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CPO Club Update

Peter Koch wrote a story about the jeopardized CPO Club in Artvoice a few months back, which you can read here.

The good news is that the club’s membership is banding together and beginning to right the listing institution, as evidenced by this recent email, sent to all members:

Dear Member of the CPO Club,

Over the past several months, the club has endured dramatic changes that have affected the operation of our club. This letter is sent to you with the intent to inform you of these changes and how you can assist to keep our club alive and moving forward.

The building has been saved through historical designation, acquired by Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, and cannot be demolished. Most of the furniture in the club is still inside. Charles Poremba has resigned as board president. An interim board comprised of members who have been devoted to saving both the club and the clubhouse have been formed with Karl Page elected as interim president. This board is in the process of presenting our landlord, the Department of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA), a concise plan for future operations of our club. We are confident that this plan will be accepted and our lease will be approved. The liquor license has been approved and extended through March 2010.

A general meeting will be held on August 19, 2008 at 1900 hours at the Maritime Charter School located at 266 Genesee St. in Buffalo, at which time all members are invited for updated information on the status of the club. Also, committees will be formed at this meeting. They are: Constitution Review, Membership, Fund Raising/Grant Writing, Entertainment, Public Relations, Building & Maintenance, House/Food & Beverage.

Many of our members have enjoyed the benefits of the CPO Club but have not been current with their dues. As a result, we need additional funding to meet operating expenses. If your 2008 dues have not been paid, please pay them now. This is still your viable club. Dues are only $40 and cover your membership and fees associated with daily club operations. Without this support, our club will not survive. Please make your check payable to the CPO Club, update the attached form and mail both to:

Your membership card will be mailed to you.

CPO Club

5 Porter Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14201-1015

We also need to address specific repairs to the building, and we are asking those who are able, to dig into their pockets for additional financial support. The main reason that the club was closed was due to state building code requirements. Those repairs still need to be addressed before we can have any public functions or gatherings in our clubhouse, and will be discussed at the general meeting. Please consider an additional contribution. This contribution will be fully refunded to you, if the lease should not be renewed. Also anyone that would be able to contribute their expertise or knowledge and can donate some time to help would be greatly appreciated.

Your support of the CPO Club is crucial in this time of need. We look forward to seeing you on August 19, 2008.

Karl Page and Interim Board

If you’ve been a member of the CPO Club in the past, but didn’t receive the email, you can download an application to join or renew your membership here. Affiliate memberships are also available to “those who have not served but who possess the core values of this organization.”

  • WNYMind

    Sam Hoyt saves the CPO Club! No surprise there. I imagine Hoyt would not hesitate to accept a drink, or two, or ten when the CPO Club reopens for business.

    Drink up the publicity Sammy. Just remember your limits.

  • Jeff Lucas

    Karl, how do we get ahold of anyone as usual when I called the resurve center they did not have much usefull information to pass on….. I have been trying to get ahold of Gary Milbrand for sometime with no success… I am interested in helping If I can make contact with anyone who may be working on the “HIT LIST”.