 5/21/98

    · $11045; NYS Child Support Collection, filed 3/9/99, (plus 9% interest = $2600 Int)

    · $ 9940; Erie County Family Court, filed 7/26/00

    · $ 3427; NYS Child Support, filed 9/14/00 ( plus 9% interest = $620 Int)

    · $37290 TOTAL currently filed with Clerk’s Office

    Plus $4600 interest (approx)

    $41,890 Approximate total filed with interest

    (Plus unpaid support to date, approximate total, $50,000?)

    The $25,000 bail is covered by his brother Joseph V. & sister Mary Jo Illuzzi, who quit deeded property (the premium on the bail is $1,760)

  • Mike

    Illuzi is a loser. Mealy mouth scum