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Weeding the Backyard

Filed under: Allentown, Local Interest, News

This morning Buffalo police officers tore up hundreds of marijuana plants in Trinity Place. The house has been a magnet for police for many months. The guy to whom the plants are supposed to belong is out of town, and no one else was at home when the cops came.

  • Mr. Bumble

    What a waste of Taxpayers money!
    I would have removed them for nothing!

    You did say the homeowner was out of town, right?

  • Joe

    I notice the title says “Weeding the Backyard” but was this literally outside? Those plants look awful big to have been indoors yet at the same time if they were outdoors its amazing they got so big before being discovered…

    A nice find for the BPD either way.

  • Pomeroy

    The cops took the pot to the D-District on Hertel Avenue.
    There dey will D-ry Deweed for D-man.

    On the bright side of things; the cops won’t have to shake down any dealers this month.